Part Three答案部分
参考答案 详细解答和录音文字材料
Part Ⅰ Listening Comprehension
Section A
M,Did you see Martha just now? I want to ask her to go with us to the concert
W,She must be around somewhere,You might still be able to catch her.
Q,What does the woman mean?
M,I can’t bare the air pollution in this city anymore,It is getting worse and
M,You said it,We’ve never had so many factories before.
Q,What does the man mean?
M,Just think I went through so much work on my paper only to get a C,
W,Well,I don’t think grades are everything,What you have learned in the proc
ess will prove useful in your future work.
Q,What does the woman imply?
M,My brother is coming this weekend,and I was thinking the three of us could g
o out to dinner Saturday night,Any suggestions?
W,It’s up to you,I don’t know the restaurant here that well.
Q,What does the woman mean?
M,I couldn’t have won the award without your assistance,Thank you very much.
M,You have been working so hard,You deserve the honor.
Q,What do we learned from the conversation?
M,I’d like to sign up for some voluntary work with the environment council,I
hear it is a great way to connect with the community.
W,It sure is,But you’ll have to put in a lot of hours,So you must leave som
e room in scheduling your time.
Q,What does the woman imply?
M,Can you tell me when I can leave here,doctor? I have some important business
to attend to.
M,That depends on how your condition reacts to our treatment,You may leave a
s soon as the bleeding stops,I think that will take a couple of days.
Q,What does the doctor mean?
M,I’m told Alice is trying to find a job in an electronics company.
W,As far as I know,she is good at anything but electronics.
Q,What does the woman mean?
M,Jimmy is going on a journey tomorrow,Shall we have a farewell dinner tonigh
W,Do you think it’s necessary? You know he will be away just a few days.
Q,What does the woman mean?
M,I thought you were going to call me last night about the plans for the confer
ence on language teaching.
W,Sorry,I should have,but Tom and Jane stopped by and stayed until midnight.
Q,What do we learn from the conversation?
Section B
Passage One
The Golden Gate Bridge joins the beautiful city of San Francisco with the suburb
s to the north,Each day about one hundred thousand automobiles cross the bridg
e taking people to and from the city,More than half of them cross the bridge d
uring the morning and evening rush hours,When traffic is so heavy the trip is no
t pleasant,Now,however,there is at least one group of happy commuters,These
are the people who travel under the bridge instead of on it,They go to work by
boat and enjoy it so much that most of them say they will never go by car again
,The ferry they take is spacious,quiet and comfortable,Commuters can enjoy t
he sun on deck,In the morning they can have breakfast in the coffee shop,And
in the evening they can order a drink in the bar while looking at the beautiful
scenery,The trip takes only 30 minutes and is not very costly,Best of all,
being on a boat seems to make people more friendly toward each other,There has
already been a marriage of two commuters who met on the ferry,Because the fer
ry has been so successful,there are plans to use other still larger boats,The
re is also a proposal for a high speed boat that will make the trip in only 15 m
inutes,But not everyone is happy about that,A lot of people feel that half a
n hour is just enough time to relax.
11,According to the speaker how do commuters feel about crossing the Golden Gate Bridge by car?
12,What does the speaker say about ferry commuters?
13,How do commuters respond to plans for the future of the ferry?
Passage Two
How many teeth have you had filled in the past two years? If you follow the adv
ice of Dr,Faustick,you may be able to reduce the number of your visits to a den
tist,Dr,Faustick conducted a two-year survey to find out how to prevent or re
duce dental decay,946 students took part in an experiment,523 students clean
ed their teeth within ten minutes of eating,when possible they used a toothbrush
,when this was impossible they washed their mouth thoroughly with water,The r
emaining 423 students merely cleaned their teeth when they went to bed and when
they got up in the morning,All the students had their teeth X-rayed at the end
of the first and second years,At the end of the first year,the night and mor
ning group had three times as many decayed teeth as the clean after each meal gr
oup,At the end of the second year the latter group had 53 percent fewer decaye
d teeth than the former group,Dr,Faustick has cleaned his teeth after meal fo
r thirteen years and has not had a single decayed tooth,He pointed out that su
gar is a major agent in dental decay,Particularly the sugar in sweets,cakes,
and soft drinks,Ideally you should keep a tooth brush in your pocket and use i
t immediately after you have finished eating,When this is impractical you can
at least make sure that you have a drink of water and let the water through your
teeth to force out any particles of food,7 out of 10 people loose at least ha
lf of their teeth by the time they are fifty,Many have a complete set of false
teeth by that time,In any case neither toothache nor a visit to a dentist is
very pleasant,So it is worthwhile making an effort to keep you own teeth as lo
ng as possible,The main preventative agent is simply water.
14,According to the passage what kind of food is most likely to cause dental decay?
15,What does the passage tell us about the condition of Dr,Faustick’s teeth?
16,What does Dr,Faustick suggest to prevent dental decay?
Passage Three
The worldwide Organization of the Red Cross stems from the ideal of Henri Dunant
,a Swiss Banker,In 1838,at the age of ten,Dunant was taken by his father to
visit a prison,there he saw prisoners chained together exercising in the yard a
nd breaking stones along the road,This experience left a deep impression on hi
m and made him determined to do something for convicts and slaves and for all
who were oppressed and deprived of their liberty,On 24th June 1859 while on hi
s way from Geneva to France,Dunant witnessed the battle between the French and
Austrian armies,It was one of the fiercest battles of the 19th century,Shocke
d by the lack of medical supplies and attention given to the wounded,Dunant dec
ided that a volunteer service had to be organized,He gathered together a number
of women who attended to the hundreds of wounded soldiers of all nationalities and
helped the surgeons as best they could,From that battle Dunant determined to f
orm a body of people who would rally together in times of war and attend to the
needs of wounded and dying,Dunant held that a suffering human being should be
helped for his own sake only and without regard to race,religion,or political
beliefs,Many European states supported him and on 22nd August 1864 the first Gen
eva Convention was signed,This lays down that once a soldier is wounded he and
everyone else who comes to his help ceases to be an enemy,A symbol by which t
he relief workers could be recognized was devised,As a tribute to Switzerland,
the symbol was the Swiss flag reversed,That is a red cross on a white gro
und,So the Red Cross was born.
17,What first led Henri Dunant to think of helping the oppressed?
18,What did Henri Dunant do during the battle between the French and Austrian a
19,What was Henri Dunant’s belief when he founded the Red Cross?
20,Why was the symbol of the Red Cross designed with a red cross on a white gro
Part Ⅰ Listening Comprehension 
Section A
这是一个理解题。男士问女士刚才是否看见玛莎,并且提到他今晚将和玛莎一起去音乐会,女士回答说玛莎就在附近,他应该可以找到她(You might still be able to cat
ch her.)显然答案为C。
这是一个理解题。男士说自己得知艾丽斯要到一家电子公司求职。女士说就自己所知,艾丽斯对电子一窍不通。本题主要考对“anything but”的听力理解。所以女士的意思是A。
Section B
Passage One 
题目问的是,在作者看来,乘车通过金门桥的人感受如何?根据其中一句“More t
han half of them cross the bridge during the morning and evening rush hours when
traffic is so heavy the trip is not pleasant.”可知答案为C。即使这一句不太清楚
,下面一句转折的话也可以帮助推测“Now however there is at least one group of hap
py commuters.”
题目问作者如何描述选择坐船的通勤者?本题可采用排除法,排除A和B,文中没有提及。再根据其中一句“Best of all,being on a boat seems to make people more fri
endly toward each other.”可得出D。
题目问坐船的通勤者对渡口未来的计划如何反应?根据短文最后两句话“But not
everyone is happy about that,A lot of people feel that half an hour is just eno
ugh time to relax.”显然答案为B。
Passage Two
题目问的是:根据短文,哪一种食物最可能导致牙齿的衰退?福斯梯克医生已经指出糖是牙齿衰退的一个主要因素,“Particularly the sugar in sweets,cakes,and sof
t drinks.”。
Dr,Faustick has cleaned his teeth after meal for thirteen years and has not had
a single decayed tooth.”和“7 of out 10 people loose at least half of their te
eth by the time they are fifty.”以及“Many have a complete set of false teeth b
y that time.”,可以推而得知。
Ideally you should keep a tooth brush in your pocket and use it immediately afte
r you have finished eating.”和上文中的实验以及福斯梯克医生的亲身经历“Dr,Faust
ick has cleaned his teeth after meal for thirteen years and has not had a single
decayed tooth.”,可以得出答案D。
Passage Three
【短文大意】本文讲的是国际红十字会组织的诞生。文中提到1838年,十岁的邓伦特被他的父亲带到一所监狱看见了一群用铁链锁住的囚犯在院子中沿着道路粉碎石头,使他萌发了要为失去自由的囚犯和倍受压迫的奴隶做点工作的念头。又提到1859 年6月 24 日他在从日内瓦到法国的途中目击了法国和奥地利军队之间战争的残酷,决定组织志愿服务者。他聚集了许多妇女来照顾不同国籍的伤兵和帮助外科医生进行救治。他认为:遭受痛苦的人不受种族、
宗教和政治信仰的限制都应该得到救治。后来他的建议得到许多欧洲国家支持,并且在1864 年8月22 日签署了第一个日内瓦协议。为了纪念瑞士的贡献,又以颠倒的瑞士国旗为会旗。
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension
Passage One
【短文大意】 本文介绍了维生素的作用。越来越多研究表明即使少量的维生素缺乏也会有损身体健康。尽管关于维生素好处的证据还不是很充分,但花钱买维生素是很划算的。健康人至少连续两年每天吃400单位维生素E就不大可能患心脏病。但心脏病患者再吃维生素E却于事无补。维生素E的作用主要是预防而不是治疗疾病。但过量服用维生素也会引起麻烦。

事实判断题。其答题依据为第四段,尤其是该段最后一句。维生素E有预防心脏病的功效但不能治好心脏病。故C 正确。B为干扰项,服用维生素E只是不太可能患心脏病,并不是有效减少心脏病的复发率,所以B不对。
作者观点推断题。答题依据为最后一段。维生素不能代替运动和均衡的饮食。只要人们对维生素的好处不盲从,那每天适量服用它就很有益处。故D 为正确答案。
Passage Two
词汇猜意考查题。portend v 预示,预兆;根据第一段第一句的句意可推断正确答案为B。
Passage Three 
词汇猜意考查题。untenable adj,站不住脚的,无法辩护的。根据本句上下文可知正确答案为D。
Passage Four 
【短文大意】本文是篇介绍“虚拟现实外科手术”的科普说明文。Richard Satava----高级医疗技术的程序经理,他是推动虚拟现实外科手术发展的主力。虚拟外科手术利用计算机为外科医生创造虚拟的手术环境。这种技术可以让美国海外作战的伤员在当地移动医疗中心接受手术。
Part Ⅲ Vocabulary 
形容词辨析题。因为计划很可行他建议我们实行该计划。probable adj.可能的;sustainable adj,可持续的;feasible adj,可行的;eligible adj.合格的。根据句意feasible切题故选C。
名词辨析题。这本书讲述的是这些基本的信仰和价值观是如何影响美国生活中的重要层面的。 facet n,方面;format n,格式;formula n,化学式,配方;fashion。 
动词辨析题。找到石油是回事,但提取石油并将其运送到工业地带是另一回事。permeate v,渗透;extract vt,提取;distinguish vt,辨别;concentrate vt,集中注意力。根据句意extract切题故选B。

形容词辨析题。 在亚洲的课堂里,学生要服从老师并保持安静。obedient adj.服从的听话的;overwhelming adj,压倒性的,极度的;skeptical adj.怀疑的;subsidiary a
本题考查固定搭配的掌握。我社记者刚打电话来说援救小组会努力救出被围困的矿工。endeavour to 试图,努力;effect n,效果;affect vt,影响;conceive (
of) 想出,构思。根据句意endeavour切题故选D。
此题考查动词固定搭配的掌握。西班牙队去年输给德国队,下周它会尽最大努力报仇雪耻。revenge oneself on sb,是固定搭配,“向某人报仇”的意思,故选D。remedy v,补救,治疗;reproach v,责备;revive v.复活,复兴。
形容词辨析题 。Mason的话引起许多困惑,他意识到他最好向观众明确表达自己的意思。exclusive adj,独家的,独有的;explicit adj.明确的;objective adj,
客观的;obscure adj,模糊的。根据句意explicit切题故选B。
动词辨析题 。有一道考题难倒我了,我做不出来。baffle vt,难倒,难住;mingle v,混合;provoke v,激怒,招惹;divert v.转向,改道。根据句意baffle切题故选A。
动词辨析题 。那辆大黑卡车撞上人行道离我们仅几英尺,这一幕情景永远无法从我记忆中抹去。eject v.; 喷出,射出;escape vi,逃跑;erase vt,擦掉,抹掉;omit vt,省略。
名词辨析题 。脂肪的摄入量和心脏病的发病率有关联,目前对这种说法既不能肯定也不能反驳。incidence n.发病率;impetus n.推动力;rupture n,破裂,绝交;em
ergence n,紧急情况。根据句意incidence切题故选A。
短语辨析题 。许多人认为不能将武力作为寻求政治目的的手段。in search
of 寻找;in pursuit of 追求;in view of 鉴于,由于; in light of 根据。 根据句意
in pursuit of 切题故选B。
。credit vt,信赖;assure vt,确保;certify vt,确认;access n,接触的机会或方法。根据句意certify切题故选C。
v.损害;impose vt,强加;invade vt,侵略;integrate v,使成一体。根据句意integrate
动词近义词辨析题。当她听到这个不好的消息时眼里泪光闪闪,但她强撑着克制自己的感情。sparkle,twinkle,glitter 都可指(因高兴而)发光,而radiate可指释放某种痛苦的情感。
55, C
动词辨析题 。有些场合赠送礼品胜过言语交谈,因为礼品传达的内涵能跨越语言和文化的障碍。overtake v.追上;nourish v,滋养surpass vt.胜过;enforce vt,
56, B
。transit n,运送; transaction n,交易,比如:The stockbroker deals with transact
ions in stocks and shares for his clients everyday,turnover n.营业额;tempo n,
动词辨析题。威尔森总统企图斡旋这些权力部门来结束战争,但哪一方也不肯让步。 segregate v,隔离; whirl v,旋转;compromise v,组成;mediate v,斡旋。med
iate 一般搭配between,比如,The manager mediated between the employer and empl
n,壕沟;utility n,用处,实效;pavement n,人行道;junction n,道路交叉点。根据句意
据报导昨天有三十人在天铁路撞车事故中丧生。collision n,撞车;colla
boration n,合作;corrosion n.腐蚀;confrontation n,面临。
形容词辨析题。圆圈既没有起点也没有终点,所以结婚戒指是永恒爱情的象征。successive adj,连续的;consecutive adj,连续不断的;eternal adj.永恒的;ins
istent adj.迫切的,紧急的。
。exquisite adj.精致的;extravagant adj,奢侈的;exotic adj,异国情调的;eccentr
ic adj.古怪的。
动词辨析题。如果你想钻进隧道的话你首先得清除所有的石头。haul v.拖;
repel v,拒绝;dispose v,处理,清理;snatch v,抓,攫取。
动词辨析题。有些粮作物相对产量较高可以优先种植来提高粮食供给量。enhance v.提高,促进;enhance the supply,enhance the value/price/attractions/ po
wer; curb v,控制;disrupt v,分裂;heighten v,变高;加强。比如:Her anger was hei
ghtened at the sight of the disguised beggar,
名词辨析题 。加利福利亚大学的天文学家发现了最遥远的星系之一。parado
x n,矛盾;paradise n,天堂; galaxy n.星系;shuttle n,梭。根据句意galaxy切题故选C
y v.描写;ascribe to 归因于;impart v,传授; acknowledge v,承认。根据句意ascribe
词义辨析题。标志树立在路边是为了提醒司机有一个急转弯。refresh使清新,使提神;plead恳求,以……为借口; divert转移,转向。 根据句意A 对,例如:alert sb,to the fact that...提醒某人注意……的事实。
动词辨析题。医生没指望这个病人会活很长时间。monitor n,班长,监测器;manifest vt,体现,显现;articulate vi,清楚地说,明确地说;anticipate vt,期待。据上下文,anticipate切题,故选D。
名词辨析题 。如果症状持续好几天就去看医生征求他的意见。response n,
反应;signal n,信号; symptom n,症状;reflection n,映像,思考。根据句意symptom
固定搭配考查题。我们发现不可能遵守最新的安全规则。 accord v.符合;
unify v.团结;obey vt,服从;comply (with) 遵守。根据句意comply切题,故选D。
动词辨析题。 Smith教授与Brown教授俩人将轮流开一系列美国文学的讲座
。alter v,改变;alternate v,轮流,交替;substitute v,替换;exchange v,交换。根据句意alternate切题,故选B。
Part Ⅳ Error Correction
71,being  been
现在完成时的进行时态为have been + 现在分词。
72,their  its
此处代词代名词 population为单数,所以代词应是its而非their。
73,relative  relatively
修饰形容词isolated 应为副词relatively而非形容词relative。
74,good  poor/bad
句首用了Except for,显然是指不好的事情,故这里应将good 改为bad或poor。
75,even as if  even if
此处考查固定短语even if,即使。as if 仿佛。根据上下文应为即使世界人口到2
76,politics  political
77,by  for
此处考查固定短语。for instance 例如,没有for instance。
78,double  doubled
此处应为现在完成时态,have more than doubled corn and wheat yields,意为在试验中,进口种子、肥料和先进的种植技术使玉米和小麦的产量增长了两倍多。
79,few  fewer
此处and 连接两个并列的形容词比较级,所以把few改为fewer。
80,crop  crops
Part Ⅴ Writing
Reduce Waste on Campus
Nowadays,waste is quite prevalent and serious on campus,Food is thrown away simply because it doesn’t taste good,Newspapers and magazines are discarded,because they have been read,What is worse,students seem to be quite accustomed to such waste and don’t have a feeling of guilt.
Waste can do much harm,Our country has the largest population in the world and suffers from a shortage of natural resources,It is crucial for us to make full use of what we have,or else,the resources will soon run out,and we will have nothing left for the next generations,Waste is certainly making matters worse.
Second,waste may contribute to a habit of extravagance,which is not good at all,We Chinese people have the good tradition of being economic,and are indingnant about waste of any kind.
Therefore,all of us should reduce waste,We can try to eat up a meal,We may give our old books to those who need them,instead of throwing them away,Also,we should form the notion that waste is quite shameful,As long as all of us take action,waste will surely be reduced.
Part Three答案部分

参考答案 详细解答和录音文字材料
Part I Listening Comprehension
Section A
1,W,I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend the lecture last Monday,I
’ve heard it was quite a success.
M,Well,you can make it up,Another presentation on the same topic is sc
heduled for the same time next Monday.
Q,What do we learn from this conversation?
2,W,I certainly would like to buy the fur coat I saw in the departm
ent store,but I don’t have enough money.
M,Well,if you had budgeted your money better,you would be able to buy
it now.
Q,What does the man imply?
3,W,Mr,Dahli,I’ve just checked my new apartment,The kitchen sin
k is leaking.
M,Okay Donna,It’s no big deal,I’ll have a maintenance man come over
and fix it right away.
Q,What will the man do?
4,M,I saw your adertisement in the morning paper concerning the XM
O model,The lens seems to be excellent and the flash is not bad,but don’t yo
u think the price is a little steep?
W,I think it’s a good buy,The price includes the leather case,you kno
Q,Why did the man dislike about the camera?
5,M,Can you believe I had to pay $ 30 for a haircut at Sadermale.

W,You should try the place where I go,It’s only 15,but it takes a whi
le to get an appointment.
Q,What does the woman mean?
6,W,I am completely exhausted,Why don’t we dine out tonight? I do
n’t remember the last time you took me out to dinner.
M,That’s not a bad idea,There’s a new Mexican restaurant around the c
orner,They say it’s good.
Q,What can be inferred from the conversation?
7,M,Shall we go to John’s house-warming party this weekend? Everyo
ne is invited.
W,Well,you know what John’s parties are like,Do you think I will go a
Q,What can be inferred from the conversation?
8,M,The university is going to hold an interesting competition on c
omputer programming,Many of my friends have signed up for it,How about you?
W,Do you think I could ever win anything if I took part in it?
Q,What do we learn from the conversation about the woman?
9,W,You’ve been working like a horse,You should take a vacation.

M,Tell that to the stack of papers on my desk.
Q,What can be inferred from the conversation?
10,M,Hi,Mary,I haven’t seen you in ages,How are you doing with
your new job?
W,Not so well,I feel like a fish out of water doing that job.
Q,What does the woman mean?
Section B
Passage One
Graffiti is drawing or writing often found in a wall in public places,These dr
awings and writings are usually rude,humorous,or political,The words,Graffi
ti” comes from an Italian word meaning address,Graffiti provides a record of t
past because people have written on walls for centuries,Cave drawings are the e
arliest examples we have of the art of graffiti.
Writing on walls is a way to comment on the world we live in,Women’s liberatio
groups in Britain,for example,have used graffiti to show their anger at the s
ex discrimination of many advertisements where women’s bodies are used to sell
Yesterday’s graffiti can be toay’s foreign attraction,When the Berlin wall ca
down in 1989,people found that it was covered with graffiti from all over the
world,Graves of famous people,like rock - star Jim Morrison,are covered with
written messages from fans.
Graffiti is also a popular art form,Graffiti pictures have gained respect in ar
tistic circles,Today,graffiti is likely to be found hanging inside modern,New
York apartments as well as in the downtown streets,In New York,graffiti pictu
res have been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars,Graffiti artists have b
een paid to use their art to brighten up dull environments.
But graffiti can bring us trouble,Scenes of natural beauty and important landma
rks have been spoiled by mindless graffiti,The London underground authority has
spent about 2 million pounds a year on removing graffiti for trains and statio
ns,If you are caught doing it,you can be sent to person,In Britain,the maxim
um sentence for this type of crime is ten years.
Whether you think graffiti is mindless violence against property,or a living ar
t form,its popularity suggests that it is here to stay.
11,What do women’s liberation groups in Britain do with graffiti?
12,hat do some New Yorkers think of graffiti?
13,Why does the speaker cite the example of graffiti in the London underground?

Passage Two
The Asian elephant is one of the world’s rarest animal,Unfortunately,its sad
condition has not been as well publicized as that of the African elephant,This
is because Asian elephant’s ivory supplies only a small percentage of the world
ivory trade,In fact,we know very little about the Asian elephant,They live in
the remote forests of southern Asia and it is therefore very difficult to study
them,Most knowledge of Asian elephants is from those that have been captured,
r tamed,Asian elephants are easier to tame than African elephants,The elephant
s you see in the circuses and zoos are nearly always Asian.
The major reason for the decline of Asian elephants is the harm to their forests
,The huge incrcase in the human population has caused the destruction of the As
ian forest for human population,As a result,the Asian elephants are compelled to s
catter in different areas,Originally they lived all over the continent,but now
there are only small isolated populations letf,These isolated elephant populat
ions are vulnerable to extincition.
While Asian elephants are threatened by illegal capture and detaining,they are
also killed for ivory and skin,In July 1990,a British wildlife group uncovere
d a black market for elephant skin,Elephants are shot in the forest along the b
order between Thailand and Burma,and their skin was sold to factories in Bangko
heir skin is made into shoes,belts,suitcases,wallets,etc,to sell to tourist
14,What’s the difference between the Asian elephant and the African elephant?

15,Where does most knowledge of Asian elephants come from?
16,What’s the major cause in the decline of Asian elephants?
Passage Three
After the early period of settlements,the first sharp increase in immigration
took place in the 1830’s and 1840’s,This brought to America flocks of people
om northern Europe who lost employment in the Industrial Revolution,and then a
great number of Irish people who fled from famine,German political refugees arr
ived shortly after,Many immigrants from northern and western Europe settled on
farms in the Middle-west,The Irish became construction laborers on roads,bridg
es,and railroads.
In the 1880’s,a tremendous flood of immigrants began corming in,this time lar
ely from southern and eastern Europe,To most Americans,these newcomers seemed
far more strange than the early settlers,Their languages,customs,and ways of
life were very different from those of Americans,The newcomers moved into the p
oorest neighborhood of the large cities,They tended to stay together and cling
to their old wasys,As they were accustomed to poverty,they were willing to wo
rk for very low wages,This made other workers,especially those in labor unions
,afraid that the immigrants with the lower wage level would take jobs away from
them,Indeed,organized labor became one of the key opponents of continued immi
This opposition finally lead to the posting of immigration law in the 1920’s,w
ich restricted further immigration,In 1965,these unfair laws were replaced by
new immigration act,which granted equal opportunities to foreigners,regardles
of their place of origin,Asians,like Koreans and Vietnamese,soon began to ar
rive,Many of these newcomers have worked very hard to establish themselves in t
heir new land.
17,Why did northern European people come to settle down in the United States?
18,What did the labor unions worry about?
19,What was the purpose of the immigration law passed in the 1920’s?
20,What do we know from the passage about Asian immigrants?
Section A
这是一个推断题。对话中女士遗憾没能出席上周一的演讲,并且还了解到那是一个精彩的演讲。男士就说你可以弥补(you can make it up)。而且还补充道“Another pres
entation on the same topic is scheduled for the same time next Monday”。从而可以推断出答案D。
have a maintenance man come over and fix it right away”。显然答案为B。

这是一个细节理解题。男士谈到XMO这款相机镜头好、闪光灯也不错,但“don’t y
ou think the price is a little steep?”。下文也提到“The price includes the le
ather case,you know”,可得出答案B。



这是一个语意理解题。“a fish out of water”意为“英雄无用武之地”。文中男士问女士工作得怎样,女士用这一短语回答,就是答案C所表达的意思。
Section B \=
Passage One\=
这是一个细节理解题。文中提到“Writing on walls is a way to comment on th
e world we live in”,并举例说明(Women’s liberation groups in Britain,for exam
ple,have used graffiti to show their anger at the sex discrimination of many ad
vertisements where women’s bodies are used to sell goods),就是答案D的意思。

这也是一个细节理解题。文中提到“Graffiti is also a popular art form”,
也举例说明(In New York,graffiti pictures have been sold for hundreds of thousa
nds of dollars),所以B是正确答案。
这还是一个细节理解题。文章提到“But graffiti can bring us trouble”,同样举例说明(The London underground authority has spent about 2 million pounds a
year on removing graffiti for trains and stations),就是C表达的内容。

Passage Two\=
这是一个细节题。文中虽然谈到人们对他们生存环境了解的差异,但涉及到两种象之间的差异,作者还是说到了“Asian elephants are easier to tame than African elep
这也是一个细节题。文中谈到我们对亚洲象了解的渠道时说“In fact,we know v
ery little about the Asian elephant,They live in the remote forests of southern
Asia and it is therefore very difficult to study them”。但是接着谈到“Most kno
wledge of Asian elephants is from those that have been captured,or tamed”。这就是A表达的内容。
这还是一个细节理解题。谈到亚洲象减少的主要原因,作者说“The major reason
for the decline of Asian elephants is the harm to their forests”,而“forests
Passage Three\=
这是一个细节题。在描述美国早期移民情况时,作者谈到“This brought to Amer
ica flocks of people from northern Europe who lost employment in the Industrial

这也是一个细节题。随着大量移民的涌入,而且他们一向趋于贫困,所以“they w
ere willing to work for very low wages”。因此“This made other workers,especia
lly those in labor unions,afraid that the immigrants with the lower wage level
would take jobs away from them”。故答案D正确。
这还是一个细节题。上文提到大量移民的涌入,引起国内一些人(比如工会)的担忧甚至反对,接下来只要听出这个句子“This opposition finally led to the posting o
f immigration law in the 1920’s,which restricted further immigration”,就可以得出答案A。
这同样是一个细节题。只要听出文章最后两句话“Asians,like Koreans and Vie
tnamese,soon began to arrive,Many of these newcomers have worked very hard to
establish themselves in their new land”,就可以得出答案C了。
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension 
Passage One
21,C 细节题。从第三段的第二句可得知答案。美国主管将责任和权力同时给雇员
,而日本主管只是将权力下放给雇员,责任仍然留给自己。这一句的delegate 意思是授权
,把……委托给别人。故在日本,即使子公司出错,公司总经理也要承担责任。 
22.A 推理题。美国和日本的公司围绕delegation (授权,委托)的解释
,形成了不同的企业文化,而日本人无论是在公司还是学校,下属有错,第一负责人首先难辞其咎。 
23,C 细节题。根据第五段的第一句可得知答案。哈佛商学院的这名教授称这种老一套接受他人责备的方法为封建式洗刷集体耻辱的方法。故选C(苛评的)。

24,B 从第三段的第二句可得知答案。“US executives give both respon
y and authority to their employees,,美国的企业管理者会把责任和职权都交给员工
,说明他们认为责任和职权是一体的。其他选项A)见第二段第二句“No one at Boeing res
igned after the JAL crash,which may have been caused by a faulty Boeing repair.
”C) 错在legal,校长不负法律责任;D)与文中意思刚好相反,见最后一句。
25.D 考察对文章主旨的理解,只要理解全文就不难选对。
Passage Two
26.B 第一段的第二句话:汽车的主要问题是普及以及随之而来的社会的费用。故选B,养车很花钱。
27.C 推理题。第二段:纽约能生产发出玫瑰气味的轿车,人们不用闻马排出的屎、尿的恶臭。
28.B 推理题。第三段:汽车可以从A地到B地,使得城镇朝各个方向发展,
减少人口的稠密度。low-density housing低稠密居住条件。 
29.D 细节题。第四段的最后一句:环境问题和减少的石油储藏会阻碍世界上任何其他地方汽车的普及。
30.A 推理题。第五段:用具体的数字说明Mr,Flink 的预测错误.
Passage Three
31.A 细节题。第一段的第二句:眼泪,无论是出于悲伤,生气还是高兴,
总是让美国人感到不舒服和尴尬。Be…or…无论……还是(引导让步状语从句)。typically 典型地;一直,往往。
32.C 推理题。根据上下文,对眼泪的那两个反映:当毁灭性的悲剧发生时

33.D counterproductive 产生相反结果的。根据上下文,对眼泪的那两个反映时常是不恰当。人们常常说哭多了会伤身体,实情未必如此。
34.B 细节题。第二段的第二句。既然进化很少会导致无目的的生理反映,
我们可以逻辑性地认为:哭泣有一到多个功能---增强生存性。Few…purposeless 很少……
35.A 第四段的第一句:确实,新的研究表明,情绪激动流下的眼泪对减轻压力起着直接的作用。
Passage Four
36.B 细节题。第一段第二、三句:艰苦的训练会使你耗尽体力,身体虚弱,是休息让你身体强壮起来。成绩的提高只会出现在训练后的休息时期。
37.C 推理题。第二段:超负荷训练综合症是指训练后未得到充分休息的一种症状。Compensate for 弥补,补上。
38.D 细节题。第二段的最后一句:它的标志是体力恢复期后持续的疲劳。

39.C level off 平行飞翔;使平坦;事业上不能再进展;持平。例如:The plan
e leveled off at 30,000 feet,Inflation has begun to level off.
40.D 文章末尾作者建议引起疲劳的疾病不应该被误认为是超负荷训练综合症。第四段的最后一句:有必要排除引起疲劳的任何隐藏的疾病。
Part Ⅲ Vocabulary 
41.C 这是些倔强的人,没人能轻易地说服他们改变主意。persuade
劝说,说服。tilt (使)倾斜,(使)翘起。convert 转换,转变。例如:How can I convert dollar into REM Yuan? suppress 压制,压抑。例如:She could hardly suppress a smile.

42.B 马戏团一直很受欢迎,因为它既能让年轻人又能让老年人着迷
。facilitate 使便利,推动,帮助,使容易。immerse 使浸没,使沉浸在。例如:I immersed myself in reading,fascinate 强烈地吸引 Anything to do with myths and legends fasc
inates me,indulge 使沉溺于;纵容,迁就。 例如:The king indulged himself in delights of leasure.
43.D 经过耐心的盘问,律师设法从证人那里套出许多情报。elicit
44.C 乔治喜欢谈论别人的私事,他是一个爱说长道短的人。solicit
or 律师; coward 胆小的人;rebel 反叛者。
45.D 新秘书写了一篇相当精彩的报道,只有短短数百字,却囊括所有重要细节。elaborate 精心制作的。concise 简明的,简洁的。precise 精确的。brisk
46.D 由于一路从学校快跑,当他进来时,脸庞泛红。flush(由于尴尬等)变红。 flare(火焰)摇曳,闪烁; flutter(鸟)拍打翅膀;fluctuate(价格
47.B 钢不像铸铁,它不易破碎;brittle 易破碎的;elastic 有弹性的,有弹力的;adaptable 易改变的,易适应的;flexible 灵活的,易弯曲的。

48.C 把英语作为外语来学习的最大的问题就是缺少与高水平的英语谈话者进行口语交际的机会。verbal 口头的,口语的;instantaneous瞬间发生的; provo
cative挑衅的,挑逗的; dual成双的,二重的。
49.B 在十年的时间内,他们将荒山变成了绿林。barren 荒芜的;v
acant空着的,未被占用的; weird 怪诞的,奇怪的,wasteful浪费的。
50.D 我们此次伦敦之行,最重要的是为了参观白金汉宫。summit
山顶;顶点,极点;首脑会议。例如:The summit meeting of the heads of European countrie
s has been arranged to discuss the matter,peak 山峰;height高度; highlight 最突出(精彩)的部分(场面),最重要的(引人注目的)比赛。
51.D 哈罗得宣称他是一个严厉的名艺术家,事实上,他是一个骗子;fraud 骗子,骗局;alien 外国的,异族的,外星人;counterpart相对应的人或者物;
client客户。 
52.A 只要控制在预算内,我们预计完成计划没有困难。foresee 预见;infer 推知/断;fabricate 制造;inhibit 阻止,抑制,使拘谨。 
53.B 他在找寻一个工作,以便给他的事业有更大的发展空间。scop
e (for )(供采取行动,思考等的)天地,机会,余地;insight 洞察力;momentum势头,
动力; phase时期,阶段。 
54.D 我女儿就读的高中附属于我们大学。mingle 混合,混入;aff
iliate 并入(更大的组织),加盟。
55.A 布朗一家住在郊区一所宽敞而舒适的带有家具的房子里。spac
ious宽敞的;sufficient(量,程度)充分的,足够的;wide 宽的,广阔的(二维平面上
56.B 会员证使持有者有权使用俱乐部的设施达一年之久。authoriz
e 使有权力做某事;rectify (正式)改正;endow 向捐款; endow somebody with 使天生赋有。
57.C 哈佛大学将拉丁文从入学的必考科目中取消。do away with
废除,取消;compulsory强制性,义务的;influential 有影响力的;indispensable,必需的,必不可少的; essential 本质的,实质的,基本的,提炼的,精华的
58.A 这不是巧合,大量的暴力罪行是在酒精的作用下发生的。coin
cidence 巧合;inspiration 灵感;correspondence 通信;符合,一致;intuition 直觉
。 
59.B 回忆里的大学时光比实际的要幸福一些。retrospect回顾,回想; retention(正式)保持,保留; revere(正式)尊敬,敬重。 
60.D 她随意地翻动着杂志,并未真正地看。flip翻动;tumble 跌到,绊到;switch转换,转变; Toss抛,掷。 
61.A 科学家正竭力使用现有的技术企图从地球那获取更多的能量。
extract 提取;拔出,抽出;discharge(正式)允许离开;卸下;inject 注射;drain使排出(油,水等),喝干,耗尽。 
62.D 中国红十字会捐赠了大笔的钱以救济土耳其地震中的难民。 c
ontribute (常与to 连用)捐款,捐献,如,contribute food and clothing to the
relief of the poor.(捐助食品和衣物救济贫民)”。administer 管理,执行elevate
63.B 这一段的第一句含义模糊,有多种解释。ambiguous 含糊其词的,可作多种解释的,模棱两可的;Intricate复杂的,错综的,难以理解的;duplicate
复制;confused 困惑的,烦恼的。
64.A 他们过去常常吵架,但是现在完全和好了。reconcile 和解,如be /become reconciled with sb.同某人言归于好; negotiate (常与with 连用)商议
,协商,商谈;associate (with )和……来往,和……共事,同……联合; (在思想上)同……联系在一起; accommodate 供应,向……提供,容纳,调停,调解(及物动词)。

65.C 突发的流行病并未怎么影响当地的生意。hamper 妨碍,牵制;
intervene 干涉,干预,插入,介入;insulate 使绝缘,隔离;hoist 升起,吊起,扯起
66.D 这次竞赛最重要的评估标准是设计作品的独创性。criterion (
批评判断的)标准,规范;threshold 开始,开端,极限;partition 分割,划分,瓜分,
分开,隔离物;warrant 授权,(正当)理由,根据,证明,凭证,委任状,批准,许可证
67.C 这位妇女担心服用阿司匹林有副作用,但她的医生向她保证绝对无害。reassure 使……安心,再保证,使……恢复信心,打消……的疑虑;retrieve 重新得到;release 释放,解放,放弃,让与,免除,发表;revive (使)苏醒,(使)复兴,(使
68.C 我们不禁怀疑鲍伯,当办公室的钱被盗之后,他刚买了一辆跑车。suspicious 可疑的,引起怀疑的,如“be /feel suspicious of 对……怀疑,例如:I am su
spicious of that woman— I think she may have stolen something from our shop,我很怀疑那位妇女,我想她可能偷了我们商店的东西。skeptical (倾向)怀疑的,好怀疑的,
如 be skeptical about(对某事)怀疑; appreciative 欣赏的,有欣赏力的,表示感激的
,承认有价值的; tolerant 容忍的,宽恕的。
69.A 他十分反感出版这本书,认为这是侵犯他人隐私。privacy 特指个人隐私,隐私权;morality 道德;dignity 尊严,高贵;secrecy 秘密,普通用词。
70.B 事实上,当他走近这座著名的雕像时,他只是在克制冲动,不去伸手掏相机;impulse 冲动,欲望; impatience不耐烦,急躁;incentive 动机;init
iative 主动,如:take the initiative 采取主动。
Part Ⅳ Error Correction 
S1,nonot 修饰形容词用not (副词),修饰名词才用 no (形容词)。
S2,placeland land 作土地,田地,地皮解释时,是不可数名词。place 而是可数名词
S3,startedstart 为了与 前面的find,build 结构一致,故去掉-ed。
S4,workingwork 为了与live 并列,一般现在时。
S5,anyoneeveryone 根据语义应该用everyone 表示每个人,而anyone表示泛指,任何一个人。
S6,but(去掉) Although 后面不能跟but。
S7,beforeafter 根据上下文判断应该是二战以后。
S8,ButAnd 应该是递进关系而不是转折关系。
S9,itthey 指代的是houses,应该用复数。
S10.在house 后增加as 把……视为/认为…… 
Part V Writing
It can be discerned that the American students prefer to read the popular no
vels rather than any other kind of books,such as the unpopular fictions,techni
cal books,poems and so on,The percentage of the popular novel is about 68.2% c
urrently,Comparatively,other kind of novels is about 16.8%,8.3%,and 5.2%.
It is not difficult to understand why the popular novels can attract so man
y students,The popular novel is interesting,and not so abstract as books that
are full of the mathematic formulaes,However,as university students,study is t
he primary task for us to do,So it’s advisable that we should pay more attentio
n to the books in our major,Fictions may make our life rich and colorful,but i
t cannot become the major part of our life.
As far as I am concerned,I would like to spend my spare time on reading ac
ademic collection of dissertations,periodicals in my major,such as technology
digests,computer newspapers and so forth,because I want to do a good job in my
subjects,Fortunately,my dreams come true,Meanwhile,I have gained other thin
gs,i.e,I’ve laid a solid foundation in specialized field,which makes me feel
easy to contrive the electronic circuits that have to be done during our bachelo
r years,Thanks to those books!
Part Three答案部分

参考答案 详细解答和录音文字材料
Part I Listening Comprehension
Section A
1.W:Raise your head a little bit and hold the saddle.And smile a little.You look wonderful posing like that.Should I press the shutter?\=
M:Wait a minute.Let me put on a cowboy hat.\=
Q:What are the speakers doing?
2.M:I’m still waiting for my sister to come back and type the application letter for me.\=
W:Why bother her?I’ll show you how to use the computer.It’s quite easy.\=
Q:What does the woman mean?
3.M:Hey-where’d you find the journal?I need it,too.\=
W:Right here on the shelf.Don’t worry,John.I’ll take it out on my card for both of us.\=
Q:What does the woman mean?
4.M:Thank you for your helpful assistance.Otherwise,I’d surely have missed it.Th e place is so out of the way.\=
W:It was a pleasure meeting you.Goodbye.\=
Q:Why does the man thank the woman?
5.W:We’re informed that the 11:30 train is late again.\=
M:Why did the railway company even bother to print the schedule?\=
Q:What do we know from the conversation?
6.M:Maybe I ought to subscribe to the Engineering Quarterly.It contains a lot of useful information.\=
W:Why not read it in the library and save the money?\=
Q:What is the woman’s advice to the man?
7.M:I’ve been waiting all week for this concert.The performance is said to be ex cellent.And with our student discount,the tickets will be real cheap.
W:Uh-oh.I’m afraid I left my student I.D,card in the dorm.\=
Q:What does the woman imply?
8.M:Mister Smith,our history professor,announced that we’ll be doing two papers and three exams this semester.I wonder how I’m going to pull through when two ot her courses have similar requirements.\=
W:Well can’t you drop one course and pick it up next semester?\=
Q:What does the woman suggest the man do?
9.W:Renting a conference room at the hotel will cost us too much.We’re already r unning in the red.\=
M:How about using our dining room for the meeting?\=
Q:What’s worrying the woman?
10.W:Jerry,can you pick me up after work today?I left my car at the garage.\=
M:I’m afraid I can’t.I have scheduled a meeting with a client at dinner time.\=
Q:What is the man going to do?
Section B
Passage One
A few months ago,millions of people in London heard alarms all over the town.Eme rgency services,the fire department,the police,hospitals and ambulances stood by,ready to go into action.In railway and underground stations,people read notices and maps which told them where to go and what to do in the emergency.This was,Exercise Flood Call,” to prepare people for a flood emergency.London wasn’t fl ooded,yet.But it is possible that it would be.
In 1236 and in 1663,London was badly flooded.In 1928,people living in Westminste r,the heart of London,drowned in floods.And in 1953,one hundred people living on the eastern edge of the London suburbs were killed again in the floods.At last,Greater London Council took action to prevent this disaster from happening again,Though a flood wall was built in the 1980’s,Londoners still must be prepared fo r the possible disaster.If it happens,50 underground stations will be under wate r.Electricity,gas,and phone services will be out of action.Roads will be drowned,It will be impossible to cross any of the bridges between north and south Londo n.Imagine!London will look like the famous Italian city,Venice.
But this,Exercise Flood Call” didn’t cause panic among Londoners.Most people knew it was just a warning.One lady said,“It’s a flood warning,isn’t it?The wat er doesn’t look high to me!”\=
11.What happened in London a few months ago?\=
12.What measure was taken against floods in London in the 1980’s?\=
13.What can we learn from the lady’s comment?\=
Passage Two
America’s national symbol,the bald eagle,almost went extinct twenty years ago.Bu t it has made a comeback.In fact,the U.S,Fish and Wildife Service is considerin g the possibility of taking it off the endangered species list.Once,more than 50,000 pairs of bald eagles nested across the country.But by 1960,that number had fallen below 400.The chief killer was the widely used DDT.Fish soaked up DDT,die d,and were washed up on shores where bald eagles feasted on them.DDT prevented e agle egg shells from thickening.The shells became so thin that they shattered be fore the babies hatched.
Fortunately,in 1972,a law was passed to ban DDT,which saved the bald eagle from total wipeout.And since then,wildlife biologists have re-introduced bald eagles from Canada to America.The result was that last year,U.S,birdwatchers counted 1 1,610 bald eagles in the country.
It if were dropped from the endangered species list,the bald eagle would still b e a threatened species.That means the bird would continue to get the same protec tion:no hunting allowed,and no disturbing of nests.But bald eagles still face to ugh times.The destruction of their natural homes could be the next DDT causing e agle numbers to drop quickly.\=
14.What was the main harmful effect of the pest killer DDT on bald eagles?\=
15.What measure did the wildife biologists take to increase the number of bald e agles?\=
16.According to the speaker,what is the possible danger facing bald eagles?\=
Passage Three
If the earth gets hotter in the new century,what will happen to animals and the plants which animals depend on for survival?The question offers another way of l ooking at the ’green house effect.’People have talked about the general proble m of global warming for sometime.But they were usually worried about things like whether to buy a home on the coast.Biologists and other scientists turned their attention to plants and other animals at an important meeting that took place l ast October.
They reviewed evidence that plants and animals are sensitive to the climate.Sinc e the Ice Age ended 10,000 years ago and warmer temperatures returned to the nor thern latitudes,many species have migrated north.If the predictions about the gr een house are correct,temperatures will rise by the same amount in the next one hundred years,as they did in the past 10,000.
Will animals and plants be able to adapt that quickly to change in the environme nt?Many won’t.Certain species will probably become very rare.Experts say plants under climate stress will be very open to disease and fire.Forests fires may bec ome more common.That,in turn,may harm animals that depend on the trees for food or shelter.Any preserves we set up to protect endangered species may become usel ess as the species are forced to migrate along with their natural homes.
“Change is part of life,but rapid change”,says scientist George Woodwall,“is the enemy of life.”
17.What is the concern of ordinary people about the,green house effect”?\=
18.What has happened since the end of the Ice Age?\=
19.What will be a possible threat to plants in the future?\=
20.According to the passage,what will probably happen to the endangered species?
1.D 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.A 6.D 7.C 8.C 9.B 10.A
11.C 12.B 13.C 14.B 15.D 16.D 17.D 18.A 19.B 20.C
Part II Reading Comprehension
Passage one
问题译文是“通过‘..,owners of well over half of all World Wide Web sites have set up home without fitting locks to their doors’这句话,作者想表达…”。作者一开头谈的是英国乡村的人们十分怀念当初不用锁门,担心被盗的时光,通过“Amazingly,these happy times appear still to be with us in the world’s biggest community”一句,我们明白,作者实际上是想作一个类比,再结合下文的内容,他实际上最想表达的意思是突出说明现在许多网址的安全并未引起注意,因此C)项为正确答案。
问题问的是“沙坦程序的用途”,可通过“A new study by Dan Farmer,a gifted programmer,using an automated investigative program of his own called SATAN,shows that …”和“SATAN has done more to alert people to the risks than cause new disorder.,一句来判断。A)项“用来调查网址的安全问题”最切题。本题的干扰项是B)、C)项,但仔细分析就不难发现,B)项“提高网络系统的安全”其实比文中的“alert”一词的意思不同,而C)项“防止黑客进入”正好与文中“人们担心有人利用它来进行破坏”的意思相反。所以A)为正确答案。
题干问的是“法莫设计的程序被公众批评的原因”,首先可排除A)项“它对网络浏览器造成破坏”;B)项“它可以闯入网址”与文中“SATAN can try out a variety of well-known hacking ( 黑客的 ) tricks on an Internet site without actually breaking in.”一句矛盾;C)项“它可以引起所有网址的混乱”,这与第一段最后一句中的“well over half of all World Wide Web sites”数据不符;而通过第二段的“A person with evil intent could use it to hunt down sites that are easy to burgle”一句,我们可判断,D)项“它可以被有恶意的人利用”符合题义,应为正确答案。
Passage Two
提问的是“大多数大学教授更喜欢传统的讲课的方法是基于什么信念”,我们在第三段中看到这样一句:“To show enthusiasm is to risk appearing unscientific,unobjective; it is to appeal to the students’ emotions rather than their intellect.” 意思是“激发热情的方法有不科学,不客观的危险,它只是让学生高兴,而不会学到东西。”反过来推断,显然他们认为传统的方法就是“科学的,客观的”,因此,本题选择C)符合题意。
题目要求推断“作者在这篇文章中建议了什么”。A)项“大学教育需要采用激进措施得以改进”和B)项“学生在学习中应有更多的选择” 超出了文章讨论的范畴;C)项“传统的大学教育方式应被戏剧表演性的教学方法代替”过于片面;只有D)项“教学过程中应鼓励交流”很客观的表达了作者的意图。根据文章内容,选项 D)正确。
第四段是作者引用的Edward Shils的一段话,来说明宾西法尼亚大学的教授们的授课方法,结合下文的引述,不难判断通过这句话,作者想说明虽然教授们在学术能力方面与牧师们不同,但做事的方式却如出一辙。因此,本题答案应为A)。
这四个人物在文中都有提及。而作者提到他们的目的不一样,只是提到Ezekiel Cheever是为了讲他的教学方法:“he so planned his lessons that his pupils,came to work as though they came to play”。显然作者是很赞赏此方法的,因此,答案应为A)。其他几个人作者只是引述他们的讲述或观点来为自己的论点服务,并未讲述他们的教学经历。
Passage Three
文章首先分析了公共学校当前面临的问题和产生困境的原因。在第二段阐明了问题为何难以解决的原因是:“Their support must come from the taxpayer.,因此,在最后一段作者通过分析得出结论:联邦资金必须投入。综上所述,B)项“怎样解决公共教育的资金缺乏”应是正确答案。本题的主要干扰项是D)“怎样改进公共教育制度”,但显然,它过于笼统,不及B)项具体。
在第一段中,“This has been caused by the advance of the legal age for going into industry and the impossibility of finding a job even when the legal age has been reached.”一句指出了学生人数的增加有两个原因:法定工作年龄的增加和难以找到工作。对比四个选项,只有B)项是其中一个原因,应为正确答案。
第二段“They will be little better off when it is over,Their support must come from the taxpayer.”指出:学校的运做必须靠税收来维持。但稍加分析,不难推断作者虽然没明说,但实际上暗含“增加税收可能带来问题”,这一点也可通过后文得到印证。显然,可推断D)项为正确答案,其它选项都很牵强。
根据第三段的“The answer to the problem of unemployment has been Federal relief,The answer to the problem of public education may have to be much the same,and properly so.”来判断:失业问题的解决靠政府救济,公共教育困难的解决也需靠政府投入。所以,A)项应为正确答案。
Passage Four
文章第二段主要讲述这种隐形眼睛的原理。各个选项提到的对象在文中都出现了,对于astronomical telescope,文中只是说active mirror在astronomical telescope上有应用;而contact lens还并未问世呢,只是在研发阶段;laser beam并不是仪器;另外还要注意aluminum mirror和active mirror实际上是同一种仪器,因此,不难判断正确答案应为D)。
本题只要理解了第四段的主要内容,就不难推断了。该段指出:这种眼镜在白天能比传统的视力矫正工具更好的发挥作用,在晚上的潜力更大,它能大大提高视力范围。基于此,显然A)“在晚上比在白天能更好的发挥作用”和C)“在白天比在夜晚能提高的更多”都不对,而B)“可以扩大15倍的视力范围”少了一个前提条件:in semi-darkness,所以不确切。只有D)“在晚上能比在白天更能扩大视力范围”符合题意。
Part III Vocabulary
1987年11月,政府发起了关于将来官方体育政策的方向的公开辩论。根据句意,所填词表示“发起…”的意思。A)initiate vt.开始,发动,发起;B)designate vt.指明,指出,任命,指派;C)induce vt.劝诱,促使,导致,引起,感应;D)promote vt.促进,发扬,提升,提拔,晋升为。所以填入initiated切题,故答案为A)。
我发现很难协调我的事业和抚养孩子的关系。A)consolidate v.巩固;B)amend v.修正,改进,改正;C)reconcile vt.使和谐,使一致; 使符合;D)intensify vt.加强。根据句意,填入reconcile切题,故答案为C)。
我们都乐意享有选择的自由,在法律和社会道德允许的范围内,不愿这种自由受到限制。A)compact vt.压紧,压实;B)restrict vt.限制,约束,限定;C)disperse v.(使)分散,(使)散开,疏散;D)delay v.耽搁,延迟,延期,迟滞。根据句意,填入restricted切题,故答案为B)。
这对老夫妇很幸运,他们儿子的事业目标与他们的愿望一致。A)coincide vi.一致,符合;B)comply vi.顺从,答应,遵守;C)conform vi.一致,顺从;D)collaborate vi.合作,通敌。 根据句意,本题主要是辨析coincide 和conform,conform强调本质或基本特点的一致,有时是由于符合已被确立标准的结果,如:The kinds of books in her library conform to her level of education,她的藏书种类是和她的教育程度相一致的。而coincide强调地点、时间或思想的完全一致。因此,本题填入coincide更为切题,故答案为A)。
艾伦将很快发现生活远非广告上宣称的那么简单。A)permeate vt.弥漫,渗透,透过,充满;B)allege vt.宣称,断言; C)depict vt.描述,描写; D)draft vt.起草,为...打样,设计。根据句意,填入alleged切题,故答案为B)。
欧洲早期的工业增长靠重要资源,充足廉价的劳动力,煤炭,铁矿等来维持。A)constrain vt.强迫,抑制,拘束;B)detain v.拘留,留住,阻止;C)remain vi.保持,逗留,剩余,残存;D)sustain vt.支撑,撑住,维持,持续。根据句意,填入sustained切题,故答案为D)。
随着审判的进行,谋杀案后的故事渐渐被了解。A)convict vt.证明……有罪,宣告……有罪;B)release vt.释放,解放,放弃,让与,免除,发表;C)haunt v.神鬼出没;D)unfold vt. 渐渐显露逐步被揭示到了解。根据句意,填入unfolded切题,故答案为D)。
我们安装了风扇把油烟排出厨房。A)eject vt.逐出,撵出,驱逐,喷射;B)exclude vt.拒绝接纳,把……排除在外,排斥;C)expel v.驱逐,开除,排出,发射;D)exile vt.放逐,流放,使背井离乡。根据句意,填入expel切题,故答案为C)。
退休显然是一个非常复杂的过渡时期,越早做打算越好。A)transformation n.变化,转化,改适,改革,转换;B)transmission n.播送,发射,传动,传送,传输,转播;C)transaction n.办理,处理,会报,学报,交易,事务,处理事务;D)transition n.转变,转换,跃迁,过渡,变调。根据句意,填入transition切题,故答案为D)。
互相尊重领土完整是我们两国发展外交关系的基础。A)unity n.团结,联合,统一,一致;B)integrity n.正直,诚实,完整,完全,完整性;C)entirety n.全部,完全;D)reliability n.
作为这个大学最年轻的教授,布朗先生肯定即将拥有辉煌的事业。A)porch n.门廊,走廊;B)edge n.刀口,利刃,锋,优势,边缘,优势,尖锐;C)course n.过程,经过,进程,方针,路线,跑道,课程;D)threshold n.开始,开端,极限。threshold 可构成搭配on the threshold of在...的开头,在...快要开始的时候,在...的前夕。根据句意,填入threshold切题,故答案为D)。
我们为了钱而工作,但这是个似是而非的论点,因为长时间工作辛苦的人常常不是赚钱最多的人。A)paradox n.似是而非的论点,自相矛盾的话;B)prejudice n.偏见,成见,损害,侵害;C)dilemma n.进退两难的局面,困难的选择;D)conflict n.斗争,冲突。根据句意,填入paradox切题,故答案为A)。
这座礼堂的设计展示了许多创意,我们以前从未见过类似的建筑。A)invention n.发明,创造;B)illusion n.幻想;C)originality n.创意,新奇;D)orientation n.方向,方位,定位,倾向性,向东方。根据句意,填入originality切题,故答案为C。
在那次事故中,我的车的损坏微不足道,但是我现在仍然心有余悸。A)insufficient adj.不足的,不够的;B)ignorant adj.无知的;C)ambiguous adj.暧昧的,不明确的;D)negligible adj. 不重大,不重要而不足以考虑的;微不足道的。根据句意,填入negligible切题,故答案为D)。
很少人能理解这个教授的讲座,因为它的主题很难理解。A)obscure adj.暗的,朦胧的,模糊的,晦涩的;B)indefinite adj.模糊的,不确定的,(语)不定的;C)dubious adj.可疑的,不确定的;D)intriguing adj.迷人的,有迷惑力的,引起兴趣(或好奇心)的。obscure指“某事物的意思含糊不清,或因知识缺乏而难解的”,填入后切题,故答案为A)。
56.A 形容词辨析题。
钻石本身并无多大价值,它们的昂贵是因为它们的稀有。A)intrinsic adj.(指价值、性质)固有的,内在的,本质的;B)eternal adj.永恒的,永远的,不灭的,没完没了的;C)subtle adj.狡猾的,敏感的,微妙的,精细的,稀薄的;D)inherent adj.固有的,内在的,与生俱来的。根据句意,填入intrinsic切题,故答案为A)。
医生们对于有心脏病危险的病人更倾向于采取激光作为手术工具。A)infectious adj.有传染性的,易传染的,有感染力的;B)disposed adj.有某种健康状态的,有...倾向的;C)accessible adj.易接近的,可到达的,易受影响的,可理解的;D)prone adj.倾向于。根据句意,填入disposed切题,故答案为B)。
许多国家采取义务教育制度以提高平均受教育水平。A)compulsory adj.必需做的,必修的,被强迫的,被强制的,义务的;B)cardinal adj.主要的,最重要的;C)constrained adj.不舒服的,被强迫的,拘泥的;D)conventional adj.惯例的,常规的,习俗的,传统的。根据句意,填入compulsory切题,故答案为A)。
我经常吃中餐,但我从未想象过一次丰盛的中餐宴会有多么令人难以置信。A)prominent adj.卓越的,显著的,突出的;B)fabulous adj.寓言中的,寓言般的,神话般的,传统上的,惊人的,难以置信的;C)handsome adj.英俊的,大方的,慷慨的,美观的,堂皇的;D)gracious adj.亲切的,高尚的。根据句意,填入fabulous切题,故答案为B)。
他们是很谨慎的投资者,总是在投资前对当地和国际市场作全面的调查。A)implicit adj.暗示的,盲从的,含蓄的,固有的,不怀疑的,绝对的;B)conscious adj.有意识的,有知觉的,故意的,羞怯的;C)cautious adj.谨慎的,小心的;D)indecisive adj.非决定性的。根据句意,填入conscious切题,故答案为C)。
人口增长的原因除了出生率的上升和外来移民外,还和死亡率的下降有关。A)inclining n.倾向,爱好;B)increasing adj.渐增的,越来越多的;C)declining adj.倾斜的,衰退中的;D)descending n.递减。根据句意,填入declining切题,故答案为C)。
因为不断的交通的嘈杂声,我昨天一夜未睡。A)prevalent adj.普遍的,流行的;B)perpetual adj. 不断的,一再重复的;C)provocative adj.煽动的;D)progressive adj.前进的,(税收)累进的,进步的。根据句意,填入perpetual切题,故答案为B)。
别让这点小事妨碍我们处理大事。A)trivial adj.琐细的,价值不高的,微不足道的;B)slight adj.轻微的,微小的;C)partial adj.部分的,局部的,偏袒的,偏爱的n.;D)minimal adj.最小的,最小限度的。根据句意,填入trivial切题,故答案为A)。
如果你每天都去公园,你肯定能见到他在那儿锻炼。A)ordinarily adv.普通,平常;B)invariably adv.不变地,总是;C)logically adv.论理上,逻辑上;D)persistently adv.持久稳固的。根据句意,填入invariably切题,故答案为B)。
虽然她是一个特别有天赋的舞蹈演员,但她仍然每天练习几个小时。A)traditionally adv.传统上,传说上;B)additionally adv.加之,又;C)exceptionally adv.异常优越地;D)rationallly adv.讲道理地,理性地。根据句意,填入exceptionally切题,故答案为C)。
她手上的伤口已完全愈合了,没留下伤疤。A)defect n.过失,缺点;B)sign n.标记,符号,记号,征兆,迹象,痕迹;C)wound n.创伤,伤口;D)scar n.伤痕,疤痕。根据句意,填入scar切题,故答案为D)。
想法是模拟常发生的碰撞来检验挡风玻璃的强度。A)assemble vt.集合,聚集,装配;B)simulate vt.模拟,模仿,假装,冒充;C)accumulate v.积聚,堆积;D)forge v.稳步前进,铸造,伪造。根据句意,填入simulate切题,故答案为B)。
许多人珍视自由和独立超过其它任何事。A)embody vt.具体表达,使具体化,包含,收录;B)cherish vt.珍爱,怀抱(希望等);C)fascinate vt.使着迷,使神魂颠倒;D)illuminate vt.照明,照亮,阐明,说明,使灿烂,以灯火装饰(街道等)。根据句意,填入cherish切题,故答案为B)。
我授意他当我不在办公室时全权代替我。A)authorize根据句意,填入authorize v.批准;B)justify v.证明...是正当的;C)rationalize v.合理化;D)identify vt.识别,鉴别,把...和...看成一样。填入authorize切题,故答案为A)。
过去十年来,天然气的产量没变,但消费量却持续在增加。A)dissipation n.消散,分散,挥霍,浪费,消遣,放荡,狂饮;B)disposal n.处理,处置,布置,安排,配置,支配;C)consumption n.消费,消费量;D)expenditure n.支出,花费。根据句意,填入consumption切题,故答案为C)。
Part IV Error Correction
value vt.估价,定价;evaluate vt. 对...作评价。显然此处用evaluate合适。本题的干扰来自meets到底对不对,其实,只要弄清本句的主语为A diversity committee,就知道本句用meets也是对的。
in addition adv.另外。不能说in an addition。
result from起于,由于;result in导致,终于造成……结果。根据句意,此处用result in符合句意。
as a result因此; 结果。此处将with改为as才正确。
Part V Writing
[JZ]Changes on State-owned Houses 
and Private Houses of China
The chart well shows the changes on state-owned houses and private houses of China,In 1990,75% houses in the country were state-owned,with only a quarter left for individuals,From then on,great changes took place,As shown by the chart,in 1995,the ratio between state-owned houses and private ones was 3:2,that is,the number of private houses has increased much,but still less than state-owned ones,While by the year of 2000,things dramatically changed,with only 20% houses were state-owned,only one quarter of private houses.
These changes are mainly based on two reasons,For one thing,with the pace of reform and opening-up furthering on,the traditional housing system did not accommodate to the new situations,Thus,state government abandoned it,Houses were no longer distributed according to people’s ages or official status,People were encouraged to buy their own houses,For another,owing to economic take-off of the nation,miraculous growth was accordingly brought about to people’s income,More and more people do have the capability to buy their own houses,In addition,there is still another factor,the government has taken great effort to build more houses in order to meet the need of individuals.
With the new housing system bringing into effect,the state government were released from the burden of providing housed for the people,so it is enabled to make staggering progress in economy development,On the other hand,as to individuals,everyone can buy and own his private house and thus improve his housing standard,This can definitely stimulate their working enthusiasm,Therefore,a mutually beneficial circulation has been created.
Part Three答案部分

参考答案 详细解答和录音文字材料
Part Ⅰ Listening Comprehension
Section A:
1.M,How well are you prepared for your presentation? Your turn comes on
next Wednesday.
W,I spend a whole week searching on the net,But it came up with n
othing valuable.
Q,What did the women say about her presentation?
2,W,Good morning,Jack,Late again! What’s the excuse this time?
M,I’m awfully sorry I must have turned the alarm off and gone back to sleep
Q,What do we learn from the conversation?
3,W,Excuse me,but could you tell me where I can change Ameri
can Dollars into British Pounds?
M,There is a bank around the corner,but I’m afraid it’s already past
it’s closing time,Why don’t you try the one near the railway station?
Q,What does the man mean?
4,M:Could I speak to Dr,Chen? She told me to call her today.\=
W,She’s not available right now,Would you like to try around three? 
Q,What does the woman tell the man to do?
5,W,Oh dear,I’m afraid I’ll fail again in the national test,It
’s the third time I took it.
M,Don’t be too upset,I have the same fate,Let’s try a fourth time.
Q,What does the man mean?
6,W,Professor Smith,I really need the credits to graduate this summer.
M,Here of this school,the credits are earned,not given,
Q,What do we learn from the conversation?
7,M,How did you go to Canada,Jane? Did you fly?
W,I was planning to,because it’s such a long trip by bus or by train,b
ut Fre
d decided to drive and invited me to join him,It took us two days and one nigh
Q,What can we infer from the conversation?
8,M,How do you like the way I’ve arranged the furniture in my living r
W,Fine,but I think the walls could do with a few paintings.
Q,What does the woman suggest the man do?
9,W,I don’t imagine you have any interest in attending my lecture on
drawing,do you?
M,Oh,yes,I do,Not that you remind me of it.
Q,What do we learn about the man from the conversation?
10,M,You are my campaign manager,What do you think we should do
to win the election? I’m convinced I’m the best candidate for the chairman of th
e Student Union.
W,We won’t be able to win unless you get the majority votes from the wom
en students.
Q,What is the man doing?
Section B
Passage One 
There are some serious problems in the Biramichi river,The local chamber of c
ommerce,which represents the industry in the area,hired me as a con
ltant to do a oneyear study on fishing in the Biramichi river and write a rep
ort for them,This is my report:
One of the major problems in the Bramichi river is that the level of oxygen in t
he water is too low,Several chemicals have displaced the oxygen,This chemical
pollution has two sources,the factories which dump polluted water directly into
the river and the local community which dumps untreated human wastes into the r
iver,The local town government has already spent 2 million dollars on waste wat
er treatment projects,but it will cost another 27 million to complete the proj
s,It will take at least 15 years for the town to collect enough revenue from
taxes to complete these projects,The factories here employ 17,000 people
an area where there is very little alternative employment,It is not economical
ly practical to close or relocate the factories,Also the factories cannot a
fford to finance chemical treatment plants by themselves,Another problem is tha
t the members of the Biramichi fishing cooperative are overfishing,Fishes are
aught when they are on the way upstream to lay eggs,Consequently,not enough
fish are left to reproduce in large mumber,The members of cooperative sa
y that they had already reduced their annual catch by 50 percent,However,my st
udies i
ndicate that they took fewer fish because there were fewer fish to catch,not be
cause they were trying to preserve fishes.
11,What was the speaker assigned to do in the past year?
12,What is one of the problems in the Biramichi river?
13,What does the passage tell us about the factories along the river?
14,Why was the annual catch of fish in the Biramichi river reduced accor
ding to the speaker?
Passage Two
Everybody has to die someday,but nobody likes to think about it,Even so,at
sometime in their lives,most people manage to think about the question of how
to make a will,If you have already made yours,it is probably just a few pages
of writing,stating that you wish to leave everything to your family,That is th
e kind of will that the majority of people make,However,there are plenty of wa
ys to make your will more interesting if you want to.To begin with,you don’t h
ve to write it on paper,One man wrote his will on an envelope,another on the d
oor,and a third on an egg,For some people,the most important part of their
is the part that says how they want to be buried,Mrs,Sandra West,a rich widow
from Texas,decided that she wanted to be buried with her favorite car,In 1973,
Mr,Green,a dentist from England,left most of his money to the nurse who worke
d for him if in 5 years she would not wear any kind of make-up or jewel or go
out with men,Finally,let’s hope that your will is not like that of Dr,Wagner,who lived in America 100 years ago,His family,who had not been to see
him for years,suddenly began to visit him when he became ill,What was worse,
each person suggested to Dr,Wagner that they would like something to remember him by when he died,Greatly annoyed with them,Dr,Wagner wrote a will that would do this,to each of his four brothers,he left one of his legs or arms,his nephew got his nose
and his two nieces each got an ear,His teeth went to his cousin,Then he set
aside 1,000 dollars to pay for cutting his body and the rest of his money he lef
t to the poor.
15,What kind of will do most people leave behind according to the passage?
16,What did the nurse have to do before getting the money left by the En
glish dentist?
17,Why did Dr Wagner make an unusual will?
Passage Three
In recent years,there has been an unusually large number of divorces in the Uni
States,In the past,when two people married each other,they intended to stay
her for life,While today,many people marry believing that they can always get
it divorce if the marriage does not work out,In the past,a large majority of
the Americans frowned at the idea of divorce,Futhermore,many people believed t
hat getting a divorce was a luxury that only the rich could afford,Indeed,gett
ing a divorce was very expensive,However,since so many people have began to ta
ke a more casual view of marriage,it is interesting to know that the cost of get
ting a divorce is lower,In fact,wherever you go in the United States today,i
t is not unusual to see newspaper ads that provide information on how and whe
re to get a cheap divorce,Hollywood has always been known as the divorce capita
l of the world,The divorce rate among the movie stars is so high that it is dif
ficult to know who is married to whom,Today many movie stars change husbands an
d wives as though they were changing clothes.Until marriage again become the ser
ious and important part of people’s lives,we will probably continue to see a h
igh rate of divorce.
18,What did many Americans think of divorce in the past?
19,What is the attitude of many Americans to marriage today?
20,In the speaker’s view,when will the high rate of divorce be brought down?
1.D 2.B 3.D 4.C 5.B 6.C 7.C 8.A 9.D 10.D
11.D 12.A 13.D 14.A 15.C 16.A 17.A 18.B19.D 20.A
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension
Passage One
【短文大意】 本文首先以比尔·盖茨为例来对现在风靡世界的MBA的价值表示质疑,紧接着讨论了人们对MBA的看法,指出MBA实际上只是一个未来财富的光环,而其重要性和实用性却并不大,获得MBA的人往往会做理论分析,而不善于利用和处理公司中的人际关系。
21.A 第二段中“lowly commerce”和“greed”两词带有明显的轻视意味。故选A)
问题是:看起来,主要是什么使有关MBA学位的价值的争论激化?第二段提到,“Bill Gates,the billionaire Microsoft chairman without a single earned univer
ity degree,is by his success raising new doubts about the worth of the business
world’s favorite academic title:the MBA.” 比尔·盖茨,亿万富翁,微软主席,没有任何大学学历,通过其成功引起对商界所喜爱的MBA学术头衔的价值新的怀疑,第五段更明确地指出:“The success of Bill Gates and other non-MBAs,〖WW(〗… 〖WW)〗has helped ins
pire self-conscious debates on business school campuses over the worth of a busi
ness degree …” 比尔·盖茨及其它非MBA人士的成功,激起了人们对商校学位价值的自我清醒的争论。helped inspire与题目中的意思相似。
此题最好选用排除法,文中均未提过A)、B)、C)的说法,故排除,而D)则在第六段可找到相似说法。“The problem …,is that the MBA has acquired an aura of future
riches and power far beyond its actual importance and usefulness”问题在于……
此题为主旨题。文章从头至尾紧扣一个主题:doubts or debates over the w
orth of MBA,故C)为正确。
Passage Two
第一段中指出:“…portraying the town’s 2,305 students as victims o
f stingy taxpayers.… the property-tax rate here is one-third lower than the state average…”媒体描述了全镇2,305学生成了吝啬的纳税人的牺牲品……这儿的财产税率比全州平均税率低1/3。最后一句说:Their aim was to spur passage of legislation
Michigan lawmakers are debating to increase the state’s share of school funding.他们的目的是加快密歇根法律制定人讨论增加学校基金州政府投入的进程。故可知,Kalkaska
学校是由地方和州政府资助的,选A)。而在第三段中,也有暗示:“In fact,closing ear
ly is costing Kalkaska a significant amount,including $ 600,000 in unemployment
payments to teachers and staff and $ 250,000 in lost state aid.”
第四段的首句便是所在。“Other signs suggest school authorities w
ere at least eager to make a political statement as to keep school open.”其它迹象显示,校方领导作政治声明的心情,与保证学校开门至少是一样急切的。故此句暗示,校方领导更关注的应是make a political statement。故选D)。
要选对这一题要纵观全文。第一段指出:“But shutting their schools also allowed kalkaska’s educators and …,to make a political point.”第四段再次指出:“Other sig
ns suggest school authorities were at least as eager to make a political statem
ent as to keep school open.”尽管在第四段末尾“学校否认”the moves were politica
lly motivates我们仍可出结论,B)为正确。而A)、D)的说法文中并不存在。因为最后一段说:“Michigan lawmakers have reacted angrily to the closing”所以C)中“weak response”也失真,故只有B)为正确。
Passage Three
【短文大意】 本文讲述了工伤赔偿制度的起源以及这种制度在美国的发展和完善。这一制度最早是由德国首相俾斯麦于1884年制成法律,美国到1991年才有这一制度。开始赔偿金额很少,直到1972年后才上升,今天工伤赔偿金已经很高。
第一段指出:“Motivated in part by Christian compassion
for the helpless as well as a practical Political impulse to undercut the support of the
socialist labor movement...”部分出于对无助者基督教徒的怜悯,同时出于削减对社会主义劳工运动的支持的政治冲动,(Chancellor Bismark 1884年创立了世界上第一个工人补偿法)故,“Christian compassion”与“political impulse”指 Bismark是出于宗教及政治上的考虑才创立工人补偿法的,故C)为正确。
第一段指出:“During the middle of the 19th century,Germany,along with
other European nations,experienced an unprecedented rash of workplace death an
d accidents as a result of growing industrialization.”19世纪中叶,作为工业化进程的结果之一,德国与其它欧洲国家一起,经历了史无前例的大量死亡事件与事故,故
Passage Four
【短文大意】 二战后富足的社会导致了消费主义的盛行,作者讨论了人们追求物质消费所带来的一系列问题。

Part Ⅲ Vocabulary
A)collection的含义为“收集”;C)collaboration的含义为“合作,协作”;其短语in collab
oration with意为与……联合,强调在文艺领域的合作;B)connection含义为“相联”;D)combination的含义为“结合
44.C 其余的人仔细谨慎地观察这一发现,注意到被动吸烟和癌症之间的因果关系仍待揭示。A)optimism的含义为“乐观”;C)caution含义为“小心”;B)passion的含义为“
A)cater to含义为“迎合”;C)ascribe to含义为“归于……”;B)adhere to含义为“追随,依附”;D)subscribe to含义为“(常用于疑问然和否定句)同意”。
A)dwell on含义为“细想”;C)base on含义为“以……为基础”;B)come upon含义为“碰上”;D)draw upon含义为“接近”。
Part Ⅳ Cloze

75.B in making...decisions在作……决定上,bear在此处意为支持,即自愿支持有关工作岗位的决定。
A)、B)、D)意义上都能适用,但能省to不定式“manage its...”的只能是A)
79.D evidently含义为“明显地”;aggressively含义为“好斗的”;prescisely
Part Ⅴ Writing
It Pays to Be Honest
From the mass media and also with our own eyes,we know much dishonest behaviour existed in our society,For example,businessmen sell fake products to cheat th
eir customers; students copy other one’s homework or download illicit paper from
Internet to cheat their teachers; and even worse,there are medical person prod
uce fake medicine harming the patients,Seeing our society is filled with so man
y dishonest phenomena,I can’t help asking myself what’s wrong with us? 
When we were very young we were taught the importance of being honest,I am s
ure everyone must still remember that story,wolf is coming”,In the story the
hild kept cheating other people that wolf was coming,but when the wolf really c
ame,nobody trusted his words and he finally suffered his own dishonesty,Also w
e have heard many stories that people benefit from their virtues of honesty,
So since we have already known being honest benefit both ourselves and other
people,why many of us are still dishonest? I hope everyone to bear in mind that
being honest is the basic quality of human being and then we won’t be afraid of
Part Three答案部分

参考答案 详细解答和录音文字材料
Part Ⅰ Listening Comprehension
Section A
1,W:The deadline for the sociology and computer courses is the d
ay after tomorrow.
M:But I have not decided which courses to take yet.
Q:What are the man and woman talking about?
2,M:I’m looking for an apartment with a monthly rent of around $
200 in this neighourhood,Could you give some advice on that?
W:Well,It’s rather hard to find anything for less than $300 around ther
e,rents are lower in the suburbs,But you’ll need transportantion if you choose
to live there.
Q:What do we learn from the conversation?
3,W:Well,Tonight we have Prof,Brown in the studio to talk abou
t his recent book,Fashion Images,Good evening.
M:Good evening,and thank you for inviting me here this evening.

Q:What is the woman doing?
4,M:Have you run up against any prblems in getting the passport
W:I have’t started applying yet.
Q:What do we know from the conversation?
5,M:I must point out that trials of new medicine are expensive a
nd you can never guarantee success.
W:But there is a very good chance in this case,I hope you will go ahead
in view of the potential benifit to mankind.
Q:What are the two speakers talking about?
6,W:What is the difference between a lesson and a lecture?
M:Well,they are both ways of imparting knowledge,but the main differen
ce is that you participate in a lesson whereas you just listen to a lecture,A l
ecture is generally given to a much larger group.
Q:What does the man mean?
7,W:It’s awfully dark for four o’clock,Do you think it’s going t
o rain?
M:You’d better do something about that watch of yours,It must have stoppe
d three hours ago.Mine says seven.
Q:What conclusion can we draw from this conversation?
8,M:You are looking a little overwhelmed.
W:Exactly,You know I got a million things to do and all of them have to
be finished within three hours.
Q:What does the woman mean?
9,M:Ah,er! Looks like I’m going to be a little late for class,
I hope Professor Clark doesn’t start on time today.
W:Are you kidding? You can set your watch by the time he starts his clas
Q:What can be inferred about Professor Clark?
10,M:I’m both excited and nervous about the job interview this a
W:Take it easy,just wear a tidy and clean clothes and response truthful
ly to the inquiries and remember,honesty is the best policy.
Q:What do we learn about the man?
Section B
Passage One
Jane Brown,has been married for 12 years,she has three children and lives in a
suburb outside Columbus Ohio,When her youngest child reached school age,Jane
decided to go back to work,She felt that she should contribute to the household
finances,Her salary could make the difference between the financial struggle a
nd a secure financial situation for her family,Jane also felt
bored and frustrated in her role as a home maker and wanted to be more involved
in life outside her home,Jane was worried about the children’s adjustment to th
is new situation,but she arranged for them to go stay with a woman nearby aft
er school each afternoon,They seemed to be happy with the arrangement,The prob
lem seemed to be between Jane and her husband Bill.
When Jane was at home all day,she was able to clean the house,go grocery shopp
ing,wash the clothes,take care of the children and cook the two or three meals
each day,She was very busy,of course,but she succeeded in getting everything
done,Now these same things need to be done,but Jane has only evenings and ear
ly mornings to do them,Both Jane and Bill are tired when they arrived at home a
t six p.m,Bill is accustomed to sitting down and reading the paper or watching
TV until the dinner is ready,This is exactly what Jane feels like doing,but so
meone has to
fix the dinner,and Bill expects it to be Jane,Jane is becoming very angry at B
ill’s attitude,She feels that they should share the household jobs,But Bill fe
els that everything should be the same as it was before when back to work.
11,Why did Jane want to go back to work?
12,How did Jane spend her days before she went back to work?
13,What problem arose when Jane went back to work?
14,What does the story try to tell us?
Passage Two
The decade for natural disaster reduction is a programme designed to reduce the
impact of natural disasters throughout the world,With the support from the UN,
untries will be enouraged to share information about disaster reduction,for ins
tance,information about how to plan for and cope with hurricanes,earthqu
akes and other natural disasters,One of the most important things the programm
e plans to do is to remind us of what we can do to protect ourselves,For exampl
e,we can pack a suitcase with flashlights,a radio,food,drinking water and so
me tools,This safety case may help us survive disaster until help arrives,Beside
s,the programmes will encourage governments to establish building standards,em
ergency response plan and training plans,These measures can help to limit the de
struction by natural disasters,The comparatively mild-effects of the northern C
alifornia earthquake in 1989,are good evidence that we do have the technology t
o prevent vast destruction,The recent disasters,on the other hand,prove that
people will suffer if we don’t use that technology,When a highway collapsed in
northern California,people were killed in their cars,The highway was not built
according to stricter standards to resist earthquakes,Individuals and governme
nts have to be far-sighted,We should take extra time and spend extra money to b
uild disaster safety into our lives,Although such programme can’t hold back the
winds or stop earthquakes,they can save people’s lives and homes.
15,What is the purpose of the programme mentioned in this passage?〖ZK)
16,What can we learn from the northern California earthquake in 1989?〖Z
17,Why did the highway in northern California collapse?
Passage Three
Living at the foot of one of the most active volcanos might not appeal to you at
all,But believe it or not,the area surrounding Mount Etna in Italy is packed
with people,In fact,it is the most densely-populated region on the whole islan
d of Sicily,The reason is that rich volcanic soil makes the land fantastic for
farming,By growing and selling a variety of crops,local people earn a good liv
For them,the economic benefit they reap surpasses the risk of dying or losing
property in one of volcanos frequent eruptions,People everywhere make decisions
about risky situations this way,that is,by comparing the risks and the benefi
ts,According to the experts,the size of the risks depends on both its probabil
ity and seriousness,Let’s take Mount Etna for example,it does erupt frequently
,but thousands of the eruptions are usually minor,so the overall risk for peop
le living nearby is relatively small,But suppose Mount Etna erupted ever
y day,or imagine that each eruption there killed thousands of people,if that w
ere the case,the risk would be much larger,Indeed,the risk would be too large
for many people to live with and they would have to move away.
18,How do people make decisions about risky situations?
19,What do we know about Mount Etna from the passage?
20,What will people living near Mount Etna do in the face of its eruptio
1.A 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.B 6.A 7.B 8.D 9.C 10.B 
11.C 12.A 13.B 14.C 15.B 16.C 17.D 18.D 19.C 20.A
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension
Passage One 
【短文大意】 本文介绍了在里约热内卢的环境大会上,科学家们探讨了过去地球气温如何变化,以及这些变化对人类的生存带来的影响。由于一万年以前的全球气温变暖,以致人类的生活方式发生巨大变化,并促进农业的形成。研究者们还认为几亿年以来,地球气温是呈周期性变化的。最新研究表明,全球气候变化对人类的进化,人类历史及文明的形成有深远的影响。同时,过去几亿年地球气温变化的模式显示未来地球的气温还将剧烈变化,而且这种变化将不受到人类活动的影响。
21.A 耕种作为一种生存策略出现,是因为人类被迫____。
本题为细节理解题,从文章第一段最后两句得出答案。“After dri
ving many of the animals around them to near extinction,people were forced to a
bandon their old way of life for a radically new survival strategy that resulted
in widespread starvation and disease,The adaptation was farming:”由于沙漠扩大
而转为发展耕种业。因此,选项A)为是正确答案。 
本题也为细节理解题,测试学生对某一细节的理解能力。可从短文第二段最后一句得到答案。“Researchers have begun to piece together an illuminating picture of th
e powerful geological and astronomical forces that have combined to change the p
lanet’s environment from hot to cold,wet to dry and back again over a time peri
od stretching back hundreds of millions of years.”这其中back again over a time
科学家认为人类的进化____。 
本题为事实辨认题。短文第三段段首提到“Most importantly,scien
tists are begin
ning to realize that the climatic changes have had a major impact on the evoluti
on of the human species.”因此,人类的进化深受气候的影响。故选C)。
本题也为事实辨认题。短文最后一句提到:“In fact,the patter
n of climate ch
ange in the past reveals that Earth’s climate will almost certainly go through d
ramatic changes in the future”意为:过去几亿年地球气温变化的模式显示未来地球气温必定会发生剧烈变化。因此,选C。
本题为细节推断题,测试考生对文章细节的理解。根据短文最后一句“In fact,the
pattern of climate change in the past reveals that Earth’s climate will almost
certainly go through dramatic changes in the future—even without the influence
of human activity.”可以得出:人类活动对未来地球气温的剧烈变化无能为力。其它几项不正确。因此,选项B)为正确答案。
Passage Two
【短文大意】 本文表达了作者对当今女性追求苗条这种现象的一些看法。当今社会,保持身材苗条似乎成为妇女的美德,以致本文作者也把节食作为生活的一部分。过去,人们把胖作为财富和小康生活的标志,今天却恰恰相反。我们追求苗条有时也出于健康的考虑,但事实上健康与合理饮食和运动的关系更大。因此,我们不应过分关注体重,而应培养良好的生活方式。
本题为细节推断题,测试考生对文章细节的理解。文章第一段就提到“Now woman ca
n be too rich or too thin,This saying often attributed to the late Duchess(公爵夫人) of Windsor embodies much of the odd spirit of our times,Being thin is dee
med as such a virture,。该句意为:现在的女性越富有越好,越苗条越好,温莎公爵夫人的这句名言体现了我们时代的一种奇怪精神:保持苗条成为女性的美德。C)项中desired q
uality与virtue是同义词。因此,选 项C)为本题正确答案。
本题为细节推断题,测试考生对文章细节的理解。文章第二段中讲到“I myself hav
e fantasies of slipping into narrow designer clothes,Consequently,I have been
on a diet for the better—or worse—part of my life.”,本文作者为了能穿下小号的时装,也把节食作为生活的一部分。句子中the better-or worse-part of即the great par
t of 。因此,选项A)为本题正确答案。
28.B 在人类历史上,人们对体重的看法____。
本题考查考生根据已知事实作推断的能力,文章第三段讲到“In so
me religious gr
oups,wealth was a symbol of probable salvation and high morals,and fatness a s
ign of wealth and well-being.”,因此我们可知过去人们把肥胖作为富有的象征,而文章第四段第一句讲到“Today the opposite is true,We have shifted to thinness as o
ur new mark of virtue.”,现在情况恰恰相反,即把苗条看作是美德的标志,由此我们可得出结论:人们对体重的看法在不停的变化。因此,选 项B为本题正确答案。
本题考查考生的概括能力。文章第五段提到出于对健康的考虑,妇女会更加迷恋于追求苗条。而后作者从社会学的角度反驳了这一观点,认为胖子的增多与生活方式有关。接着作者又从医学的角度分析了饮食不合理更容易导致消化道 系统的癌变,而不是体重的问题
。因此,选 项B为本题正确答案。
“It is actually hazardous if those who get (or already are) thin think they are
automatically healthy and thus free from paying attention to their overall life
-style.”该句意为:那些体重减轻的人(或已经很苗条的人)如果认为苗条就意味着健康而不全面注意生活方式,那是非常危险,其言下之意是作者劝告她们多注意overall life-style。因此,选 项A) 为本题正确答案。
Passage Three
【短文大意】 类似于动物,战争和暴力都是人类本能冲动的表现。不同的是,人类的暴力是一种后天行为,要受到社会习俗的约束。
本题为事实辨认题。文章第一段最后两句提到“Religious traditi
ons have taken a leading role in directing the powers of violence,We will look
at the ritual and ethical patterns within which human violence has been directed
本题也为事实辨认题。文章第二段第二句提到“The more develope
d a legal system becomes,the more society takes responsibility for the discover
y,control,and punishment of violent acts.”其它几项不正确。因此,选项A)为正确答案
本题关键是对depersonalized and diffused的准确理解。其意为不受个人情感所影响并且客观地普遍地履行法律责任。因此,选项D)符合此意,为正确答案。


本题为细节推断题。由最后一段第一句“The other side of a sta
te legal apparatus is a state military apparatus.”及倒数第二句“War is the mome
nt when the state makes its most powerful demands upon its people for their comm
itment allegiance,and supreme sacrifice.”可知D)项最能概括该段的中心思想。
Passage Four
【短文大意】 如果不熟悉所研究的对象,研究人员就得倍加小心,不然会有先入为主的文化偏见。在文化和少数民族问题的研究中,有两种截然不同的方法:音位学的和非音位学。前者并不注重某一文化与其他文化的联系,而是旨在描述对于某一文化或少数民族内部有重要意义的行为。后者则描述所有文化共同适用的行为。在研究中,前者设计的问卷只包含那些对研究对象有意义的内容,而后者只包括能反映文化整体特征的内容。
本题为细节辨认题。由第二段中倒数第三、四行“in an emic fash
ion,the concern is only that the questions are meaningful to the particular cul
ture or ethnic group being studied.”因此,可知D)项为正确答案。
本题也为细节辨认题。同样由第二段中可知“In an etic approach
,the goal is to describe behavior so that generalizations can be made across cu
ltures.”“If,however,the researchers construct a questionnaire in an etic fas
hion,they want to include questions that reflect concepts familiar to all cultur
es involved.”由此可知C)项为正确答案。
本题为细节推断题。由最后一段中倒数第二句“In studying ethnic
minority families,the researchers would likely discover that the extended family..,White American families.”不难推断出少数民族彼此间的家庭联系较白人家庭间的联系更为密切。因此选项D)最符合题意。
Part Ⅲ Vocabulary
41.B 据称那家餐馆歧视黑人顾客。 本题为形近动词辨析题。A)addict 意为“使沉溺,使上瘾”; B)allege意为“宣称,断言”;C)assault 意为“袭击”; D)ascribe基本意思是“归因于,归咎于”。因此,选B)项符合题意。
这种药可以减轻病人的痛苦但不能治愈病人的病。 本题为动词词义辨析题。A) activated
意为,刺激,使活动,有活力”; C) mediate意为“仲裁,调停,作为引起……的媒介,
居中调停”;D) deteriorate意为“(使)恶化,; B) alleviate意为“使(痛苦等)易于忍受,减轻” 。依据句子要表达的意思,只有B为正确答案。
他是唯一能在这个案子中作证的人,因为其它目击者均被神秘地杀害了。 本题为近义动词辨析题。A),B),C),D)各词均有与办案有关的意思。 但含义和用法有区别。A)testify意为“证明,证实,作证”; C)accuse意为“控告,谴责,非难”; B)charge有“控诉,责令,告诫,加罪于”的意思; D)rectify 意为“改正;校正;纠正”。 根据句子后半部分要表达的意思,
本题为形近动词辨析题。 A)dignify 意为“使尊荣,增威严,使高贵,故做显贵”;C)acknowledge 意为“承认,答谢,报偿”,这里有“公认”的意思;B)clarify 意为“澄清,阐明”,D)illustrate意为“加插图,作图解,说明”。 明白了各词的确切意思,就不难作出选择。
ncrease系常用词,指“形状、大小、数量、程度等的增大”,如:increase one’s weight
[power,debt]增加体重[权力,债务]。C)reinforce 意为增强,给予更多的力量或效力
,加强,尤从心理上。如:The news reinforced her hopes,这个消息增强了她的希望,B)strengthen,to make st
rong or increase the strength of.使强壮或增加……的力量,指力量,能力上的增强。而D)aggravated有“加重,加剧;使恶化,使变得更坏或更麻烦”的意思。 从整个句子要表达的意思看,选D) 为正确答案。
我们也许不能探知亚原子粒子的确切性质。本题为近义动词辨析题。A)assert意为“断言,声称”;B) impart意为
“给予(尤指抽象事物),传授,告知,透露”;C)ascertain意为“确定,探知”; D)notify意为“通报”。 将各词试着填入句子,选ascertain最为合适。
本题为近形近义动词辨析题。A)、B)两项近形近义,且A)、B)、C)均有上升之意。各词之间意思有较大差别。A)ascend,上浮,登高”通常表示一步一步逐渐地上升。如:The plane took off and ascended steadily until it was out of sight,飞机起飞之后平稳地逐渐升空直到消失在视野之外。B) elevate 它更经常地含有“使崇高、使高贵或在道德上或智力上提高”的意思:如:A generous and elevated mind is distinguished by nothi
ng more certainly than an eminent degree of curiosity.一颗慷慨、高贵的心灵最显著的特征当然是具有强烈的求知欲。C)escalate 逐步升高,逐步增强;使逐步上升。D) linger意为“逗留,闲荡,拖延,游移,延迟的,逗留不去的”。因此,由句意可知A)为正确答案。
本题为动词词义辨析题。A)floate意为“漂浮(流),浮起; 飘动
”;B)elapse意为“(时间)过去,消逝,流逝”;C) skip意为“跳,蹦,急速改变,跳读,遗漏,跳跃”;D)proceed意为“进行,继续下去,发生”。根据题意,选项B)为正确答案。
本题为近义形容词词义辨析题。A)consistent 一致的,调和的,坚固的; C)permanent永久的,持久的 ;B)persistent 持久稳固的; D)insistent坚持不懈的。 根据题意,选项A)为正确答案。 
本题为形容词词义辨析题。 A)defective意为“有缺陷的,(智商或行为有)欠缺的”; B)conservative意为“保守的,守旧的”; C)alternative意为“选择性的,二中择一的”; D)imperative意为“命令的,强制的,紧急的,必要的,势在必行的,[语法]祈使的”。根据题意,选项D)为正确答案。
,均匀的; B)
instantaneous 瞬间的,即刻的,即时的; C)spontaneous 自发的,自然产生的; D)anon
ymous 匿名的。由此可以,homogeneous符合题意。
本题为近形形容词词义辨析题。A)abrupt意为“突然的,陡峭的,生硬的”; B)absurd
意为“荒谬的,可笑的”; C)acute意为“敏锐的,[医]急性的,剧烈”; D)apt意为“易于

…的,有……倾向的,灵敏的,灵巧的,适当的,切题的,敏捷,倾向是”。根据题意,选项B)为正确答案。 
不能直接接宾语,常与with连用; B)savaged意为“用暴力对付”; C)crumbled意为“弄碎,粉碎,崩溃”; D)hampered意为“妨碍,牵制”。故选项D)为正确答案。 
交错,摇摇摆摆” B)shrink意为“收缩,(使)皱缩,缩短,C)soar意为“剧增,昂扬”D)suspend意为“吊,悬挂;延缓” 。根据题意,选项C) 为正确答案。
本题考查表示选择的情态动词的实际应用。A)sneaking意为“偷偷逃走的,不争气的,内心里的,卑鄙的;, B)disgusted意为“厌恶的,厌烦的,C)drastic意为“激烈的,(药性等)猛烈的”;D)cynical意为“愤世嫉俗的”。根据题意,选项D)为正确答案
本题为名词近义词词义辨析题。A),B),C)三项均有最高点的意思,但是A)climax 意为“高潮,顶点”;往往是接近尾声的高潮,与句中的beginning形成对照,根据题意,应选为正确答案。B)summit意为“顶点,最高阶层” 往往指成就的顶峰或山的最高峰,与句意不符。C)pitch意为“音高; 音高标准”;D)maximum意为“最大量,最大限度,极大”
本题考查名词词义的辨析。A)porch 意为“门廊,走廊”通常指有顶的 ; B)ven
t意为“通风孔,出烟孔,出口,(感情等的)发泄”;C)inlet意为“进口,入口,水湾,小港,插入物”;D)entry意为“入口; 门口;通道,路口; 河口,。 根据题意,选项D为正确答案。
表示涂在表面的覆盖层,如:a cake with a coating of chocolate,涂有巧克力的蛋糕。
B)film也表示薄层,但往往用于下列搭配:a film of dust.一层尘土; C)veil表示像象面纱式的遮盖物,如:A veil of mist covered the trees,薄雾笼罩着树丛。D)shade与
of搭配表示细微差别,如:shades of meaning,意义的细微差别。因此,本题选项C为正确答案。


本题为形近名词词义辩析题。A)illusion意为“幻想” ; B)impr
,映像,典型”;D)illumination意为“照明,阐明,启发,灯彩(通常用复数)” 。根据题意,选项A为正确答案。
,; B)ethi
宜人,盛情”。根据题意,选项D为正确答案。 
本题为形近名词词义辨析题。A)tariff意为“关税, ;B)discoun
”;C)version意为“译文,译本”; D)patent意为“专利权,执照”。 根据题意,选项D为正确答案。
本题考查对形近名词词义的掌握。A)disposition 意为“性情;脾气” ; B)d
赤字,不足额”。 根据题意,选项D为正确答案。
本题考查对动词与“away”搭配组成的词组的掌握程度。A)put awa
y意为“储存(钱);储存……备用;储蓄 (= put by)” ;B)break away from意为“从…
…脱离,摆脱于”;C)do away with意为“废除,弄死,;D)pass away意为“去世;死,
本题考查对词组意思的辨析能力。 A)inclined to意为“倾向于…
…的”;B)subjected to意为“使接受,使遭受,,常用被动态;C)prone to意为“倾于
……”;D)bound to意为“被迫的,肯定的,。根据句意,选项B为正确答案。
单项运动由超过370个的主管机构来掌管,这些机构的功能通常包括制定规则、举办运动会、挑选参赛国家队、促进国际间的联系。 本题考查有关“draw”形成的词组的辨析能力。A)drawing on意为“临近”,如:a
s evening draws on,当夜晚来临,B)drawing in意为“(白昼)变短,;C)drawing
up意为“草拟;拟订”如,draw up a contract; draw up a list,拟订合同;写出一张清单。 D)drawing down意为“耗尽,消费或花费而事耗尽”,如:draw down our food
reserves.耗尽了我们的存粮。根据句意,选项C 为正确答案。
本题考查副词词义的辨析能力。A)restrictively意为“限制性地”; B)radic
本题考查近义形容词词义的辨析能力。A)noticeable意为,显而易见的,值得注意的” ;e.g,Her long,feminine eyelashes were very noticeable,B)indicative意为“表明的;表示的” (与of连用)e.g,His presence is indicative of his interest
in our plan.他的到来表示他对我们的计划感兴趣。C) conspicuous意为“显著的”,
与for搭配 e.g,He was conspicuous for his bravery,他因骁勇而出名。D)implicit意为“含蓄的,固有的”。根据句意,选项B为正确答案。
Part Ⅳ Error Correction
S1,AndBut S2,fillingfilled S3,therethey S4,ThisWh
at S5,wasare
S6,dissimilarsimilar S7,lieslies in S8,thatwhich S9,itthem S10,latelater
Part Ⅴ Writing
Student Use of Computers
Students tend to use computers more nowadays,Reading this chart,we can find th
at the average number of hours a student spends on the computer per week has inc
reased sharply,In 1990,it was less than 2 hours; and in 1995,it increased to
almost 4 hours,and in 2000,the number soared to 20 hours.
Obviously computers are becoming more and more popular,There are several reason
s for this,First,computers facilitate us in more aspects of life,Also,the fa
st development of the Internet enlarges our demands for using computers,we can
easily contact with friends in remote places through the Internet,Besides,the
prices of computers are getting lower and lower,which enables more students to
purchase them.
However,there still exist some problem,such as,poor quality,out-of-date desi
gns and so on,And how to balance the time between using computers and studying
is also a serious problem.
Anyhow,we will benefit a lot from computers as long as we use them properly.
Part Three答案部分

参考答案 详细解答和录音文字材料
Part Ⅰ Listening Comprehension
Section A
1,W:Is the rescue crew still looking for survivors of the plane crash?

M:Yes,they have been searching the area for hours,but they haven’t found anyb
ody else,They’ll keep searching until night falls.
Q:What do we learn from the conversation?
2,W:How many students passed the final physics exam in our class?
M:Forty,but still as many as 20% of the class failed,Quite disappointing,isn
’t it?
Q:What does the woman think of the exam?
3,W:Lots of people enjoy dancing,Do you?
M:Believe it or not,that’s the last thing I’d ever want to do.
Q:What does the man mean?
4,W:Jame,I’m having difficulty with all the theoretical staff we are ge
tting in our computer course.
M:Oh,that part I understand,What I can’t figure out is how to make it work in
my program.
Q:What is the man’s problem?
5,W:Did you see Mary somewhere around?
M:Yes,she is in the campus bank,applying for a student’s loan.
Q:What was Mary doing?
6,W:The space shuttle is taking off tomorrow.
M:I know,This is another routine mission,Its first flight was four years ago.

Q,What are they talking about?
7,W:When are we supposed to submit our project proposals,Jane?
M:They’ll do by the end of the week,We’ve only two days left,We’ll just have
to hurry.
Q:What does the woman mean?
8,W:When I go on the diet,I eat only fruit and that takes off weight q
M:I prefer to eat whatever I want and then run regularly to lose weight.
Q:How does the man control his weight?
9,W:John,can you tell me what in the book interests you most?
M:Well,nothing specific,but I like it over all.
Q:What did the man think of the book?
10,W:How do you like the car I’ve just bought?
M:Well,it seems to run well,but I think it needs a new paint job.
Q:What does the man think of the car?
Section B
Passage One
Nilrikman and others of the Harvard research group have done some research into the differences between average and good negotiators,They found negotiators with the good trait record and studied them in action,They compared them with another group of average negotiators and found there was no difference in the t
ime the two groups spent on planning their strategy,However,there were some sig
nificant differences on other points,The average negotiators thought in terms o
f the present,but the good negotiators took a long-term view,They made lots of
suggestions and considered twice the number of alternatives,The average negoti
ators set their objectives as a single points.“We hope to get 2 dollars”,for
example,The good negotiators set their objectives in terms of range,which they
might formulate as,We hope to get 2 dollars,but if we get one dollar and fifty,it’ll be all right.” The average negotiators tried to persuade by giving lots of reasons,They used a lot of different arguments,The good negotiators didn’t give many reasons,They just repeated the same ones,They also did more summarizing and reviewing,checking they were understood correctly.
11,What do good negotiators and average negotiators have in common?
12,According to the speaker,what would the good negotiators do?
13,According to the speaker,what does the average negotiator usually
Passage Two
To most of us,sharks are the most dangerous fish in the sea and they attack hum
ans,However,according to Dr Clark who has studied the behaviour of sharks for
12 years,humans are not normally on the sharks’ menu,What do sharks feed on? M
ainly fish and other small sea animals,Dr Clark also found that sharks don’t ea
t as much food as people think,For instance,a nine feet shark only need two po
unds of food a day to keep healthy,But she says sometimes sharks starve and at
other times they fill themselves with what they have killed,Around the world th
ere are only about 100 shark attacks on humans each year,ten of which prove fat
al,But consider this,in the U.S,alone about 3 million people are bitten by do
gs each year,Of this,thirteen people die,If a shark bites you,says Dr Clark,
the reason is usually because it mistakes you for its natural food,For example
,say you went underwater fishing and saw a shark,you could be in trouble,The
shark might go for the injured fish you had attacked and take a big bite of you
at the same time,If you go into a shark’s territory and threaten it,it might t
ry to bite you,That’s because sharks are territorial and tend to guard their te
rritory,Like dogs,they protect the area that they think as their own.
14,What does the passage say about the eating behaviour of sharks?
15,When might a shark attack humans?
16,What do we learn from the passage about sharks?
Passage Three
Science fiction writers have often imagined human beings going to live on Mars,
But these days scientists are taking the idea seriously,It has a great deal to
recommend it since it might solve the problem of over-crowding on the earth,But
obviously it will not be worth making the effort and thus the people could live
there naturally,If the atmosphere were like that of the earth,this might be p
ossible,But in fact it is mostly carbon dioxide,Apart from that,there are oth
er problems to be overcomed,For example,the temperature would have to be raise
d from 60 degrees below 0 to 15 degrees above it,Scientists used to study Mars
have laid down the program that they can follow,To begin with,they will have t
o find out whether life has ever existed on the planet Mars in the past,Secondl
y,they will have to make a reliable map of its surface,and finally they will ha
ve to make a list of the guesses,Above all they will have to discover how much
nitrogen is pellasis,since nitrogen is four-fifths of the air we breathe,They
are surprisingly optimistic about raising the temperature on Mars,and believe it
could be done in 200 years,It would take a bit long,though,to transform the
atmosphere so that human beings could live there,Scientists estimate that this
will take 100,000 years.
17,Why are scientists interested in Mars?
18,What is one of the things that must be done before man can live on Mars?
19,Why do scientists want to find out whether there is sufficient nitrogen on Mars?
20,What is the prospect of people living on Mars?
1.C 2.D 3.B 4.D 5.C 6.B 7.A 8.C 9.A 10.C 
11.C 12.D 13.B 14.D 15.B 16.A 17.A 18.D 19.D20.C
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension
Passage One
【短文大意】这是一篇说明文。本文说明了导航计算机在汽车上的应用,介绍了导航计算机发展的现状,工作原理及世界名牌汽车 Lexus,BMW,和 Audi所使用的导航计算机的不同之处,并预测导航计算机会随其发展而走入普通百姓家中。
短文第一段明确指出Lexus,BMW 和Audi汽车中有导航计算机,而且导航计算机是一项新技术,其市场会逐步扩大,从而其价格最终会降下来,也就是说将会有更多的司机使用它,选项C)(导航计算机会被更多的司机接受)符合题意,为正确答案。
文中第五段,指出大多数系统基本上是一样的,其差别在硬上—— 即接收司机导航要求的方式不一样,显示驾驶指引的方式也不一样,C)项符合题意,为正确答案。

Passage Two
短文第一段指出大多数学生不会同意“The world’s environment is surprising
ly healthy”这种观点,他们会举出一大堆事实来说明地球环境是多么槽糕的,A)项符合句意。

文章倒数第二段“People have looked for new resources of supply,…For this prices for energy and for minerals have fallen in real terms” 说明从长远来看,价格处于下降趋势的原因之一应该是总能找到新的能源即D)。
Passage Three


Passage Four
本篇文章对比了大城市与小城镇中的人际关系,但没有强调在大城市中居住的优越,B)不对,文中提到了很多城市居住的负面影响。显然也不对,文章第二段中提到“Nor are residents of large communities any likelier to display psychological symptoms of stress or alienation.”说明D)不对,由此可以判断答案为A)。
Part Ⅲ Vocabulary and Structure
本题考点为名词辨析。A) impulse 推动,刺激,冲动。例如:Women tend to bu
y clothes on impulse,B) insanity 精神错乱,蠢行。 例如,She was judged not gui
lty for reasons of insanity,C) inspiration 鼓舞;灵感。 D) disposition 布置,性情。
本题考点是近义词辨析。A) layman 外行,俗人。 B) servant 仆人。(多指在主人家帮佣从而获得一定工资或得到食宿之人) C) director 董事,主任,主管,导演,
指挥。 D) attendant侍者,随从(多指跟随主人左右并为主人提供各种服务之人)。
本题考点为名词的辨析与搭配。A) prestige 声望,威信。该词不与介词 形成固定搭配。 B) superiority 优势,好于,强于。该词使用时要与介词to搭配(有时也可用ove
r)代替。 C) priority 先前,优先于。该词一般也要与介词to搭配使用,该词强调的是“
先”,即指时间,顺序和重要性等方面。 D) publicity 公开性,宣传。
本题考点为同义词辨析。A) feast节日盛宴,宴会,酒席(usually large or ela
borate meal)。该词的着重点在“吃与乐”上。例如:A cheerful look makes a dish a f
east脸上笑嘻嘻,便饭成宴席,B) congratulation 祝贺。 C) festival 节日,节。该词不强调“吃”而是强调时间。 D) recreation 娱乐,修养。
本题考点为易混词的辨析。A) payment支付,支付款(money given)。 B) charge
费用,要价(price asked for goods or services)。 C) funds 基金,存款。 D) prices
本题考点为名词辨析题。A) assurance 保证,使……放心,断言。例如:She ga
ve the old lady her assurance that flying is very safe,B) assumption假定,设想。例如:His assumption that the sun centered around the earth was proved wrong
,C) sanction 制裁,法令。 D) insurance保险,安全保障。
本题考点为词义辨认题。A) temperament性情,急躁,调和。 B) contaminatio
n污染,沾染物。C) scrutiny细看,仔细检查(careful and thorough examination)。例如
:There should be a close scrutiny of all the documents relating to the trial,
D) symmetry对称性。
本题考点为名词辨析。A) context上下文;场合,环境,背景。例如:Can’t you
guess the meaning of the word from the context? B) contest竞争,比赛。C) prete
xt借口,托词。例如:He came to see me on the pretext of asking my advice when he
really wanted to borrow money,D) texture质地,质感。
A) distinction区别。B) breakthrough突破。C) identification识别,鉴定。D)
本题考点为近义词辨析。A) puzzle难题,迷惑,困惑(question that is diffic
ult to understand or answer; mystery)。 B) perplexity困惑,窘困。例如:She looke
d at us in perplexity,C) dilemma 窘境,进退两难(situation in which one has to
choose between two undesirable things or courses of action)。该词强调的是左右为难的两难选择的境地。 D) bewilderment迷惑,混淆。
本题考点为名词辨认题。A)commend称赞;把……交托给。B) memorize记住,熟
记(learn sth,well enough to remember it exactly; put sth,into one’s memory)。
C) propagate繁殖,宣传。 D) commemorate纪念(keep a great person,event,etc in
people’s memories)。
本题考点为动词辨析。A) contrive策划;设法做到。B) consolidate 巩固,加强(cause sth,to become solid,secure or strong)。例如:The time has come for th
e firm to consolidate after several years of rapid expansion,C) heave 举起,胀起,起伏。 D)intensify 加强,加剧({of sensations} become very great or severe; e
本题考点为动词辨析。A) distract使分心,分散(注意力)。 B) disregard不顾,无视。 C) irritate激怒,生气。例如:It irritates me to have to shout to be h
eard,D) intervene干预,介入。
本题考点为动词辨析。A) rectify纠正,校正(put right,correct)。 B) recla
im开垦,改造,回收。C) refrain忍住,抑制。 D) reckon认为;估计。
本题考点为动词辨析题。A) summon召集,传唤。 B) highlight着重,使……显著。 C) pose摆好姿势;提出(sit or stand in a particular position in order to be
painted,drawn or photographed; present sth.)。 D) marshal排列,安排。
本题考点为易混词的辨别。A) enroll登记,招收,使……入会(become or make
sb,a member of sth.)。该词常用句型为:enroll sb,in (as) sth,B) subscribe订阅
,署名,捐助。例如:Which journal do you subscribe to? C) absorb吸收 D) regis
ter注册,指示(formally record a name,an event a sale etc in a list.)。

本题考点为动词辨析题。A) mobilize动员。例如:The troops received orders
to mobilize,B)warrant保证。例如:This material is warranted to be pure silk.
C) manipulate操纵。 D) supervise监督,管理(keep a check on sb doing sth or st
h being done to make sure it is done properly)。
本题考点是近义词辨析题。A) foresee预见,预知(see or know that sth is go
ing to happen in the future; predict)。该词只作及物动词,不能与任何介词搭配。 B)
speculate推测,思索;沉思;投机(form opinions without having definite or comple
te knowledge or evidence; guess)。该词为不及物动词,常与介词about,on,upon 搭配
。 C) fabricate制作,捏造。例如:The reason he gave for his absence was obviousl
y fabricated,D) contemplate沉思;期望;凝视。该词既可作及物又可作不及物动词,
本题考点为易混词的辨析。这四个动词都可与介词搭配,但意思不同。A) dedica
te奉献,献身。与介词to形成固定搭配。例如:She dedicated her life to helping the
poor,B) cater 为……供应酒食(与介词连用);满足某种需求(与介词连用)。 C) ascr
ibe归因于。(与介词to连用)。 D) cling (to) 坚持,固守。
本题考点为形容词辨认题。A) redundant过多的,多余的。B) trivial琐细的,
平常的。 C) versatile多才多艺的,万用的。D) subordinate下级的,从属的。
本题考点为形容词辨认题。A) sceptical (skeptical of or about sth.) 怀疑的(unwilling to believe sth,often doubting that claims,statements,etc are tru
e)。 B) stationary静止的,固定的。 C) spacious宽敞的。 D) specific特有的,具体的。
本题考点为形容词辨析题。A) total全部的,完全的。B) increased 增加了的(b
ecome or make sth,greater in number,quantity,size,etc)。 C) terrific妙极了
。 D) cumulative累积的,渐增的(gradually increasing in amount,force,etc by one
addition after another.)。
本题考点为易混形容词辨析题。A) eccentric古怪的;不同圆心的。B) acute敏锐的,尖锐的(of feelings or the senses keen; sharp; penetrating)。 C) sensible明智的。 D) sensitive敏感的,过敏的。例如:A writer shouldn’t be too sensitive to
本题考点为形容词辨认题。A) abrupt出其不意的;陡峭的;粗鲁的。B) absurd
荒唐的,不合理的(not sensible,unreasonable)。 C) adverse相反的,不利的。D) addi
本题考点为形容词的搭配及用法。A) feasible可行的。例如:It’s not feasibl
e to follow your proposals,B) appropriate适当的,合适的。 C) apt易于……的,
有……倾向的。常与不定式连用,构成习惯短语be apt to do sth.(likely or having a t
endency to do sth)。 D) fitting适合的,相称的。
本题考点为易混形容词辨析题。A) rigorous严峻的,严格的,严密的(severe,s
trict; strictly accurate or detailed)。 C) private 私人的,个人的(personal)。 B) confidential 保密的 to be kept secret; not to be made known to others)。 D) my
sterious 神秘的。
,等于无形当中剥夺掉了他们的权利,故D)项为最佳答案。A) impatient不耐烦的。 B) tol
erant容忍的,包涵的。C) crude粗野的;未加工的。 D) indignant愤慨的,义愤的。
本题考点为动词辨认题。A) ensure保证,使安全。例如:I can not ensure tha
t he will be here on time,B) attribute ( to) 归因于。 C) authorize授权,批准,
认可。 D) endow资助,赞助(give money,property,etc to provide a regular income
本题考点为动词辨认题。A) intervene介入;干涉,调解。 B) incur招致,惹(c
ause oneself to suffer; bring upon oneself)。 C) provoke激怒,挑衅(make {sb.}an
gry or annoyed)。 D) poke 戳,捅。
本题考点为名词辨析题。A) drawback缺陷,弊端(disadvantage; problem)。例如:The great drawback to living on a main road is the constant noise,B) handic
ap障碍,不利条件(thing that makes progress or success difficult; physical or men
tal disability)。C) bruise青肿,伤痕。 D) blunder错误(stupid or careless mistak
Part Ⅳ Error Correction
本题考点为语法题。本句中,“If his aim is accurate and he scores a goal”
本题考点为动词搭配题。look up at为向上看,与句意不符,故不对,因为本句所表达的意思是:要想了解这种变化是怎样发生的,我们必须回顾一下我们的祖先。因此,
应将up改为back,因为look back at的含义是“回顾”,它才符合句意。
本题考点为名词单负数的运用。名词year是可树名词,而可数名词都有单复数之分,因此,一百万年应该是a million years。
本题考点为词汇选择题。even if的意思是“即使”,作连词用,引导让步状语从句。例如:Even if I have to walk all the way I’ll get there,I like her even th
ough she can be annoying,因此,even if与本句意思不符,应将if去掉,因为,even表示“甚至”,作副词用,用以加强出呼意料的语气,不能引导让步从句。
S8,when→in /through
S10,∧ survival→their
Part Ⅴ Writing
January 12,2001
Dear President,
As one of your university students,I am not very satisfied with our canteen ser
The first reason is that there are many students coming from all kinds of places
,They may be not accustomed to the local food at the beginning of the term,So
our canteen should provide much more kinds of food for them to choose.
Secondly,the price of the food is higher than we can afford,I hope the price o
f some food can be decreased a little,Then we can have a larger choice.
In addition to above suggestions,I want to reflect that many students will have
lunch after classes,At that time,the canteen will become too crowded,So we ho
pe that you can arrange some more seats for students.
These are my suggestions of our canteen service,I really hope you can take some
measures to make the canteen service better and better,Thank you very much!
Yours sincerely,
Li Ming
Part Three答案部分

参考答案 详细解答和录音文字材料
Part Ⅰ Listening Comprehension
Section A
1,W:I’m trying to find out how this dishwasher works,the manual is in French,I can’t wait for Bill to translate it for me.
M,Don’t worry,Mary,I can do the dishes before the machine starts to work.
Q,What does the man mean?
2,M,The doctor said if I kept smoking,I would increase my chances of
having a heart attack.
W,Did he suggest reducing weight,too?
Q,What does the woman think the man should also do?
3,W,The people next door are making so much noise,I just can’t concen
trate on.
M,Why don’t you stay at the library? It’s much quiet there.
Q,What does Tom mean?
4,M,This is hopeless,these figures still don’t add up right,let’s do
the calculations over again.
W,Yes,but why not do them tomorrow? It’s very late now.
Q,What does the woman suggest they do?
5,M,To collect a data for my report,I need to talk to someone who kno
ws that small city very well,I was told that you lived there for quite a long t
W,Oh,I wish I could help,but I was only a child then.
Q,What does the woman imply?
6,M,Are you moving into a new house? Need a hand with those boxes?
W,That’s okay,I can manage,They look big,but aren’t very heavy actually.
Q,What does the woman mean?
7,M,It’s good you brought the books back.
W,I thought you might need novels at the weekend,Thanks for letting me use th
Q,What do we know about the woman from the conversation?
8,M,Do you want to turn on the air conditioner or open the window?
W,I love fresh air if you don’t mind.
Q,What can be inferred from the woman’s answer?
9,W,Hi,Michael,I can hardly recognize you,why are you dressed up to
day? Are you going to the theatre?
M,No,actually,I just had an interview at the photo studio this morning.
Q,What do we learn about Michael from this conversation?
10,W,Good morning,what can I do for you?
M,I’d like to have my emergency brake fixed,The car rolls when I park it on t
he hill.
Q,Where does the conversation most probably take place?
Section B
Passage One
Last August,Susan and 42 other students got wet and dirty while removing six t
ons of garbage from the river running across their city,They cleaned up the riv
er as part of a week-long environmental camp,Like one in three American rivers,
this river is so polluted that it’s unsafe for swimming and fishing,still,Susa
n,who has just completed her third summer on the river clean—up,scene has cha
nged in this river.“Since we started three years ago,the river is getting a lo
t cleaner”,she says,Environmental scientists praised the teenagers for removin
g garbage that can harm wild life,Waterbirds,for example,can choke on plastic
bottle rings and get cut by scrap metal,Three years ago,when the clean—up sta
rted,garbage was everywhere,but this year,the teenagers had to hunt for garba
ge,They turn the clean—up started,garbage was everywhere,but this year,coul
d find the most garbage and unload their boats fastest,By the end of the six h
our shift,they have removed enough garbage to fill more than two large trucks.
“Seeing all their garbage in the river makes people begin to care about environ
mental issues,”Susan says,She hopes that when others read that she and her pee
rs care enough to clean it up,maybe they will think twice before they throw gar
bage in the river.
11,What does the passage tell us about American rivers?
12,What did the students find when they came to the river this year?
13,What is the expected reaction of the local people to the students’ efforts?

Passage Two
Why do we cry? Can you imagine life without tears? Not only do tears keep your e
yes l
ubricated,they also contain a substance that kills certain bacteria so they can
’t infect your eyes,Give up your tears,and you get something physical or chemic
al in your eyes,Tears are very good at washing this irritating stuff out,Anoth
er thing you couldn’t do without your tears is cry from joy,anger or sadness,H
umans are the only animals that produce tears in response to emotions,and most
people say a good cry makes them feel better,Many scientists,therefore,believ
e that crying somehow helps us cope with emotional situations,Tear researcher,
Winifred,is trying to figure out how it happens,One possibility he says is tha
t tears discharge certain chemicals from your body,chemicals that build up duri
ng stress,When people talk about crying it out,“I think that might actually be
what they are doing”,he says,If Fred is right,what do you think will happen
to people who restrain their tears? Boys,for example,cry only about a quarte
r as often as girls once they reach teenage years,and we all cry a lot less now
than we did as babies,Could it possibly be that we face less stress? Maybe we
found another ways to deal with it,or maybe we just feel embarrassed.
14,What’s the topic discussed in this passage?
15,What is Winifred trying to find out?
16,What does the passage say about teenage boys and girls?
17,What’s the difference between human beings and other animals when shedding t
Passage Three
Imaging this,you wake up each morning to find your sister lying beside you,to
get dressed and tie your shoes,you use one hand and she uses another,You do ev
erything out together,too,even sitting on the same chair at lunch and riding o
n the same bicycle,That’s what life is like for six-year-old Betty and Abby,Li
ke most twins,the two girls look very much alike,but unlike most twins,Betty
and Abby share parts of the same body,Twins like Betty and Abby are rare,Only
about 40 sets are born in the United States each year,Few survive as long as Be
tty and Abby,That’s because twins often share vital organs,like a heart or bra
in,The shared organs are often badly shaped and may not be strong enough to sup
port both twins,But Betty and Abby each has her own head,heart and stomach whi
ch function normally,Because she has three or four lungs which provide plenty o
f oxygen for both twins,Most of their completely shared organs lie below the wa
ist,Betty And Abby live relatively normal lives,They attend a regular school,
and each does her own school work,They prefer to do some projects together,tho
ugh,for example,to cut out paper dolls,one twin holds the paper,while the ot
her uses the scissors,But sometimes,the girls don’t want to do the same thing,
for example,sometimes they want to play with different toys,What do they do t
hen?“We toss a coin”,says Abby.
18,In what aspect,do Betty and Abby differ from most twins?
19,What does the passage tell us about twins who share parts of the same body?

20,What does the passage say about the education of the twin girls?
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension
Passage One
,美国面临着其在国际事务中地位受到影响的问题,所以应是“time to get acquainted w
ith other cultures”。
Passage Two
从文中第一段,我们可读到:fashion myths have led women to believe that t
hey are more beautiful or sophisticated for wearing heels,..,因妇女是这样看待高跟鞋的作用,他们当然希望以此来为其外表增色。其余选项皆与文章内容不符。
高跟鞋鞋跟落地留下的孔可使草坪通气,又没有废土堆放在孔周围。这样的跟不小巧吗?所以 D)为正确答案,和妇女喜欢高跟鞋的感情无关,也没有描写高跟鞋具有女性纤细之特点,更没有隐射高跟鞋脆弱易断之意。
Passage Three
从文中第二段我们可找到选择的依据:“But my own worry today is less that of
the slightly more luxurious problem of the decline in the skill even of the mid
dle -class reader,of his unwillingness to afford those spaces of silence,those
luxuries of domesticity and time and concentration,that surround the image of
the classic act of reading…”。
从文中第二段最后两句可找到答案:“...let alone that most important tri
bute any human being can pay to a poem or a piece of prose he or she really love
s,which is to learn it by heart,Not by brain,by heart; the expression is vital”,请注意词组Learn it by heart 与by heart在意义上的差别。
文中最后一句说:“No one in the book industry can say with any confidenc
e what will happen to the book as we’ve known it.” 对于图书业的未来谁也把握不了
Passage Four
本文第一句话很清楚地为选择D)提供了依据。历史上人们会在不同程度上为了经济和民族的利益探险,在随后的文中作者先后提及 Columbus,Lewis,Clark等为证。

从文中第二段我们可读到:因对短期的经济回报持怀疑态度,随着人们对冷战记忆的迅速淡漠,越来越强调空间探险国际合作,对火星的探险与其说是出于经济或民族原因还不如说成是一种需要。由此我们可推断A)为正确选项。C),D)在文中明确得到否认,B) 离题较远。
Part Ⅲ Vocabulary
本题测试点为名词辨义。D) prescription 为可数名词“处方,药方”之意。
例如:The doctor gave me a prescription for painkiller,医生给我开了个止痛药方。常和p
rescription 搭配的动词有:make up a prescription 配药方,write out a prescriptio
n 开药方。
本题测试点为同义辨析。conversion,transition,transformation 三词都有“
改变,变化”之意,但transition 指在一段时间内从一种形式,状态,主题,地点向另一形式,状态,主题,地点的转变。A)conversion 指在形式,内容,状态,用途上的变换,转化,更改,改造。例如:Conversion of your heating system from coal to gas will be
costly,你把取暖设备从烧煤改为烧煤气费用会很高。Transformation 指在形式,外表或性质方面的完全变化。
本题测试点为名词辨义。B)recession 意为“(经济)衰退,(商业活动)暂时不景气
。recession 亦作 depression,例如:Many people still remember the great depression of
the 1930s,许多人对20世纪30年代的经济大萧条仍记忆犹新。concession 意为“妥协,让步”尤指经协商或辩论后所做出的让步。C)submission意为“归顺,降伏,投降,服从,顺从”等submission to sb’s will 屈从于某人的意志。D)transmission 意为“传递,传播,传达,传染”。
本题考点为名词辨析。B)predecessor和 D)ancestor 都有前辈之义,但ancestor 指有血缘关系的祖先,先辈,而predecessor 指某职务,职位的前任者。同样,A)descendant和 C)successor 前者为有血缘关系的后代,而后者为接替的人或事物,不一定有血缘关系。〖Z
本题考点为名词辨义。A)refusal和C)denial都有“拒绝”之意但refusal 是指不愿意给予,接受或不愿意做某事,而denial意为拒不给予某人所求或所需之物,阻止某人获得所求或所需之物,是贬义词。因此,本题应选A)。
”之处,常和介词between连用,例如:The teacher drew an analog between the human
heart and a pump,教师打一个比喻,把人的心脏比作唧筒。
1994年世界银行 一份报告指出,让女孩子上学或许是用于发展中国家之中反贫困的唯一最有效的方法。
本题考点为动名词辨析,四选项中B)admit和D)enroll都有“接受某人入学”之意,但admit句型为admit sb,to,.,而C)enroll为enroll sb,in/as,所以本题选D)合适。A)assign意为“分配(房屋、土地、工作,任务等),指定、指派”,而C)involve意为“卷入、陷入、拖累”。
本题考点为词汇搭配。粗看来似乎四个选项在意义上都可,但我们必须注意它们在结构上的差 别。B)inform意为“通知或报告某人/某事,通知某人”时,其句型为inform sb,of/about sth.。 C) accustomed用于be accustomed to sth.的句型,意:习惯于某事。D)be kn
own to sb.意为“为某人所熟知”介词必须是to而不是by或者with。只有A)acquaint可用于be
acquainted with sth./sb.,意为“对某事物熟悉,或了解某人,某事。”
本题考点为词义辨认。B)bewilder意为“迷惑、混乱”。例如:Some problems in a
rithmetic bewilder me。一些代数难题把我弄糊涂了。A)prelude是动词,意为“妨碍、阻止
(某人做某事)常用句型为preclude sb,from doing sth.和prevent可通用,但该词较正式文气。C)divert意为“转移某人的注意力;使某事物转向”。常用句型为divert sth./sb,(
from sth.) (to sth.).D)expire为动词,意为“(延续一段时间的某事物)结束,不再使用,
本题考点为同名义词辨析,C)immerse意为“浸,泡”,于是有比喻性词组“be imme
rsed in,聚精会神从事某工作。陷入……之中。B)drown也可用于比喻意义,表示沉醉于某事。如:He drowned himself in work,他沉醉于工作
。但一般不用于be+过去分词+in 的句型。A)submerge意为进入液面,海面等下面,其比喻用法也可用于表示埋头工作之意,但其句型为be submerged by。 D)dip也有“浸泡”之意,其句型为dip sth,into sth.; dip sth,in。 但没有其他三词所有的比喻意义用法。〖ZK)
本题考点为动词辨义。D)subscribe意为“订阅,订购报刊”等。其句型为subscribe to/for sth.。如:I have been subscribing to the magazine for four years,我已订阅此杂志四年。A)ascribe意为“把……归功于”常用句型有ascribe sth,to sb./sth.。B)order一词也有“预定,定购”之意,但一般指购物而不是报纸之类的物品。C)reclaim意为“收回”
。A)furnish常用句型为:furnish sth,with sth.为……提供家具;furnish sb./sth.with
sth.; furnish sb./sth.,为某人/某物提供什么,B)induce意为劝诱或促使某人做某事,常用句型为induce sb,to do sth.;D)allocate意为(为某目的)配给,分配某事物(给某人/ 某事物),常用的句型有allocate sth to sb./sth.。 
本题考点为动词辨义。A)deviate 意为“偏离(路或标准),背离,不按 …… 办”不及物动词。常用的句型为deviate from sth.disconnect 意为“使等物(与某物)分离、割断
、切断(联系)”,常用的句型有:disconnect A from B,detach 和disconnect同义,有“
将某物拆下、拆开某物,分开某物”之意,常用句型也是detach A from B,这两组动词均为及物动词,且意义与本题 要求的差别太大,因此不可选。另外,D)distort 意为“变,扭曲,弄歪(某物)”。
本题考点为动词辨义。A),B),C)三词都可用于表示感情方面,但在句型和意义上稍有些差别。A)grieve 意为“使(等人)极为悲伤”。其常用句型为:grieve for sth.,grieve over/about sb,如:She is still grieving for her dead huscand.她至今对丈夫之死深感悲痛。B)suppress 表示感情时,尤指压制、压抑感情。如suppress one’s anger,amusement
or laugh 压抑愤怒,欢娱,欢笑。C)oppress 意为“使(某人)担心烦恼或不幸”,如:I feel depressed by worry,我因焦虑而压抑。三词进行比较我们可看到grieve 主要用于表示悲痛之情,而suppress,oppress 主要指因什么心情压抑,烦恼,不幸,所以A)为最佳选择
本题考点为形容词辨义。C)conspicuous意为“显而易见的,明显的,引人注目的”。A)cognitive 意为“认知的,有关知识的”,a child’s cognitive development儿童认识能力的发展。B)rigorous意为“严格的,严厉的,精确的、严密的”rigorous attention to detail,一丝不苟。D)exclusive意为“独有的,独占的,唯一的”。
,都可用于人和物。但仔细推敲四词,D) irreplaceable填入句中,意思最为恰当。是工作效率高得不可被人撤换下来,而不是工作效率高使他们不可攀,工作效率高使得他们不可逆转,使他们不可移动。
本题考点为形容词辨义。incompatible意为“与不一致,不相符、不相配”,其句型为:be incompatible with...。A)intrinsic和D)inherent都有内在的,固有的之意。Inhere
nt常用句型为:inherent in sb./sth.。intrinsic更多地指固有的价值或性质intrinsic v
alue of a coin,一硬币的本身价值。B)ingenious 常用于指人善于用新的简单方法解决复杂问题、心灵手巧,常用句型为inge
nious at (doing) sth.。
本题考点为形容词辨义D)confidential意为“秘密的,参入机密的”。其他词在意义上差别也较大。A)assured意为“自信的,有把握的。B)reserved用于指人性情矜持的,寡言的,内向的。C)intimate作为形容词时意为亲密的、密切的。常用句型为be intimate with s
本题考点为形容词辨义。B)ambiguous意为“有不止一种意见的,有歧义的,含糊的、暧昧的”。如:He answered my question with an ambiguous smile.他笑容暧昧地回答了我的问题。A)philosophical意为“哲学的,根据哲学的。C)literal“照字面本义的,刻板的,无想象力的。D)invalid“无效的,无道理的”。
本题考点为词组辨义C)in accordance with意为按照或依据某事物。A)in the vicinit
y of意为“约摸,靠近,在……一带。B)in quest of 意为“试图找到某事物,寻求某事物”
,如She had come in quest of advice.她常来征求意见。D)in collaboration with 意为“
came in triumphantly with the sheet,拿着报纸她兴冲冲地进来了。A)turbulently意为
ly we had forgotten all about Randolf,令人遗憾的是我们完全遗忘了罗德尔夫。A)grave
ly意为“严肃地”,C)forcibly 强行地,D)graciously意为大方地,和善地,有礼貌地。
本题考点为副词辨义。D)explicitly意为“(指人)说得明确地,直接地,开诚布公地”。如:She gave directions very explicitly about the way the rug should be cleaned
本题考点为动词辨义。A)refute意为“反驳、驳斥。”B)overwhelm其过去分词常作表语或定语,表示“……之极”,“非常激动”等。例如:She was overwhelmed with grief
,她悲痛之极。C)repress意为“约束、压抑”。如:repress an urge to scream强忍着不喊出来。D)intimidate意为“恐吓、威胁(某人做某事)”,常用句型为intimidate sb.into sth./do
ing sth.。
本题考点为动词辨义。D)dwell on/upon sth。意为“细查某事,详述某事”,是固定搭配。A)hesitate,犹豫,踌躇不前” hesitate between fighting and submitting,或战或降踌躇不决。B)linger意为“逗留徘徊”linger about/around/on在附近/周围/不断徘徊
本题考点为形容词辨义,A)identical意为“意见相同的、一模一样的”常用的固定搭配为:identical to/with sb./sth.。B)vertical意为:“竖直、垂直的”a vertical lin
e垂直线。C)parallel意为“平行的、并联的、同样的、类似的”共固定搭配为be/run parall
el to/with“和……平行”。D)specific“特殊的、具体的、明确的”。
本题考点为副词辨义。这四个副词都是表程度的词,但只有D)increasingly,愈加、日益”适合本句所表达的意思。例如:He’s increasingly rude to me。他对我越来越粗暴。
本题考点的名词辨义。D)acknowledgement意为“承认,肯定,感谢”,A)identification意为“证认,辨认,鉴定,证明”。如:He carries identification with him at all times,他总是带着证明身份的东西。C)confession,“供认,忏悔”,而B)compliment意为恭维话,赞美,称赞。
Part Ⅳ Error Correction
in quite a while 一般与将来时态连用的,表示在一整段时间之后之意。例如:I
will return in a few minutes,我将几分钟之后回来。所以应将in改为for,表示包括现在时间在内的一段时间。
every 和数词一起修饰名词时,数词不能用序数词。
one in every seven deaths 是主语部分,one应是主语,其谓语单词的数应是单数形式。
from now on 意为“从现在开始”,from then on“从那时起”,本题所涉及到的时间是工业革命的初期,是在一个过去的时间里,因此应用from then on。
Europe 前一般是不会用定冠词的,去掉后本句也是对的。但用both...and比只用
词汇错误。import 意为“进口”,im-是前缀in 的变体,具有“在内,向内”之意,其构成的常用词有:implant植入,immigrant移入,inspire吸入,inherent内在的; e
78,vanished→had vanished
keep sb/sth 加补语的句型,其补语形式可是分词,形容词等,但一般不会是副词
Part Ⅴ Writing
A letter to a Schoolmate
June 23,2001
Dear Xiao Wang,
I’m very glad that you will come to my home,For the moment,everything is well
prepared here and my parents and I are looking farward to the day you come,Do p
hone me before you make your trip and tell me which train you are to take,I’ll
meet you at the station.
As you know,Shanghai is a large city and there are lots of places worth visitin
g,But I think one week’s time is enough,So in the first three days I’d like to
show you around the city,We’ll go to some bussiness zones such as Nanjing Road
and Xujiahui,I’ll take you to some famous parks as well,During the rest time,
I plan to visit some beautiful small villages around shanghai,You needn’t both
er to look for a hotel,Just stay at my home.
The last thing I want to mention is that the train ticket for return should be b
ooked in advance,So in your phonecall before you come,tell me the date you ar
e going back,I’ll book the ticket for you.
Wish you a happy trip in Shanghai.
Truly Yours,
Zhang Ying
Part Three答案部分

参考答案 详细解答和录音文字材料
PartⅠ Listening Comprehension
Section A
1.W:Have you heard about the plane crash yesterday?It caused 120 death
.I’m never at ease when taking a flight.
M:Though we often hear about air crashes and the serious casualties,flying
is still one of the safest ways to travel.
Q:What do we learn from this conversation?
2.W:I have a complaint to make,Sir.I waited 10 minutes at the table be
fore the waiter showed up,and when I finally got served,I found it was not what
I ordered.
M:I’m terribly sorry,Madam.It has been unusually busy tonight.As a compensa
tion,your meal will be free.
Q:Where does the conversation most probably take place?
3.M:I can’t find my pen.I need to write a letter.
W:I will look for it later.Right now,I need your help fixing the shelf befo
re I paint it.
Q:What will they do first?
4.M:Mrs Winter,I need your advice.I want to buy a dress for my wife.Ca
n you tell me where I can get one at a reasonable price?
W:Sure,go to the Richard’s.It has the latest styles and gives a 30 percent
discount to husbands who shop alone.
Q:What do we know about the Richard’s store?
5.M:My headaches are terrible.Maybe I need more sleep.
W:Actually you need less sun and some aspirins.It would help if you wore a
Q:What does the woman think is the cause of the man’s headache?
6.M:Did you notice after almost ten years in the United States,Mr.Lee
still speaks English with such a strong accent?
W:Yes,but he is proud of it.He says it is part of his identity.
Q:What does the conversation tell us about Mr.Lee?
7.W:This is Mrs.Stacher.My heater is not getting any power,and the wea
therman says the temperature is going to fall below zero tonight.Could you get s
omeone to come over and fix it?
M:This is the busiest time of the year,but I will speak to one of our men a
bout going over sometime today.
Q:Whom did Mrs.Stacher want to come over?
8.M:Though we didn’t win the game,we were satisfied with our performan
W:You did a great job.You almost beat the World Champion.It was a real surp
rise to many people.
Q:What do we learn from this conversation?
9.W:Sorry I didn’t come yesterday,because I had a temperature.Could yo
u tell me your requirments for my term paper?
M:The theme of your paper can be about business management or touring resou
rces in China,and the length of your paper should be no less than 15 pages.

Q:What is the most probable relationship between the two speakers?
10.W:I don’t think we should have told Tom about the surprised party f
or Lucy.
M:It is all right.He promised not to tell,and he doesn’t make promises like
Q:What does the man mean?
Section B
The human body is a remarkable food processor.As an adult,you may consume (S1)[Z
Z(Z]over〖ZZ)〗 a ton of food per year and still not gain or lose a pound of bod
y weight.You are (S2)〖ZZ(Z〗constantly〖ZZ)〗 harnessing and consuming energy
through the intricate (S3)〖ZZ(Z〗mechanism〖ZZ)〗 of your body in order to rema
in in energy balance.To (S4)〖ZZ(Z〗maintain〖ZZ)〗 a given body weight,your en
ergy input must balance your energy output.However sometimes the (S5)〖ZZ(Z〗ove
rall〖ZZ)〗 energy balance is upset,and your (S6)〖ZZ(Z〗normal〖ZZ)〗 bod
y weight will either fall or (S7)〖ZZ(Z〗increase〖ZZ)〗.
The term body image refers to the mental image we have of our own physical appea
rance,and (S8)[ZZ(Z]it can be influenced by a variety of factors,including how
much we weigh,or how that weight is distributed.[ZZ)]Research has revealed that
about 40 percent of adult men and 55 percent of adult women are dissatisfied wi
th their current body weight.(S9) 〖ZZ(Z〗Similar findings have also been report
ed at the school level,mainly with female students.〖ZZ)〗At the college level
,a study found that 85 percent of both male and female firstyear students desi
red to change their body weight.(S10)〖ZZ(Z〗The primary cause of this concern i
s the value that American society in general assigns to physical appearance.〖ZZ
)〗Thinness is currently an attribute that females desire highly.Males generally
desire mascularity.The vast majority of individuals who want to change their bo
dy weight do it for the sake of appearance;most want to lose excess body fat,whi
le a smaller percentage of individuals actually want to gain weight.
1.A 2.C 3.C 4.D 5.A 6.B 7.B 8.C 9.D 10.B 
S1:over\ S2:constantly\ S3:mechanism \ S4:maintain \ S5:overall \ S6:normal
\ S7:increase
S8:it can be influenced by a variety of factors,including how much we weigh,or
how that weight is distributed.
S9:Similar findings have also been reported at the school level,mainly with fem
ale students.
S10:The primary cause of this concern is the value that American society in gene
ral assigns to physical appearance.
Part Ⅱ Reading ComprehensionPassage one
11.C 本题为判断题。文章第一句话说:根据对鸭子的一项新的研究,科学发现处在半睡眠状态的鸟控制着保持清醒的脑半球。由此可知,选项C)“鸟能够有意识地控制半睡眠状态”是正确答案。A)“鸟类中普遍存在半睡眠状态”是早期而不是最新的结论;B)“
半睡眠状态的特征是脑电波放慢”是说明鸟类处在半睡眠状态下的时候通过脑电波所观察到的特征;D)“鸟类很少整个大脑都在休息”与原文不符,文章第二段最后一句说:Birds al
so can sleep with both hemispheres resting at once.
12.A 本题为信息明示题。第六段第一句说:The results provi
de the best evidence for a longstanding supposition that singlehemisphere slee
p evolved as creatures scanned for enemies.(这些结论为证实一项长期以来人们的设想
13.C 细节题,但需综合归纳。第六段后三句是对第一句的具体说明。因此,“The
preference for opening an eye on the lookout”是为了警惕敌人的攻击;而“The mir
rorside eye closed”的原因则是“as if the reflection were a companion”,故C)项为正确答案。注意B)项虽然也有可能,但是这篇文章说明的是为什么鸟类要保持半睡眠状态
14.B 推断题。本题涉及对细节的把握与推断,文章第七段最后一句说:“Perhaps d
eeping one side of the brain awake allows a sleeping animal to surface occasiona
lly to avoid drowning.”故B项为正确答案。此题中D)项的干扰性较大,但文中未提到急流
15.D 推断题。“just the tip of the iceberg”是一比喻说法,这个句子是对第一句“Studies of birds may offer unique insights into sleep”的补充与说明,其目的是说这一新研究所具有的重要作用,这一点不难从紧跟其后的句子“He speculates that
more examples may turn up when we take a closer look at other species”看出,故正确答案毫无疑问是D)。在这句话中“冰山一角”是比喻说法,故A)项不对;B)和C)项皆与原文不符。
Passage Two
16.C 信息明示题。短文第二段最后一句“The claims are taken seriously enough
that TT therapists are frequently hired by leading hospitals,at up to $70 an ho
ur,to smooth patients’ energy,sometimes during surgery” 说明C)是正确的。A)虽然也是事实,但它并不说明“TT”的普及程度;B)和D)与原文意思不符。
17.C 本题为推断题。本题涉及对细节的把与推断,第三段第三句说:“A skeptic m
ight conclude that TT practitioner are afraid to lay their beliefs on the line” (
持怀疑态度的人会认为TT治疗师害怕提供证据)“lay...on the line”的意思是“为……提供证据”,由此可知,不是他们对巨资不动心,而是害怕露馅,故C)为正确答案。A)文中未提级;B)也不对,不是“冒险”的问题,他们自己心里非常清楚,这完全是骗术,一旦露馅
,则饭碗就给砸了;D)与原文之意不符,选此题的考生混淆了短语“lay...on theline”和
“in line with”。
18.D 判断题。本题考查考生的综合推理能力,文章第一段说Emily Rosa的一次实验是以揭穿骗术而告终的,又告诉我们她做这个实验就是针对广为人们所认同的TT治疗法;
文中告知没有人能证明TT的有效性;文章最后以“If there was an energy field,they couldn’t feel it”结尾,这都说明D)是正确答案。A)与原文意思相反;B)文中未提及;C)也原文之意不符。
19.D 细节题。从短文第三段最后一句“I think they didn’t take me very seri
ously because I’m a kid”可知D)为正确选项。A)是这次实验的结果;B)文中未提及;C)
20.A 主旨题。本题考查考生在读完这篇文章之后,是否能够理解作者写这篇文章的意图,即这则故事说明了什么——一些广为大众所认同的观点往往是错的。B)文章没有论及;C)不对,因为,这则故事中的小孩之所以能成功是因为利用了大人对孩子的不设防心理
Passage Three
21.A 判断题。本题测试考生的综合理解力,特别是对第一段第三句话的推断。关键词“drawing board”原意为“制图板”,这说明该自动车道体系尚在设计阶段,因此,
“drawing board”可引申为“蓝图”。此外,文章一开始就问:在自动车道上驾驶会是什么样子,文章的时态也多处选用“would”,由引可见,A)为正确答案。
22.B 信息明示题。短文第一段最后一句:“A specialpurpose lane system worl
d require more extensive physical modifications to existing highways,but it pro
mises the greatest gain in freeway capacity”(专门的自动车道体系对现有的高速公路有更高的修缮与改进要求,但它可以最大限度地发挥高速公路的能力)直接提供了答案。A)与原文意思相反;C)和D)文章中均没有提及。
23.B 细节题。根据第二段第一句:“Under either scheme,the driver would spe
cify the desired destination,furnishing this information to a computer in the c
ar at the beginning of the trip or perhaps just before reaching the automated hi
24.B 细节题。第二段第四句说:“As the driver approached the point of entry
for the highway,devices installed on the roadside would electronically check t
he vehicle to determine its destination and to ascertain that it had the proper
automation equipment in good working order.”在这个句子中,ascertain的意思是“探知
25.D 信息明示题。根据最后一段最后一句:“And once a vehicle had settled in
to automated travel,the driver would be free to release the wheel,open the morni
ng paper or just relax” 可知D)项为正确答案。
Passage Four
26.A 细节辨析题。文中第一段第二句和第三句告诉我们“聪明”的传统定义,接着告诉我们这一定义所带来的不好的后果,传统定义所认为的“聪明人”很多过着很不快乐的生活,据此推断选项A)为正确答案。选项B)与原文意思相反;C)与原文意思不符,原文中认为“解决问题的能力有助于人们感到快乐”,但它还不够,还有很多的因素使人快乐,而在作者看来,聪明因素不在于传统意义上的读,写,计算等能力,但读写能力并不一定就是带来精神沮丧的根源,故C)不对;选项D)与文意不符。
27.D 推断题。本题问的是“怎样才是聪明人”,从文章第一段第五和第六句:“We
have come to believe that someone who has more educational merit badges,who is
very good at some form of school discipline is,intelligent”.Yet mental hospita
ls are filled with patients who have all of the properly lettered certificates。”
28.C 主旨题。本题测试考生归纳中心思想的能力,本文论述的是“怎样的人才能算作聪明的人”。首先,作者对传统定义上的聪明人作否定,接着在第二和第三段,作者详述了怎样才算是一个聪明人,最后一段则教读者如何做一个聪明人。故选项C)正确。〖ZK)
29.A 细节辨析题。本题要求考生正确理解文章的重要论点。最后一段第二和第三及第四句说:充满艰难困苦的生活对于每一个人都是一样的。因此A)正确。B)“沮丧与不快乐在生活中是不可避免的”对每一个人来说,确实会碰到,但本文作者想阐明的是对于这个“unavoidable”的东西,不同的人对待它的不一样,因此,结果也不一样,能够面对“depr
ession and unhappiness”而不陷入其中的人在作者看来才是聪明的人,故B)不恰当;C)与文意不符;D)文中没有探讨。
30.B 信息明示题。从文章最后一句“Those who recognize problems as a human
condition and don’t measure happiness by an absence of problems are the most in
telligent kind of humans we know;also,the most rare.”不难看出,作者所认为的真正的聪明人是:那些懂得困难或灾祸是人生难免的问题,但不以是否遭遇困难或灾祸为衡量标准的人,故B)为正确答案。A)与原文不符,说的是不强调 书本知识的人一定就是能够快乐生活的人;选项C)与原文相反;选项D)与原文意思较接近,但没有B)更加密切原文所表达的意思,退一步说,“避免不快”不一定就能够“找到快乐”,后者比前者更加困难。〖ZK)
Part Ⅲ Vocabulary
31.A 这位科学家在提出火星上存在生命这一前提之后,接着就论述他的这一论点(
to investors was based on the premise that interest rates would continue to fal
l.给予投资者的建议是以利率将继续下降这一点为前提的。B)pretext,借口,托词”,例如:He came to see me under the pretext of asking my advice when he really wante
d to borrow money,C)foundation (思想,信仰等的)“基础,根据,出发点”。D)presen
32.D 数次灾难之后,人们就核能的安全性问题进行了激烈而持久的论战。本题测试点为近义名词的辨析。D)controversy,辩论,论战,争论”,是对有很多人所的持意见分歧较大的有关道德或政治等较严肃的社会问题的争论。如:The appointment of the new dir
ector aroused a lot of controversy,A)quarrel“争吵,争论”,后接人,就用with;后接物,就用over或about,其含义多指原有“关系的破裂”,而且,意见的分歧可以是很小范围内的,比如两人之间的争吵。例如:She had a serious quarrel with his brother o
ver the terms of their father’s will.她和她哥哥为父亲的遗嘱条款吵得很厉害。B)sus
:The jury brought in a verdict of guilty.陪审团宣判了有罪的裁决。
33.B 他们的外交政策使他们征服世界的野心暴露无遗。本题测试点是名词的辨认
。B)ambition 有“野心;雄心;志气;抱负”之意,该词可作可数名词或不可数名词。例如:The students who have great ambitions are always studying hard,A)admiration
“钦佩,赞美”。例如:Her handling of the crisis fills me with admiration,C)adm
inistration“(公共事物,国家政策等的)管理;经营;行政”。例如:Head teachers are
more involved in administration than in teaching,D)orientation,东方;朝向;
34.C 董事长对我许诺:如果我干得出色,他给我双倍工资。本题测试点是近义词的辨析。特别是 warrant和assurance的差别。C)assurance“承诺;保证:担保”,相当于
statement made to convince sb.或promise。例如:Despite repeated assurances he fa
iled to repay the money he had borrowed,A)warrant 这个词对正确选项干扰颇大,
当该词是“担保;保证”之意时,它只能作动词用,当它作名词用时,其意为“授权令;凭证,证件”。例如:You should have a travel warrant with you while traveling abro
ad.I’ll warrant him an honest and reliable fellow.This material is warranted to
pure silk,B)obligation,义务;职责;责任” D)certainty,确信;确知;必然”,
例如:England will lose the match that’s a certainty.I can’t with any certainty
where I shall be next week.
35.A 圣诞树上点缀着一些闪闪发亮的饰物,有彩灯,还有玻璃球。本题测试点为名词的辨析。A)ornament“装饰;装饰物”,例如:The palace is rich in ornament,B)
豪华;奢华”。例如:Not all rich people are living in luxury,We cannot afford m
any luxuries,C)exhibit,展览;陈列;展览品;陈列品”。D)complement,补充;补充物”。
36.C 面粉和糖是制作蛋糕最重要的两种配料。
例如:Without the important ingredients,the dish is not delicious.A)element“元素;要素”,该词指一个整体中不可缺少或固有的成分。例如:Justice is an important
element of good government,Water is composed of the elements hydrogen and oxyge
n,B)component“成分;组成部分;零配件”,多指机械装置的组成部分。例如:I am sur
prised that the price of the components of an engine is more expensive than an e
ngine,This factory is supplying components for the car industry,D)constituent
“成分;组成物;选民”,多指整体当中的一部分。例如:The constituents of happin
ess vary from person to person.
37.C 文化的传承意味着人类将其语言一代传一代。
本题考点为名词辨析。这四个名词中前面三个都含有“转化”的意思,也就是说这四个词都可以与介词from...to搭配,但根据句意,正确选项C)。因为:C)transmission“传播;传递;传送;播送;传染”。例如:There is a live transmission from Washington
tonight.Doctors warned us to try our best to prevent the transmission of diseas
e by mosquitoes,A)translation“翻译”。B)transition“转变;过渡”,例如:Adultl
cence is the transition period between childhood and manhood,The frequent trans
itions from cold to warm weather this spring have caused much illness,D)transac
ion“交易;业务”,相当于piece of business carried out。例如:Payments by check
easily outnumber cash transactions.支票付款在数量上超过现金交易。
38.B 我们应该透过那些错觉和臆断,努力去发现那些遗漏的东西。本题的考点是名词的辨认。B)illusion“错觉,幻觉;错误的观念”,例如:We are leftwith few illu
sions about our ally.我们的处境已不容我们对盟友再存多少幻想了。 A)justification
“辩明;理由”。例如:I can see no justification for dividing the company into s
maller units,C)manifestation“表明;显示”。例如:This riot is only one manifes
tation of people’s discontent,D)specification,详述;说明书(pl.);规范”。例如
:Have you got the specifications of the garage?
39.B 没有人想到那个外表可敬的商人实际上却是个罪犯。本题测试点是易混词的辨析。B)respectable,值得尊敬的;体面的”,相当于deserving respect。例如:Premi
er Zhou is one of the most respectable man in the world,A)respective“各自的”
例如:The three men were given work according to their respective abilities,C)r
espectful“表示恭敬的;充满敬意的”,相当于showing respect。They stood at a re
spectful distance from the president,Ope
nminded people are respectful of other people’s opinions.D)realistic“现实的,
实际的”。例如:He is worldfamous realistic writer.他是世界著名的现实主义作家。
40.D 如果再不采取措施保护环境,那么现在尚存的数以百万计的物种将会灭绝。
本题考点是形容词extinct 的用法。这道题可以用排除法来选取正确答案,因为根据句子可知become 后应接名词或形容词,而四个选项中的前三个词都是动词的过去式或过去分词,只有D)项是形容词,且意义吻合,故D)项为正确答案。D)extinct“绝种的;灭绝的;熄灭的”,相当于(especially of a type of animal,etc.)no longer in existence。
例如:If we continue to destroy the countryside many more animals will become ex
41.A 科学态度的精髓在于认为人脑必定能够正确地认识宇宙。
本题考点为名词近义词的辨析。A)essence“精髓;本质;要素”,例如:The essence of
his argument is that capitalism cannot succeed.B)content“内容”,多用于复数形式
,例如:She had not read the letter and so was unaware of its contents,C)textur
e 这个词一般指物体表面,物质或织物的“质地;外观;手感(如厚薄,软硬,粗细等)”。
例如:She has a delicate texture of skin,D)threshold“开端;入口;门槛”。例如
:He was on the threshold of his career.他的事业刚刚起步。Are we at the threshol
d of an era when war will have been abolished?
42.C 老太太的咳嗽已发展成慢性的了,短期内是很难治愈的。本题考点为近义形容词的辨析。C)chronic“(尤其指疾病)慢性的;长期的;习惯的”,例如:Many people a
re suffering from chronic bronchitis(慢性支气管炎).A)perpetual“永久的,永恒的;
不间断的,持续的”,相当于 continuing indefinitely。这个词通常用作定词。例如:He
was irritated by their perpetual complaints,B)permanent“永恒的;长久的”,
例如:She is looking for permanent employment.D)sustained,持久的;不变的”例如:Sustained efforts at purification have rendered the river clear and many spe
cies of fish have returned to its waters after an absence decades of years.〖ZK)
43.B 记者发给我们的是一份信得过的新闻报道,我们完全可以相信他。本题考点是形容词的辨认。B)authentic“可靠的;可信的;真实的;真正的”,例如:Rumors are
circulating and we have not got any authentic news,A)evident“明显的;明白的”
。 C)ultimate“最终的;最后的”。 D)immediate“立刻的;马上的;直接的”。

44.A 自从让她做了这儿的教授和导师,这就成了她的一种精神动力,推动着她的学生们超越他们自身的期望。本题考点为形容词的辨认。A)inspirational 由动词 inspire
变成的形容词,意为“鼓舞或激励人的;启发灵感的”,例如:Helen has been an inspir
ational example for so many people all over the world.The writer has contributed
a lot to the society by his beautiful and inspirational pieces of writing,B)ed
ucational“教育的;有教育意义的;教育性的”。例如:There are some educational pr
ograms for children on television,but there is more entertainment in a good book
than in a month of typical TV programming,C)excessive“过多的;过分的;极端的
”。D)instantaneous“即时的;瞬间的”,相当于happening or done in an instant。〖
45.D 一些研究者发现某些人的神经系统易受干热风的伤害。这就是我们所说的对天气敏感的人。
本题考点是易混词的辨析。D)vulnerable“易受伤害的;脆弱的;”即likely to
be hurt,wounded or injured,该词后面与介词to搭配。例如:Young birds are very vul
nerable to predators.A) subjective
“主观的;个人的”,这个词不能与介词to搭配(注意和 be subject to 的区别)。B)subor
dinate“从属的;下级的”,这个词也与介词to搭配。例如:All the other issues are s
ubordinate to this one,He was always friendly to his subordinate,C)liable 这个选项的干扰最大,它后面可与介词to搭配,也有“易于……的;有……倾向的;可能的”,
但它的英文含义是 be subject to,也就是说这个词本身并没有“受伤害”之意。例如:Of
fenders are liable to fines of up to $100,On such a foggy day,a train is liabl
e to delay,此外,liable 后还可接动词不定式和介词 for,分别表示“可能”,“应负责任”。例如:We are all liable to make mistakes,Is a man liable for his wife’s d
ebts in your country?在你们国家,男人应为妻子的债务负责吗?
46.B 飓风具很强的杀伤力,其破坏性在于飓风能造成自然环境物理上的巨大破坏
。本题考点是形容词易混词的辨析。B)destructive“破坏性的;毁灭性的;有害的”,例如:The film shows us vividly the destructive force of earthquakes,Gambling is
a destructive hobby,A)cumulative“累积的;渐增的;附加的”,例如:The cumulati
ve effect of several illnesses made it hard for him to recover,C)turbulent,狂暴的;动乱的”,例如:Many people are seasick when the ship are passing through
turbulent waves.D)prevalent“流行的;盛行的”。例如:The prevalent opinion is in
favor of reform.大家一致赞同改革。
47.C 在有些国家的课堂教学上,学生应安静而顺从。本题考点为形容词的辨认。C
)obedient“顺从的,服从的;孝顺的”,例如:The commanding officer expected th
at his men are unquestioningly obedient,A)skeptical,怀疑的;不相信的”。例如
:I am rather skeptical about their professed sympathy for the poor,B)faithful
“忠实的;守信的;可靠的”,例如:She is always loyal to her husband.
Faithful employees are welcome in all companies,D)subsidiary,辅助的;补助金的;次要的”。
48.A 尽管经济前景暗淡,但生产量仍有小幅上涨。本题考点是易混词的辨析。A)g
loomy“幽暗的;悲观的;郁闷的;朦胧的”,例如:When it comes to finding a good j
ob,even those who are highly educated think they have a gloomy prospect,It is
so gloomy in the room that we can see anything,B)miserable“可怜的;不幸的”。
例如:Now many people in the world are still living a poor and miserable life,C
)shadowy“有阴影的;多荫的;(喻)模糊的”。例如:Nobody can refuse cool,shadowy
woods in hot summer,He was frightened by a shadowy figure glimpsed in the twili
ght,D)obscure,不易看清的;不分明的;费解的;隐藏的”,例如:Is the meaning st
ill obscure to you? His real motive for the crime remains obscure.他犯罪的真正动机仍不清楚。
49.B 原始社会的人往往在身上或脸上涂抹油彩以趋吉避凶。
)ward off“躲开;避免”,例如:We should teach children how to ward off dangers
as early as possible,A)set aside,留用;搁置一旁;不注意”。例如:She sets asi
de a bit of money every month for later years,He set aside his book and lit a c
igarette.C)shrug off“(认为某事不重要而)不予理会”。例如:I admire the way she i
s able to shrug of unfair criticism,D)give away“给予;泄露”。例如:He gave aw
ay most of his money to charity.
50.C 国际形势这几年来日益严峻。
,它含有一个变化过程,因此C)项为最佳答案。C)increasingly“逐渐地;不断增加地;日益地”。例如:Women are playing an increasingly important role in the society,I
ncreasingly,people are realizing that our basic problems are not economic ones.
A)invariably“不变地;始终如一地”。例如:She invariably arrives late,B)presum
ably,推测地;假定地;也许”。例如:He will presumably resign in view of he com
plete failure of his policy,D)dominantly“起支配作用地”。In a society where me
n act dominantly,women can not enjoy equality in many ways.在男人起支配作用的社会,女人在许多方面不可能享有平等。
51.C 那个罪犯被剥夺了三年的公民权。
本题考点是易混动词的辨析。C)deprive“取走;剥夺;使丧失”,其较固定句型为 deprive sb,or sth,of sth,句中其他三个动词都不要求与介词 of 搭配使用。例如
:Too many trees in front of the house deprive the house of light,Deprived of t
he right to be educated,many children will be faced with the fate of joblessnes
s,A)discharge“排出;解雇;发射;履行”。例如:Where do the sewers discharge th
eir contents? B)derive“得来;获得;起源”。We can derive pleasure from travelin
g,D)dispatch“派遣;发送;调遣”。例如:It has been decided that a cruiser is t
o be dispatched to the island to restore order.
52.D 小规模的农场以及技术的匮乏已经阻碍了农业生产。
me people think that environment will hamper economy development,Don’t hamper m
e in my work,A)blunder“犯错;盲目乱动”。例如:Our leaders blundered again,B)
53.A 日本科学家发现香味能提高办公人员的工作效率并缓解其压力。本题测试点是动词的辨认。A)enhance“增强;提高”,例如:Now many enterprises realize the im
portance of enhancing their reputation abroad.B)amplify“扩大;放大”,即 make l
arger or fuller,esp,give fuller information。例如:We must ask you to amplify
your statement,C)foster“助长;培养;鼓励;促进”。例如:What is the most impor
tant is to foster an interest in study among students,D)magnify“放大;扩大;夸大”,例如:Cells of the body must be magnified several times before they
can be seen.在人体细胞能看到之前,一定放大了几倍。
54.D 所有的学生都必须遵守校规校制。
本题考点为形近动词的辨析。D)conform“遵守;符合;顺从”,后面与介词 to 搭配。例如:This sentence does not conform to the present day usage,A)confirm“证实;肯定”,该词作及物动词用。例如:Nobody has confirmed the news,B)confront“面对;
遭遇”,及物动词。 C)confine“限制;禁闭”,常与介词 to 搭配使用。例如:His brok
en leg confined him to bed for almost two months.他的断腿使他在床上呆差不多两个月。
55.D 他挠挠脑袋,思索着该如何解决问题。
,习语 scratch one’s head 意为“伤脑筋;费思量”。例如:The dog is scratching at
the door.We’ve been scratching our heads fo
r a solution to the problem,A)scrap“废弃;抛弃”。例如:To scrap such a car me
ans wasting money,B)screw“用螺丝钉钉住”。 C)scrape“刮;擦”。例如:It is har
d to scrape the paint away from the wall.从墙上刮掉油漆是困难的。
56.A 这个男孩一有能力养活自己就公然反抗父母对他的严格管束。本题考点为动词的辨析。A)defy“公然反抗;违抗;不服从”,例如:They defied their parents and
got married,I was surprised that not a single person had tried to defy the crue
l boss,B)refute“反驳;驳斥”。例如:I can refute the theory the earth is flat
through many ways,C)exclude“除去;排除;”。 D)vote“投票;选举;表决”。〖ZK)
57.D 那架直升机与一架轻型飞机相撞,致使两架飞机上的飞行员遇难。本题考点为动词词组的辨析。D)collide“互撞;碰撞;相反;冲突”,后接介词 with,所撞之物或人通常都处在运动状态。例如:The majority of the passengers were hurt when the bu
s collided with the fastcoming lorry,The morning news says a school bus colli
ded with a train at the junction and a group of policemen were sent there immedi
ately.A)coincide“(指事件)同时发生;巧合;(指意见等)一致”,这个词后接介词 with
。例如:They could not go to the theatre together because his free time never co
incided with hers.B)stumble on,偶然发现”,例如:He stumbled on the book he ha
d wanted for a long time in a small and old bookstore,C)tumble“跌倒;跌落;翻筋斗”,后面可接不同的介词,表示不同的意思。例如:The puppies were tumbling abou
t on the flo
or,The old barn is tumbling to pieces.
58.A 所谓保存就是保留和保护,也就是将我们喜欢的东西保护好以使他人也能分享。本题考点是词形相近的动词的辨析。A)conserve“保存;保全”,We should take som
e effective measures to conserve the forests that are reducing day after day,Mo
re and more people are realizing the importance of conserving natural resources.
B)conceive“构思;构想;怀孕”。例如:Who first conceived the idea of filling b
ags with gas to make balloons? C)convert“转变;转化;改变”。例如:Paper is con
verted from rags,D)contrive“设法;设计;动脑筋”。例如:Can you contrive to be
here early?你能设法早点儿到这儿吗?
59.D 带上墨镜,否则强烈的太阳光照花你的眼,你就看不清东西。本题考点是动词的辨认。D)dazzle“(强光)使目眩;使眼花”,例如:Such brilliant prospects almo
st dazzled the young girl,A)discern“辨认;识别;理解;了解”。例如:We discerned the figure of a man clinging to the mast of the wrecked ship,B)distort“歪曲;曲解;使变形”。例如:Newspaper accounts of international affairs are sometimes distorted,C)distract“分心;转移(与from连用)”。例如:The noise in the street distracted me from my reading.街上的嘈杂声使我无法专心看书。
60.B 在原始社会,人们旅行并不是为了玩乐而是为了寻找更适宜的气候。本题考点为近义形容词的辨析。B)primitive“原始的;早期的;简单的;粗糙的”,往往用来指与现代文明社会相对应的社会的初期阶段。例如:It is hard to study primitive cultur
e and primitive customs,They built a primitive shelter out of tree trunks.A)pri
me“主要的;最佳的;最重要的;一流的”,例如:Nobody knows his prime motive,The
shoes are very expensive because they are made from prime beef hide,C)primary
“基本的;第一的;主要的;重要的”,但它主要指在时间,次序或发展上,例如:The wo
rd is widely used,but few people know its primary meaning,The disease is still
in its primary stage,D)preliminary(作为某一重要行动或事情的)“预备的;初步的”
,例如:All this is preliminary to the main election struggle,There is a prelim
inary contest before the final one.在决赛前有一场预赛。
Part Ⅳ Close\=
61.A 该题考点是 latter 与 later 的辨析。latter指在顺序上较后,意为“后者;末尾的;较后的”,即 belonging to the end of a period; or (con
trasted with the former) the second of two things or persons already mentioned;
later 是 late的比较级,意为“迟的,晚的”,所以 the later part of the 19th centu
ry 是“十九世纪晚些时期”,而 the latter part of the 19th century 意为“十九世纪后半世纪”。故A)为正确答案。
62.B 该句前用分号与前句隔开,表明其应是一个独立的句子,
63.A 该句的意思是:一次世界大战时期,幼儿园的发展在欧美得到了极大的推动。而 impetus的意思是“冲力;动力;刺激”,故A)为正确答案。

64.C 本句的意思是:男性劳动力的短缺使得产业工人出现了前所未有的女性。shortage 的意思是“缺乏;不足;短少”,其常用短语为 be shortage of

例如:More workers are to be employed next year because we are shortage of peopl
Being short are of money and wanting to gain experience,he applied for the posi
advertised in the newspaper.因为没钱且想获得经验,他在报纸登的广告中求职。〖Z
65.D 本文要强调的是幼儿园的蓬勃发展,幼儿园在很短的时间之内遍地开花,“甚至在军火场里也建起了幼儿园”,可见幼儿园是多么受老百姓欢迎了
66.D 根据上下文可知此处应是一个表示转折的连词,因此,本句的意思为:尽管美国幼儿园的数量也急剧上升,但它们完全没有受到政府任何形式的资助。
67.B sharply 的意思是“急剧地”,与本句意思吻合,故为正确答案。A)unanimously“一致地;全体地”;C)predominantly“占优势地;主要地;压倒性地”;D)militantly“好战地;好斗地;强硬地”。
68.C 根据上下文可知本句与前一句在意思上是转折的,故 howeve
r 为正确答案,此句意思为:在第一次世界大战结束后的几年里,联邦政府、州政府和各地方政府逐渐着手实行控制幼儿园的政策。
69.A control over(of)为固定搭配。例如:The government’s
controls over taxes have increase enormously in recent years,The chairman’s pow
er to vote a proposal is a control over what the committee made,本句中文意思可参照68题。
70.D 本题为词汇辨认题。A)formulating 是 formulate 的动名词,其意为“构想出;规划;用公式表示”;B)labeling 是 label 的动名词,其意为“贴标签”,后常常与 as 搭配,例如:Returning from the moon walk,he was labeled as
a hero of the nation; C)patenting 是 patent 的动名词,其意为“取得专利”;D)lice
nsing 是 license 的动名词,其意为“核发执照;特准”。例如:Only the government c
an license doctors to practice medicine,D)项符合上下文,故为正确选项。本句中文意思是:……其主要方法是通过颁发许可证和检查幼儿园的办园条件。
71.B 本题考点为词汇的辨析。A)outset“开始”;B)outbreak
“爆发;突发;暴动;骚动”;例如:The outbreak of the war made the experiment im
possible to be carried out,C)breakthrough,突围;重大的发现;突破”; D)breakd
72.A 根据上文,这里谈到的是第二次世界大战爆发时所发生的情况与第一次世界大战时发生的情况相似,故正确答案应该是 again,即选项A)。

73.B 本题考点是同义词的搭配问题。“在……情形下”在英语中可用三个不同的名词 occasion,case 和 circumstance 来表示,但所搭配的介词不同,
occasion 与 on 搭配,case 与介词 in 搭配,circumstance 与介词 under 搭配。本句中的介词是 on,故正确答案应为B)。其句意是:在这种情形下,美国政府立即支持日托学校的建立,并于1942年,拨款六百万美元为职业妇女解决子女日托的问题。
74.C 本句的意思参照73题,根据句意,选项C)为最佳答案。A)
regulate“管理;调整;使有规则”; B)summon“命令;召集;把……叫来”;C)allocat
e“拨出;留下;分配;部署”,例如:It has been decided that a sum of money is to
be allocated for education,D)transfer“转移;让与;转换;调换”。
75.C 根据本句的意思“许多州和地方团体也都追加资金,以补充联邦政府的该项资助。”正确选项应为C)。因为C)supplement 的意思是“增补;补充”,
例如:Many people try to supplement their incomes by doing various parttime jo
76.D 该句的中文意思是:到战争末期,即1945年八月,十多万儿童在联邦政府的资助下得到了日托所的照料。选项D)为最佳答案,因为 care for 是固定搭配,其意为“照顾;照料”。
77.B 本句的译文参照76题。B)subsidy“补助金;津贴;奖金”
,即money granted,esp,by a government or society,to an industry or other caus
e needing help,or to an ally in war or to keep prices at a desired level。例如
:Every year our country offers a large sum of study subsidy for poor but elite
students in universities,A)pension“养老金;退休金”;C)revenue“(多指国家的)岁入;总收入;收益”;D)budget“预算”。
78.D 本句的译文是:之后不久,联邦政府大力缩减甚至完全取消用于建立托儿所的费用,致使大量的托儿所难以维持。根据句意和所给的四个选项,最佳答案是应是D)。D)drastically“激烈地;迅猛地;彻底地;果断地”。例如:Because of t
he birth control policy,the population in China reduced drastically,A)prevalen
79.A 本句的译文参照78题。根据题意及所给四个选项,A)项为正确答案。A)abolish“废除;取消;废止;彻底破坏”。例如:The civil war ended and t
he Negro slavery was finally abolished in the whole country,B)diminish“减小;
缩小;贬损”; C)jeopardize“危及;损害”;D)preclude,阻止;妨碍;防止;排除”
80.C 根据前面可知,日托所的成立是为了解决战争期间外出工作的母亲们照顾孩子的问题,当时大量妇女外出工作是因为大多数男人参战去了,战争结束后,人们以为妇女会重新回到家中做家庭妇女,但最后一句话一开始用了表示转折的词“
Part Ⅴ Writing 
How to Succeed in a Job Interview
Nowadays,a job interview is very important to both the interviewer and intervi
ewee.To an interviewer,he can tell something about the job to the interviewee su
ch as the salary,the work conditions and also the development prospects of the c
ompany.To an interviewee,he can make use of the chance to know the work he is go
ing to take up,After a full and frank exchange of information,an interviewer i
s easy to make a judgement whether the job is really suitable for the interviewe
e.But how can an interviewee succeed in the job interview?
First,the interviewee has to pay attention to his appearance,for the first imp
ression is always what we start with.Second,good manners are equally important,
the interviewee has to be neither too proud nor too timid,Just be courteous.Be
sides,he ought to be honest about his personal background.Finally,great import
ance should be attached to his ability and skills for the job and his academic k
nowledge,which he must demonstrate truly and confidently.In this way can he get
a satisfactory job.
In a word,the job interview is a good chance for the interviewee to show his
capacity and knowledge by expressing himself to the interviewer,the interviewe
r can decide whether he is the right person for the job.〖FL)〗
Part Three答案部分

参考答案 详细解答和录音文字材料
Part Ⅰ Listening Comprehension
Section A
1.M:Have you had the brakes and tires checked?And do you have enough m
W:I’ve taken care of everything and I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful t
Q:What’s the woman going to do?
2.M:The new sales manager says he has never met you before.
W:We’ve been introduced about three times.He seems a little forgetful.

Q:What do we learn about the new sales manager?
3.W:I don’t understand why this book for selfstudy doesn’t have answ
ers to the questions.
M:But it does.You can find them at the back of the book.
Q:What does the man say about the selfstudy book?
4.W:We need to let everyone know about the charity concert.But we don’
t have much money for advertising.
M:How about using the school radio station?They broadcast free public servi
ce announcements.
Q:What does the man suggest they do?
5.M:By the way,Jane,did you talk to the consultant about our new healt
h programme?
W:I contacted his office,but his secretary said he would be out for lunch u
ntil two.
Q:What does the woman mean?
6.M:I don’t know whether to ask Joe or Carrol to draw the posters.[ZK)
W:What difference does it make?They’re both excellent artists.
Q:What does the woman imply about Joe and Carrol?
7.M:Mary is in charge of the art and music section and Cha
rles the sports page.What about you?
W:I’m responsible for the editorials.
Q:What does the woman work?
8.M:I ran into our friend Mark yesterday on the street.And he said he
hadn’t heard from you for two months.
W:Yes,I know.But I’ve been too busy to phone him.
Q:What do we learn from the conversation?
9.M:I’m really exhausted,but I don’t want to miss the film,The Consi
gn”at eleven.
W:If I were you,I’d skip it.We both have to get up early tomorrow.And anywa
y,I’ve heard it isn’t that exciting.
Q:What does the woman mean?
10.M:I thought the librarian said we could check out as many books as
we need without library card.
W:That’s right,but not those reference books.
Q:What does the woman mean?
Section B
Passage One
The piano and violin are girls’ instruments.Drums and trumpets are for boys.Acc
ording to psychologists Susan O’neil and Michael Bottome,children have very clea
r ideas about which musical instruments they should play.They found that despite
the best efforts of teachers,these ideas have changed very little over the past
decade.They interviewed 153 children,aged between 9 and 11,from schools in nort
hwest England.They asked them to identify four musical instruments and then to s
ay which they would like to play most and which they would least like to play.Th
ey also asked the children for their views on whether boys or girls should not p
lay any of the four instruments.The piano and violin were both ranked more favor
ably by girls than by boys.While boys prefer the drums and trumpets.There was b
road agreement between boys and girls on which instruments each sex should play
and the reasons varied.And while almost half of all boys said they avoid certain
instruments because they were too difficult to play.Only 15 percent of girls ga
ve that as a reason.Earlier studies indicated that very young school children ag
ed between 5 and 7,showed no bias in choosing musical instruments.But their tast
es become more clear between the ages of 8 and 10.One survey of 78 teachers sugg
ested that after that age,both boys and girls begin to restrict themselves to th
e socalled male or female instruments.
11.Why did Susan and Michael interview children aged between 9 and 11?
12.Why do many of the boys avoid certain instruments?
13.Which group of children have a bias when choosing musical instruments?
Passage Two
In the 1970’s the famous Brazilian football player Pele retired from the Nationa
l Team of Brazil and became a professional player for a team in New York.Footbal
l or soccer wasn’t very popular in the United States at that time.Few North Amer
icans knew anything about this fast moving sport.There was no money to pay profe
sional players and there was little interest in football in high schools and col
leges.When Pele and other international stars began playing in various US citie
s,people saw how interesting the game was and began to go to the matches.It is n
ow common for important games to have 50 to 60 thousand fans.Support from the fa
ns is important to football.The fans cheer enthusiastically for their favorite
players and teams,who respond by playing better than before.In most World Cups t
he home team,or the team from the host country,usually plays better than most p
eople expect.In 1966,1974 and 1978,the home teams of England,West Germany and A
rgentina all won the World Cup.The World Cup is called that because teams from e
very continent have played in it.However,since the Cup began,all of the winning
teams have been from Europe or South America.Teams from Asia or Africa always do
well,but they haven’t yet won.Mexico played surprisingly well in the 1970 Cup w
hich it hosted,but it wasn’t among the four final teams.
14.Why wasn’t football a popular sport in the US in the 1970’s?
15.When does a football team have the best chance to win the World Cup?
16.How did Mexico do in the 1970 World Cup?
Passage Three
The world’s smartest adolescence in mathematics and science are in Singapore acc
ording to a global survey of educational achievement.In the third international
mathematics and science study,13year olds from Singapore achieved the best sco
res in standardized tests of maths and science that were ministered to 287,896 s
tudents in 41 countries in 1994 and 1995.The survey suggests that science and ma
ths education is especially strong in the fareast.While well behind those top
scores,students from Australia earned higher marks in maths than their counterpa
rts in England,who in turn did better than American students.The study collected
information on the students’ teachers and homes.Not surprisingly,the highest sc
oring students had welleducated parents or came from homes containing study a
such as computers,dictionaries or even such elementary facilities as desks.The
study shows that boys generally did better than girls in science,but there was l
ittle difference between them in maths.Boys scored better than girls in physics
and chemistry.There were no sex differences in the life and environmental scienc
es.In addition to be intested,students in the project were asked how proficient
they thought they were in maths and science.Students in some countries such as C
olumbia and Kuwait had an overly optimistic view of their skills.
Meanwhile some of the best students from Japan and Korea,for example,were needle
ssly pessimistic,even though they did far better in maths than almost all other
17.Of the four groups of students,who scored the lowest in maths according to th
e survey?
18.What kind of students are most likely to become top scorers?
19.In what way do Columbia students differ from Japanese students?
20.In which subject did boys score higher than girls?
1.D 2.B 3.D 4.C 5.B 6.A 7.C 8.C 9.D 10.C
11.D 12.A 13.B 14.C 15.B 16.A 17.A 18.D 19.C 20.A
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension
Passage One
21B 事实判断题。问题:引起美国的农产品需求量下降的原因是什么?文章的第一段第一句指出:由于欧洲国家的经济在第一次世界大战后开始复苏,所以他们减少了农产品的进口,致使对美国的农产品需求量下降。句中“as”即是这一因果关系的关键词。A)有一定的迷惑性,它只是加重这一现象的原因而并非所直接导致。C),D)则明显与短文内容相悖。正确答案为B)。
22C 事实判断题。问题:在20年代美国政府在农业领域首要关注的是什么?根据题意,命题点在第二段:政府采取手段直接干预农业供需矛盾,建立第一个全国性的委员会,既为农民提供更大的经济稳定性,又预防农民破产。A)、D)项短文未提及;B)项所指的是第三段的内容。因此C)是正确答案。
23A 事实判断题。问题:美国调整农业的法案是为了鼓励农民什么?第三段:继任总统所采取的具体措施,如:通过一项法案,授予农业部长一定权力,他可与农民订立自愿协议书,农民使土地休耕而政府给他们进行补偿,以防止农民破产。B),C)项均属政府行为,而非鼓励农民自己去做的事。D)项与文章内容有出入。
24D 事实判断题。问题:美国高等法院反对农业法案是因为他们认为法案怎么样?根据题意,命题点在第三段第五句:该法案被宣布违宪是因为用对公众征收的税去支付给一个特殊的群体。另外文章倒数第二句也从另一角度论证答案D)的合理性。该法案以保护水土的名义被通过,因为水土保护符合全民的利益,并非以牺牲其他公民的利益为代价来维护农民的利益。A)不属本题要点范围。B),C)显然不合理。
25B 要点归纳题。问题:新通过的法案的立法目的是什么?根据题意,命题点在文章的第三段。虽然美国最高法院拒绝了第一个法案,但却通过了第二个法案。其理由是通过使土地休耕和防洪治水的措施来达到保护水土的目的。说明罗斯福政府通过新法案的目的在于保留土壤,这是符合国家的长远利益的。因此答案选B)。〖
Passage Two
发展方向及其根源。第一段:通过五十年代人工智能先驱者的预言与当今现实脱节这一事实指出人工智能研究所面临的问题。第二段:论及这一问题的症结:“try to separate the most abstract levels of thought and duplicate them with logical programs”。接着提出崭新的人工智能研究设想:把人工智能研究与自然智能的进化、生物细胞蛋白质、人脑的神经系统的研究结合起来。第三段:论述了生物理学家对自己这方面研究的评论、发现、启发和设想。最后一段:作者对这一全新的人工智能研究开发方法的评论和总结。
26D 事实判断题。问题:作者说今后最先进的计算机能够做什么。命题点在第一段。该段第二句指出尽管计算机的功能已经很强大,但它们仍然不能完成像早期预言者预言的那样进行像人类一样的行为,更不用说能像人类一样进行沟通这样复杂的事情。最先进的计算机想辨认一件物体的形状都是困难,而这对于一个十个月的孩子来说却只不过是基本的能力。选项A)中“are capable of reliably recognizing…”与短文中“struggle to reliably recognize…”(努力,竭力,试图)不一致。B)项不对,第二句中明确指出:“尽管计算机的功能已经很强大,但它们仍然不能完成像早期预言者预言的那样进行像人类一样的行为”。C)项不对是因为:其一,在效能上(performance),当今电脑与50年代的电脑相差甚大;其二,本文探讨的是人工智能,而非电脑的一般效能。选择答案时应紧扣短文内容,故正确答案只能是D)。
27B 判断推论题:问题:人工智能研究中的新方向起源于什么?第二段指出在AI研究中所犯的错误在于:一直试图努力分开最高最抽象色思维水平,如语言和数学,并想用逻辑的一步一步的程序来复制它。而新的工人智能研究方向则是更多地关注于自然智能与人工智能之间的迂回曲折的关系。故正确答案非B)莫属。
28C 要点推论题。问题:Conrad和他的人工智能研究人员正在努力做什么
命题点在第三段。根据Conrad对自己研究的评述“say”,研究中的发现“examples”,假设“believe”,与断言“claim”:“Imitating the brain’s neural network is a huge
step in the right direction”,可归纳推断出他们是在自然智能如何发展这一方面的研究中做出了巨大的努力,向着正确的方向迈出了一大步,故答案为C)。
29B 作者的观点、态度推论题。文章最后一段是作者对人工智能研究新方向的总结,其中隐含着作者的观点。另外,文章第二段最后一句中“promising”、“surely”、
第三段第一句中“a huge step in the right direction”都流露出了作者对人工智能研究运动的肯定。选项A中的“will soon die out”、C)项中的“like a game rather than”
及D项中“nobody is sure”均含否定意义,与短文内容相抵,故正确答案为B)。
30A 短语辨析题。问题:与the only game in town意义最相近的选项是哪个?短语中关键词:game有多种词义:游戏,方法规则,策略,计谋,方针,
,故A)项正确,命题点在第三段的最后一句:The best way to build an artificially int
elligent device…。
Passage Three
31B 要得到此问题答案必须读懂第一段第三句“As vehicle use continues to increase in the coming decade,the US and other countries will have to deal wi
th these issuse or else face unacceptable economic,health-related and political
32C 此题问美国不得不解决汽车使用所带来的问题的原因是什么,答案在第一段的最后一句。原句的意思是:石油的价格不太可能保持目前的低价位,
33C 答案在第二段第二句The last of these-in particular the introduction
of vehicles powered by electricity-is ultimately the only sustainable option.(
34A 本题问:下列哪一个措施对解决造成温室效应的废气排放虽然有用但是效果不大。根据第三段的最后一句(替代性的燃料,如天然气,以其价格的低廉可被用于内燃机
35B 问题是:根据这篇文章下列陈述哪一个是真实的。做这一类题需要对整篇文章的大意有所了解。A)的意思是:西欧国家用车量的增加是因为公交用车的减少。B)的意思是:尽管燃料的价格很高,西欧国家的汽车还是很流行。C)的意思是:在人口密集的西欧国家,汽车使用的减少是唯一可行的办法。D)的意思是:西欧国家石油公司没有足够的财力开发新型燃料。只有B)符合文章的意义,选B)正确。
Passage Four
36A 此题问的是:Reebok鞋业公司的高层人士不喜欢他们的鞋被称作雅皮士的鞋的一个原因是什么。根据第一段第二句“They contend that Reebok shoes appeal to diverse market segments,especially now that the company offers basketball and childre
n’s shoes for the under-18 set and walking shoes for older customers not interes
ted in aerobics or running.”他们争辩道,Reebok鞋适合不同的消费群体。特别是现在,
37D 此题为推理题。问题是:“Reebok鞋业公司认为‘消费者通过鞋的分销商的质量来判断鞋的质量’暗含什么样的意思”,要找出此题的答案,必须把问题所在的整个句子读懂。根据第二段最后一句:价格在27美元到85美元的Reebok鞋,一律只在较好的专卖店,体育用品店和百货商店出售,这样可以看出‘消费者通过鞋的分销商的质量来判断鞋的质量’的心理。可见,D)为最佳答案。
38A 答案可在第三段的第一句和第二句找到。
39C 问题是:Reebok鞋业公司解决了满足定单的问题后还仍然怎么样?根据第三段第三句“These fulfillment problems seem to be under control now,but the company
is still selective about its distributors.”满足定单的问题解决了,但是公司仍然严格挑选他们的分销商,可以判断C)是正确答案。
40D 本题是:Reebok鞋业公司从Nike的分销问题上得出了什么教训。文章最后一段最后一句提供了正确答案的依据。本句意思是:Reebok鞋业公司希望避免Nike鞋业公司几年前出现的那种问题,当时Nike鞋业公司错误地判断了健身鞋的热销,最后不得不通过打折来处理大量的库存的跑步鞋。选D)符合题意。
〖STHZ〗Part Ⅲ Vocabulary〖STBZ〗〖HTSS〗
41B 对许多病来说,慈善机构的护理是一种最合适、最有益的护理方法。形容词语义辨析题。A)pertinent有关的,中肯的,贴切的。如:The students made some pertin
ent comments on the teaching material.学生们对教材提出了一些中肯的意见。B)a
ppropriate适当的,适合的;C)acute敏锐的,精明的;急性的;严重的。例如:He is acute as a businessman.他是个精明的商人。又如:The report has caused acute embarr
assment to the government.这份报告给政府带来了严重的尴尬局面。D)persistent持续的。四个选项中只有B)项符合句意。
42A 在大量妇女加入劳动大军而导致的所有变化中,妇女本身发生的转变也是非常重要的。该题测试形容词与名词的搭配的用法。A)massive巨大的,大量的。如:We mus
t make massive efforts to improve the living conditions.(我们必须作出巨大的努力来改善生活条件)。故为正确答案。B)quantitative数量多的;C)surplus多余的,剩余的;D)formidable令人畏惧的,可怕的;难以克服的;(工作、问题等)棘手的,如:He is d
oing a formidable task others are unwilling to do。(他正在做其他人不愿去做的棘手的工作。)
43D 当有人暗示史密斯先生犯了错误时,他变得很愤怒。形容词辨析题。A)in
genious机灵的,灵巧的;有独创性的,巧妙的。如:The campers thought of an ingenio
us why to cross the river without a bridge.;B)empirical经验主义的,以经验为根据的,从观察或经验中得来的。如:The scientist also considered the empirical eviden
ce before writing a report.;C)objective客观的;D)indignant气愤的,愤慨的。如:Y
ou needn’t be so indignant over such a triviality.你不必为这么点微不足道的小事而如此气愤。D)indignant常考点为be indignant at (over,about) sth“对某事感到愤慨
”,“be indignant with sb”对某人表示愤慨,又如:She was indignant at the unfai
r dismissal.她对于那不正当的解雇感到气愤。
44A 谣言四起,散布着恐惧,损坏了名誉,使平静的局面变得混乱。形容词语义理解题。A)turbulent骚乱的,混乱的;如:a turbulent period of history历史上动荡不安的时期;a turbulent crowd暴乱的人群。B)tragic悲剧的,悲惨的;C)vulnerable脆弱的,易受伤的,易受攻击的;如:The company would be in a vulnerable position.常考点为 be vulnerable to,如:be vulnerable to criticism易受到批评;D)suspicious怀疑的,可疑的。常考点为be suspicious of 如:I’ve always been very suspicious of h
is motives.我一直怀疑他的动机。
45D 生与死这一永恒的循环对科学家和哲学家来说是一个有趣的主题。形容词与名词的搭配题。A)incompatible不相容的,不协调的,不相配的。如:I don’t think eith
er of them was to blame:they were just incompatible.又如:His behaviour has been
incompatible with his role as head of the state.他的行为和他作为州政府领袖的职责不相配。B)exceeding超越的;C)instantaneous即时的,瞬间的,如:an instantane
ous response即刻的反应;D)eternal永恒的,永远的。如:Rome has been called the
eternal City.罗马被称为永恒的城市。
46C 她保持着自信,很乐观地不为目前的问题所烦恼。A)indefinitely不确定地;B)infinitely无穷地,无限地;远,甚。如:Living in the country is infinitely pr
eferable to living in London.在这个乡村生活远远地强于在伦敦生活。常考点为形容词的用法,如The storm caused infinite damage那场暴风雨造成了极大危害;D)seemin
gly表面地,外观地、似乎;如:The road was dusty and seemingly endless.;C)optimi
乐观的,乐观主义的 如:The president says he is optimistic that an agreement can
be worked out.常考点为be optimistic about 如,He is highly optimistic about th
e findings of his survey.他对调查的结果非常乐观。
47A 光纤电缆能够同时承担几百部电话交换任务。副词语义理解与辨析题。A)si
multaneously同时地,同时发生地,同时存在地。如:simultaneously interpretation 同声翻译;B)spontaneously自发地,自然地,如:Lousia made an ingenious decision to
board a train for London to visit her aunt spontaneously.又如:There was spontan
eous applause at the end of Mary’s speech.玛丽演讲结束后人们自发地鼓起掌来。;
48B 警方得到报警,逃犯可能就在附近。名词上下文语义辨析题。B)in the vic
inity在附近的 The students’ residential district is in close vicinity to the spo
rtsground.学生住宅区靠近操场。C)in the court 在法庭上;A)in vain无效的;徒劳,
白辛苦。如:We tried to persuade him to stay athome,but in vain,he went to the c
onstruction site in spite of his bad illness.我们试图劝他呆在家里,但徒劳的是他不顾身患重病仍到建筑工地去。D)in the jail在监狱里。
49B 无论你是为了吃而活着还是为了活着而吃,食物都是每个家庭预算中一项重要的消费项目。名词语义理解题。A)nutrition营养,B)expenditure消费,消耗;C)routine常规,如:Mark longed to escape from the same old familiar ro
utine;D)provision供应,条款。如:There is no provision for any change in the pl
50D 近来《科学》杂志上有篇论文提出岩石中的有机化学物大多数来自于地球上的污染,而不是来自于火星上的细菌。名词形近、近义词辨析题。A)configuration形状,
外貌,轮廓,B)constitution宪法,体质,体格;物的一部分;政治制度,常考点为动词用法,如:People with strong constitutions are not often sick.体格健壮的人不常生病。C)condemnation责难,谴责,判罪,判刑,如:The judge condemned the man to li
fe imprisonment.法官判此人为终身监禁;D)contamination污染,弄脏,污秽之物。如
:radioactive contamination放射性污染。又如:The water contamination was caused
by improper waste management.水污染是由不适宜的废物管理引起的。
51C 季节的交替过程中有许多令我欣赏的东西,但我最喜爱的是秋冬之交。同前缀形近名词辨析题。A)transmission传播,传送,传导;如:the transmission of news/
disease/a radio or TV programme传播消息/疾病/传送广播电视节目。B)transformation
变形,变化,转变,改革,如:The accident caused a transformation in his charact
er.(那次事故使他的性格发生变化);又如:In the last five years he has undergone a
personal transformation.C)transition 转移,变迁,过度,又如:The health-care s
ystem is in transition at the moment.(医疗保健制度处于片刻的转变期);D)transfer
迁移,转换,调动。如:Father arranged for his transfer to another school.父亲把他转到另一学校。此词的常考点为动词,如:He was transferred to another department.他已被调到另一部门。
52C 在我们有可能犯一个代价沉重的大错以前,我想我们有必要去咨询一下投资顾问。名词语义理解题。A)guide向导;B)entrepreneur企业家;C)consultant顾问。如:
an investment consultant投资顾问。常考点为动词consult,意指“请教,向……咨询;
查阅,查看”。如:I’ll do nothing without consulting you.我干什么事都会和你商量,又如:I regularly consult a dictionary.我经常查词典。D)assessor (财产、税款
、收入等)估价员,估税员,常考点为动词assess,意指“评定,确定”,如:The insurer
s need to assess the flood damage.这位承保人需要估计洪水的损失。C)侧重于提供专家意见的人,故答案为C)。
53B 这套公寓的租约将于一年之内到期。名词与介词搭配题。A)treaty条约;B
)lease(土地或房屋等)租约,常与介词on连用。如:I took a house on a lease of five
years.我已订了5年租房子的合同;C)engagement约定,婚约,约会。常考点为make an e
ngagement with与……约定,如:I have made a lunch engagement with my uncle.我与我叔父约好一同吃午餐;D)subsidy津贴,补助金,资助金。如:a subsidy for educatio
54A 年老的俄罗斯公民发现仅靠政府发放的养老金生活很艰难。名词语义理解与相关词语辨析题。A)pension养老金,抚恤金,退休金。如:retire on a pension领取养老金退休。B)earning 赚得的钱;收入,工资;(公司等的)收益,如:annual earnings(年收入);C)salary薪水;D)donation捐赠物,捐献,捐款。常考点为动词donate“捐赠,赠送
”,如:How much does the average person donate to charity per year?每年平均每个人向慈善机构捐赠多少钱?
55D 应该有一种使火车不能相撞的安全设置。名词语义理解与相关词语辨析题。
A)appliance工具,器械,电器,指各种家用电器,如洗衣机,电冰箱等,或实验室及医院所有的各种器械。如:She has all the modern labour-saving kitchen appliances.她有各种省力的厨房设备;B)accessory附件,配件;C)machine机器,机械;D)mechanism机械装置,机械作用,机构,机制。指一种小型简单的机器,或简单的机械装置,也可指大机器中的运转系统,作结构讲。见前例,如:the brake mechanism刹车装置。根据句意“安全装置”,四个选项中只有D)符合。又如:I can’t understand the mechanism of this m
56D 同样的工作做了四年以后,他的热情最终消失了。这是一道词义辨析题。A)
deteriorate恶化,使恶化。如:The relationship between the two countries deterior
ated last year.去年这两个国家的关系恶化了。B)disperse解放,分散,传播,散开。如
:The thieves dispersed the moment the police showed up.警察一来,小偷们就四散而去。C)dissipate驱散,消散,消失。如:The view is the best before the clouds diss
ain sb of sth耗尽某人的某物;消耗。如:He is drained of his energy.他已是精力全无。The king drained his people of their money and properties.国王搜刮国民的钱财
57A 如果得不到充足的睡眠,没有人能正确地工作。这是一道词义辨析的搭配的混合题。A)deprive;剥夺,使丧失。deprive的搭配为:deprive sb of sth.剥夺,使丧失;如:Their activities deprived the enemy of the power to resist.他们的活动使敌人丧失了抵抗力。B)rip撕,扯,剥,划破。rip的搭配为rip up/rip off 撕,扯,剥,划破。如:Charlie ripped the buttons off the coat and threw them on the road.查理把扣子从衣服上扯下扔在了路上。C)strip被剥去,脱衣服。strip的搭配为:strip sb of
sth.剥夺某人某物,如:These trees became skeletons stripped of their bark.这些树被剥掉树皮后都成了光杆。D)contrive发明,设计,图谋,造出。其搭配为:contrive to
do设法做到,如:You must contrive to solve this problem within tomorrow.你必须设法在明天之内解决这一问题。
58C 许多年来,那个偏远国家的人民一直受到独裁者的压迫。这是一道词义辨析题。A)depress使沮丧,使萧条,压低。B)immerse沉浸于,沉浸,使陷入。immerse的搭配为immerse in,如:The whole country was immersed in a sad atmosphere.全国沉浸在悲哀的气氛中。C)oppress压迫,压抑;如:We firmly object the idea that the poor is
to be oppressed.我们坚决反对没有钱就要受压迫的观点。D)curse咒骂,恶骂,诅咒。〖Z
59D 工业化兴起以后,教育被调整为培养工人的教育。这是一道词义辨析的搭配和混合题。A)harness束以马具治理,利用。B)hatch 孵出,孵化,策划出。C)motivate:刺激,促动,给予动机;motivate的搭配为;motivate sb to do sth.促动某人做某事,如:H
ow to motivate the students do what a teacher wants them to do is worth studying
.怎样激发学生做老师想要他们做的事值得研究。D)gear使适合,适合。gear 的搭配为:ge
ar…to使适合,适合;如:All around development must be geared to the needs of th
e society.素质教育必须适应社会的需要。
60A 价格将持续上涨的预测引起了人们不安。这是一道词义辨析题。A)provoke
激怒;惹起,驱使。His encouragement provoked our interest to study foreign langu
age.他的鼓励激起了我们学习外语的兴趣。B) irritate激怒;C)inspire激励,引起,产生
,激起;激发。搭配为:inspire…in…启示,鼓舞;如:The old man’s words inspired conf
idence in us.老人的一番话使我们信心百倍。D)hoist升起,扯起来。Before sailing,the
y hoisted the flag of their country.出航之前,他们升起了国旗。
61B 犯罪嫌疑人声称案发时他不在附近。这是一道词义辨析题。A)advocate提倡
,主张,拥护。We don’t advocate building skyscrapers.我们不主张修建摩天大楼。B)a
llege声称,宣称:如:We can believe that he hasn’t made the call because he alle
ged that he hasn’t.我们不能因为他自己说没有打电话就相信他没有打电话。C)address演说;沟通;讨论。The president of the school will address at the rally.学校的校长将在群众大会上讲话。D)announce宣布,显示,预告。如:The news about the killing of th
e king was announced by BBC.有关国王被杀的消息由英国广播电台发布了。
62C 虽然殖民者一定程度上与美国土著人相融合,但是印第安人对美国文化和语言的影响不大。这是一道词义辨析和搭配的混合题。A)migrate迁移,移居定期,迁徙。mig
rate的搭配为:migrate …=to move from one country,region,or place to a
nother迁移,移居定期,迁徙;如:He migrated from Mexico to the USin 1970.197
使混合。mingle的搭配为:mingle sth,with sth.=to mix or combine;blend混合,使混合
,如:The cheers of the audiences mingled with the beating of the drums.听众的欢呼声与鼓声交织在一起。D)melt融解;熔化;混合。如:The sugar melts in the mouth.糖一进嘴就化了。
63C 电子邮件是一种快捷、高度民主的传送信息的非正式手段,它非常符合人们的需要。这是一道词义辨析和搭配的混合题。A)adhere粘着。adhere的搭配为:adhere to=
to stay with;be faithful to坚持,固守,依附,如:The Party Central Committee wit
h Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core,adhering to the principle of,placing equal e
mphasis on material progress and ethical and cultural progress,with neither aspe
cts neglected”,has promoted ethical and cultural progress in all fields.以江泽民同志为核心的党中央,坚持“两手抓,两手都要硬”的方针,在众多方面加强精神文明建设。B)reflect反射,表达,思考,想到。C)conform符合,遵守,使一致。conform的搭配有:conform to 符合;如:When you are in Rome,do as the Romans.You should confor
m yourself to the new customs here.入乡随俗,你得使自己适应新风俗。D)satisfy满足
,使满意,照看。satisfy后常直接加宾语;如:It’s difficult to satisfy a miser’s d
esires.要满足一个吝啬鬼的愿望很难。 
64C 鸟被击落后翅膀还在扇动。这是一道词义辨析题。A)slap掴,拍击。slap后常直接跟宾语,如:Father slapped me in the face because I’d told a lie.因为我撒了谎,爸爸给了我一个耳光。B)scratch刮破,抓破,涂写。The cat,who had scratched t
he new sofa,got a good beat.猫把新沙发抓破了,被好好打了一顿。C)flap飘动,拍打;
如:Look at the eagle flapping its wings,it’s mine.看那只振翅飞翔的鹰,那是我养的鹰。D)fluctuate波动,变动,动摇;如:The value of the dollar fluctuated last m
65B 贸易限制方面的意见分歧将严重威胁两国的关系。这是一道词义辨析题。A)tumble倒台,倒塌,下跌。如:He didn’t see the big st
one and fell off the bicycle.他没有看到那块大石头,所以从自行车上掉了下来。B)jeo
pardize 危害,使陷入危机;如:All you have done will jeopardize the benefits of
our team.你所做的一切会严重危害我们小组的利益。C)manipulate操作,应付,利用。If
you can not menipulate the electric devices,you can’t get the job.如果你不能操作电器装置,你就得不到这个工作。D)intimidate恐吓,威胁,胁迫。如:The enemy’s thre
atening cannot intimidate the brave people.敌人的威胁吓不倒勇敢的人民。
66C 你贴墙纸时,是把边缘折叠起来还是把他们紧挨着?这是一道词义辨析题。A)coincide(在时间、空间方面)恰好相合,一致,相符。如:
My work time doesn’t coincide with yours.我和你不是同时上班。B)extend 伸,延长,
扩大,给予。如:The dog fell asleep with its body extended on the mat.狗伸展着身子躺在垫子上睡着了。C)overlap交搭,迭盖,部分一致,部分巧合。如:His holidays an
d mine overlaps.他的假期有几天与我重迭。D)collide(车、船等)猛撞,冲突。如:The t
wo ships collided and six people died during the collision.两船相撞,有六人死亡
。collide的搭配为:collide with 冲突,抵触。
67D 在现行体制下,国有企业必须将全部利润上缴国家。本题考动词词组辨别。A)turn down翻下,关小,拒绝。如:The committee
turned down our suggestions.委员会拒绝考虑我们的建议。B)turn up发现,出现,突然发生,证明是,参考,翻掘,卷起,到达,开大(煤气等),拐入,如:Something unexpect
ed turned up.The teacher fainted in front of the blackboard.发生了意想不到的事。
老师突然晕倒在黑板前。C)turn out 打扫,驱逐,生产,翻出,关(灯、煤气等),出来,
结果(是)。如:The cows are turned out to eat grass when the day breaks.天一亮,
牛就被放出来吃草。D)turn in拐入,交出,上缴,告发。如:We should turn in everyth
ing captured.我们应该把一切缴获的东西上缴。He saw the postman turn in at the ent
68B 美国的石油公司已经开始感受到压力,炼油工人和石油装备生产工人正在被裁减。本题考动词词组辨别。A)lay out展开,布置,安排,投资。如:The millionaire i
ntended to lay out a large sum of money in purchasing the insurance.这个百万富翁打算花一大笔钱买保险。B)lay off(暂时)解雇,停止工作,休息,放弃。如:The doctor
told him to lay off for two weeks before sailing.医生叫他休息两周再继续航行。C)l
ay down放下,规定,制订(计划,规划,原则等)。如:We are determined to fulfill
the fighting tasks laid down by the Party.我们一定完成党所规定的战斗任务。D)lay
aside把……放在一边,把…搁置起来,积蓄。如:The proposals of the Ministry of Educ
ation were laid aside.教育厅的提议被搁置一旁。
69.A 我们住在你的房子里,就会对房子所造成的任何损害进行赔偿。这是一道词义辨析题。A)compensate补偿;compensate的搭配为:comp
ensate for 赔偿;如:Let me compensate you for the troubles I brought.让我来对给你造成麻烦进行赔偿。B)remedy修缮,修补,纠正,改善。如:Your mistake of spelling
can be remedied if you try your best.如果你尽力的话,拼写的错误是可以纠正的。C)
supplement补充,增补。如:The farmers supplement natural fertilizer with chemica
l fertilizer.农民们用化肥补充天然肥料。D)retrieve找回,取回,恢复,检索。如:Aft
er a day’s rest,he retrieved his spirits.休息一天后,他的精神恢复了。
70B 她把头发剪得很短,想把自己打扮成个男人。这是一道词义辨析题。A)de
corate装饰。They spent 390,000 yuan decorating the hou
se.他们花了三十九万元装修房子。B)disguise伪装,隐瞒,假装;如:The doctor disgui
sed Maria as a nun.医生把玛丽扮成了一个修女。C)fabricate构造,制造,发明,捏造。
如:These rumors were fabricated.这些谣言是捏造的。D)fake伪造,伪装,假装,效仿
,赝造。如:He made his living by faking famous painters.他靠赝造名人的画谋生。

Part Ⅳ Error Correction
71on→ by 要找到本题的问题所在,必须仔细阅读整个句子
n the way不对。
72 unaware→ aware 根据上下文,此句意思应为“这样的人
73as → than more…than…为固定搭配,意思是“倒不如说;与其说……不如说……”;例如:The child was more shocked than hurt.孩子的伤倒没什么,只是吓得不轻。
74it → which it引导的部分显然一个定语从句,修饰前面的story。由于定语从句前面有逗号,这个定语从句应为非限制性定语从句,根据非限制性定语从句的要求,引导词为which而不是it。
75at → in one指代country,in the country是正确的答案
76hasn’t →hadn’t 根据上下文,此句的时态应为过去完成时,所以hasn’t 改成hadn’t。
77American → Arab 由上下文来看,本句意思应该是“如果他对阿拉伯人的饮食习惯有所了解,他的行为举止就会更有礼貌。” 而不是“如果他对美国人的饮食习惯有所了解,他的行为举止就会更有礼貌。”所以把American 改为Arab。

78as → like 本句的意思应为“他面前放着一片极薄的面包
79falls → fell 此处为明显的时态错误。fall应为过去时
80of[KG-*4/5]/ say是及物动词,后面直接跟宾语,所以去掉of。
Part Ⅴ Writing
[JZ]Is a Test of Spoken English Necessary?
A test of spoken English will be included as an optional component of the Colleg
e English Test (CET).We have all taken,and are thus familiar with,English tests
of many kinds,but so far most of them are written ones.Have you any idea of what
a spoken English test will be like,and is it necessary to go to all the trouble
to hold or take such a test?People differ in their answers.
Many people will think it necessary.They know that although they have taken doze
ns,even hundreds,of English tests ever since they started learning it and many e
ven have got surprisingly high marks,few of them can express themselves freely i
n spoken English.And if people can’t speak a word of it,what’s the sense of lear
ning it and what do those high marks mean?They’re none but deaf-and-mutes before
the native speakers.Furthermore,with so many college graduates and undergradua
tes having passed CET 4 and CET6,a test of spoken English is a further way to te
ll the excellent from the not so excellent.Finally,it is viewed as a new challen
ge to those who,live and learn.”
There are,however,also people who think differently.Besides the aims in preparat
ion for such a new kind of test,there is also the uncertainty about the reliabil
ity and objectivity of the marking system,which may depend mainly on human (and
thus subjective) scoring instead of on machine scoring,as in the case of a stand
ardized objective such as CET4 and CET6.
At the prospect of this optional test,I feel encouraged and regard it as a welco
me challenge and another opportunity to improve my language ability and career p
otentials.I am determined to practise my oral English more often,and if I am qua
lified for such a test,I will not hesitate a moment to appply for it.
Part Three答案部分

参考答案 详细解答和录音文字材料
Part Ⅰ Listening Comprehension 
Section A
1,M,I hope I won’t oversleep,I’ve simply got to catch the first to New
W,If I were you,I’d request the wake-up call from the hotel reception.
Q,What does the woman advise the man to do?
2,M,Next,shouldn’t we get a telephone installed in the hall?
W,Fixing the shower pipe is far more important.
Q,What do we learn from the conversation?
3.M,I’ve noticed that you get letters from Canada from time to tim
e,Would you mind saving the stamps for me? My sister collects them.
W,My roommates already asked for them.
Q,What does the woman imply?
4,M,What’s the matter? You’ve been sitting there for ages,just sta
ring into space.
W,I told the Brownings I’d send them a postcard,Now I don’t know what t
o say.
Q,What is the woman doing?
5,M,My chemistry project is in trouble,My partner and I have tota
lly different ideas about how to proceed.
W,You should try to meet each other half way.
Q,What does the woman suggest?
6,M,I’m frustrated,We are supposed to do our assignment on the co
mputer,But I have difficulty getting access to the computers in the library.[ZK
W,I understand the way you feel,I’m looking forward to the day when I c
an afford to get my own.
Q,What does the woman mean?
7,M,The visiting economist is speaking tonight but Dr,Johnson doe
sn’t seem to think much of him,
W,That’s because Dr,Johnson comes from an entirely different school of
Q,What do we learn from the woman’s remark?
8,M,I’m sorry I missed the football game,But I had a terrible cold.
W,You didn’t miss anything,We couldn’t have played worse.
Q,What does the woman mean?
9.M,I think I’m going to give up playing tennis,I lost again today.
W,Just because you lost,is that the reason to quit?
Q,What does the woman imply?
10,M,Jane,what would you do if you were on vacation overseas and
lost all your money and credit cards?
W,Well,I guess I’d probably sell my watch and camera…Or I might get a
job as a waitress somewhere till I made enough money to buy a plant ticket to r
eturn home,
Q,What are they talking about?
Section B 
Passage One
Most people know what a hot dog is,It’s a sausage in a roll,But do you know
why it’s called a hot dog? Well,the long red sausage which goes into a hot dog
is called a,frankfurter”; it got its name from the German town Frankfurt,The
sausages were very popular,but hot frankfurters were difficult to sell in crow
s,One man,Harry Stevens,had the job of feeding the crowds in baseball games,
He had an idea,Why not put the frankfurters in long,hot bread rolls? This made
them easy to sell,The,red hots” had a hot and attractive taste and became ve
ry popular,But,in 1903,an American cartoonist drew a long German sausage dog
in place of the frankfurter,so a frankfurter in a roll soon became known as a
“hot dog,,It was a joke,but some people really thought the sausages containe
d dog meat! For a while,sales of hot dogs fell but not for long.
11,What is a frankfurter?
12,What was Harry Steven’s job?
13,Why did the sales of hot dogs decrease for some time?
Passage Two

We all scream for water when thirsty,But do you know in very hot,dry weathe
r plants also make faint sounds—as if they’re crying out for help?
You see,in a plant’s stem there’re hundreds of,water pipes,that bring wat
er and minerals from the soil all the way up to the leaves,As the ground turns
dry,it becomes harder and harder for the plants to do this.
In severe droughts,plants have to fight to pull out any water available,Sci
entist Robert Winter has found out that when it is really bad their water pipes
snap from the tension like rudder bands,When that happens,the whole plant vibr
ates a little,The snapping pipes make noises 10,000 times more quiet than a whi
Robert knows that healthy,well-watered plants are quiet,He also knows that
many insects prefer attacking dry plants rather than healthy plants,How do the
insects know which are healthy plants and which are not? Robert thinks that the
insects may listen for the plants that cry,And then they may buzz in to kill.
To test his theory,Robert is using a device that can imitate plant cries,He
attaches it to a quiet,healthy plant so the plant sounds thirsty,Then he watc
hes insects to see if they attack more often than usual.
If he is right,scientists could use the insects’ ability against them,They
could build traps that imitate crying plants,So when the insects buzz in to eat
,they won’t buzz out.
14.What do plants do when they are thirsty?
15.What plants do many insects tend to attack?
16.What could scientists do if Robert’s theory proves to be true?

Passage Three
People enjoy taking trips,but what are the reasons they leave home? One reas
on is for education,People travel because they want to broaden their horizons t
o learn about other people and other places,They are curious about other cultur
es,When people are tourists,they get a quick look at different ways of living.
Even a short look at another kind of lifestyle is an important lesson.
On a trip,a person can learn directly —— by visiting museums and historic
ots,What does a tourist learn who sees the art museums,visits the historical p
alaces and other scenic spots in Paris,and shops along the River Seine? He gets
a vivid picture —— a real-life one —— of the French people,He learns about
their attitudes,how they feel about business,beauty,and history.
What about the tourist who goes to Hong Kong? Does he get the same informat
ion that he could get from a book? He might read that Hong Kong is crowded,that
there is less than 200 square meters of space for each person,but seeing and fe
eling the lack of space will impress him much more,He might read that there are
nearly 200 vehicles for every kilometer of roadway,but the sight of so many veh
icles parked along the roadside will be a much more vivid lesson,The tourist to
Hong Kong will never forget the contrasts —— the straight vertical lines of t
he tall modern buildings and the moving lines of boats that the people live in
17.Why do people leave home to travel according to the passage?
18.What do we learn from the passage about Paris?
19.What impression will a tourist get of Hong Kong?
20.What does the passage tell us about travelling?
1.D 2.A 3.C 4.B 5,C 6.B 7.B 8.D 9.A 10.C
11.C 12.A 13.B 14,A 15.D 16.D 17.D 18.C 19.A 20.B
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension
Passage One
【短文大意】这是一篇有关娱乐界的一种称之为“脱口秀”的访谈节目的议论文。这类节目充斥白天电视节目的分分秒秒,它们在风格上和编排上各不相同,但是,没有任何两套在内容上大相径庭而又能雄居榜首的访谈节目能比得上Jerry Springer 和 Oprah Winfrey 主持的“脱口秀”。接下来作者对这两套节目作了具体而鲜明的对比:Jerry Springer主持的访谈节目简直是“废话大王”,他的节目内容展示和宣扬社会道德的沦落;Oprah Winfrey主持的“脱口秀”却是另一个极端,他节目的主题都集中在如何改善社会和个人的生活品质方面。最后作者得出结论:尽管这两套节目有着天壤之别,但都各有一批忠实的观众。
21.B 推断题。本题考查考生的综合推理能力。这篇文章虽然对两位电视访谈节目主持人的节目内容作了具体而鲜明的对比,但也反复强调他们的节目都“standing out above the rest”(第一段最后一句中间),“Each one caters to a different audience while both have a strong following from large groups of fans,(第六段第二句),他们的节目不仅“ruled the talk show circuit for many years now”(第六段第一句),而且“both could be considered pioneers in the talk show world”(第六段最后一句),这都说明由Jerry Springer 和 Oprah Winfrey主持的“脱口秀”特别有名,所以B)项是正确答案。A),C)和D)选项不是两位主持人的节目内容的共同特点。
22.A 信息明示题。短文第二段最后一句“Clearly,the Jerry Springer show i
s a display and exploitation of society’s moral catastrophes,yet people are wil
ling to eat up the intriguing predicaments of other people’s lives”,故答案应该是A)项。本题的障碍在于对“eat up”及“intriguing”的理解,to eat up的意思有吃光
,The chronic illness eats up his savings,Children are usually eaten up with a
dventures,This is a most intriguing piece of news to us,B),C)和D)项均与原文不符
23.C 推理题。本题涉及对细节的把握与推断。文章第二段讲Jerry Springer 的谈话内容多是“love,sex,cheating,guilt,hate,conflict and morality to a diffe
rent level”,第三段说Oprah Winfry的谈话节目集中在改善社会与个人生活质量方面,如
“teaching your children responsibility,managing your work week,getting to kno
w your neighbors”等。由此可推知B)及D)项是Jerry Springer主持的内容;A)项属于科技类节目,Oprah Winfrey有可能涉及到,但C)项更符合他主持的节目的主旨,故C项为正确答案
24.C 主旨题。本题考查考生在读完这篇文章之后,是否能理解作者写这篇文章的意图,即这两套节目内容虽大不相同,但却都有教育意义,只不过一个从正面进行教育,另一个从反面材料进行教育。最后文章总结说“Each one caters to a different audience.
..”,故C项正确; A)项“讽刺性的”,B)项“神经质的”和D)项“愤世嫉俗的”都与原文不符。可见,通过阅读了解作者赞成什么,反对什么是很重要的。
25.D 信息明示题。文章最后一段总结说这两套节目的内容和形式“分别针对不同的观众群”,所以D)项为正确答案。文章第一段告诉我们这两套节目“standing out above
others”,这说明并未“monopolized the talk show circuit”,故A)项不对; B)项不是两套节目的共同特点;C)项文章没有提及。
Passage Two
而现代营销学则注重的是消费者的需求。现代营销学首先分析消费者的需求及 喜好,然后生产出消费者满意的商品。这种着眼于消费者的销售观念就是首先弄清消费者要买什么,然后把那种产品推向市场,而不是一味地出售容易生产的商品,或者说购进便是为了出售。
26.C 该题为概括题。概括本文所讨论的中心要旨“以顾客为中心的思路”的营销观念,答案为C)。A)、B)、D)项都与本文有关,但并非中心议题——现代营销观念的本质。

27.B 该题是细节题。答案在第一段第三行。在新的营销观念广泛被人接收以前,
28.A 该题为词义判断题。词汇题,尤其是判断一词多义或词的引伸义,切忌脱离特定的语境和上下文。割裂上下文,单从字面理解,往往会出差错。该题根据上下文便可知
move在此并非,移动;搬迁” 之意,而是指“销售”,故答案为A)。
29.D 该题是事实推断题。作者引证美国可口可乐公司1985年发生的一件事。他们将新口味的可口可乐与原口味的可口可乐同时出售,结果新产品受到冷落。公司立即撤下新产品,恢复生产传统口味的老产品。这一事实足以“说明产品设计必须适应消费者的需求。
30.A 该题是综合归纳题。文章的开头简述了两种不同的营销观念,接着分析了现代营销观念的实质,并指出营销的目的是获取利润,但着眼点应是消费者的喜好、需求和满足,这也正是新、老营销观念不同之处的显著特征。只有A)项符合文章内容。
Passage Three
【短文大意】这是一篇论说文。讨论意见分歧究竟多一些好,还是少一些好。作者认为传统的对意见分歧的看法过于简单,根据Charles R,Schwenk教授研究的结论说:由于多种原因
31.B 这是一观点态度题。考核考生是否能正确理解作者的观点。文章第一段第一句话就是作者的观点,他认为传统的对分歧的看法是不是“过于简单”。因此B)正确。〖ZK
32.C 这是一主题思想题。考核考生正确理解文章并掌握中心思想的能力。A)项是说,分歧的优劣”,B)项是说,分歧的真正价值”,这些都是文章内容没有提到的。D)项说的是“给分歧的作用进行界定是复杂的”,这不是Charles R,Schwenk教授研究的内容。根据文章的内容,由于各种原因,Charles R,Schwenk教授研究得出这样的结论:,要界定分歧多寡的恰当水平是困难的”。因此C)正确。
33.A 要正确回答这一问题,关键要读懂第三段的前面部分内容。B)项的说法与教授的结论内容相反,C)项和D)项的内容是在本文中教授的研究所未涉及的。所以只有A)正确
34.D 这是一细节题。答案在第四段中。
35.B 这是一推理判断题。A)项说在非营利机构工作的人看起来很难满足,文章对此未作评论,C)项说非营利机构工作的人作决策的效率低,这与文章的说法不一致,D)项说在非盈利机构工作的人发现达成共识较为容易,文章没有这样说。而B)项说,在非盈利机构工作的人能自由地发表不同的意见”这一说发在第三段和最后一段都强调了。
Passage Four 
36.D 原文第一段先提出:想象人们能吃到的东西既美味可口又不含脂肪会是多么好。第二段:目前新型“代脂肪”产品已经在美国销售,这种产品的制造商说,这种产品包含一种叫olestra的化合物,食品生产商可以使用这种化合物代替某些食品中的脂肪。〖ZK)
37.D 根据第三段内容:二十世纪六十年代,化学家本来意欲寻求一种能让幼儿更易吸收的脂肪,却发现了olestra。由此可见,olestra的发现出乎意料,D)为正确答案。〖
38.A 根据第六段第一句:olestra太大,肠子无法吸收。
39.C 线索在第六段最后两句:批评家认为olestra不能让Va、Vd、Ve得到吸收,
40.B 根据原文最后一段:尽管食品生产商现在给产品添加Va、Vd、Ve、钾以及类胡萝卜素,但是有营养学家担心,人们会因为不用考虑代替脂肪生产的食品中所包含的卡路里而无限制地吃。
Part Ⅲ Vocabulary
41.B 医生们预计他不会活得很久。本题测试点是动词辨义。 B)anticipate 预料的意思。 例如,We anticipate the price of this product on the internati
onal market will be on the rise,A)articulate 明确有力地表达,即say or spea
k distinctly,后不能像anticipate一样直接跟以that为始的名词从句。例如:You should
articulate each syllable when giving a dictation,C) manifest使显现,使显露;D)monitor监视,监听。
42.D 我建议把这些计划付诸实施,因为这次的计划确实是可行的。本题测试点是形容词的近义辨析。D) feasible 是“可行的”的意思,相当于possible and likely to
work,因此答案D正确。例如,Your plan sounds feasible,I shall think about it,
She wants to find out whether it is feasible to set up new schools here,A) eli
gible,合适的,合意的”,相当于qualified or able to do sth.,其主体多数为人。例如,In order to be eligible to play football in the university football te
am,it was necessary for him to keep up in his studies,a very difficult matter,
for while he was not more stupid than an ox he was not any smarter,B) sustain
able,支撑得住的,能持续的”,C) probable,可能的”,相当于likely to happen
or to be.它只表示一种可能性,因此用在这句里不合适。例如:It seems probable that he
failed the exam again.(看起来他可能又考不及格了。)
43.D 那位老先生头发花白,戴着金丝边眼镜,看上去很像一位受人尊敬的长者。
本题测试的是易混词的辨析。D) respectable,值得尊敬的,体面的”,相当于deservin
g respect。例如:Premier Zhou is one of the most respectable men in the world,A
)respectful,表示恭敬的,充满敬意的”,相当于showing respect。例如:They stood
at a respectful distance from the president,B)respected,尊敬”,是respect的过去式或过去分词,在此不能修饰looking; C)respective,各自的”。例如,The thr
ee men were given work according to their respective abilities.(这三个人按照各自的能力被分工。)
44.C 这本书会居畅销书之首。本题为动词词义辨析题。 C)dominate“在……中占首要地位,统治”,该词为及物和不及物动词,它在句意和功能上都与该句吻合,因此答案为C)。例如:Profits tend to dominate all other considerations to businessmen.
Eucalyptus forests dominate much of coastal Australia and scrub dominates the
inland regions,A) promote,促进,提升”; B) prevail,流行,盛行“,该词只作不及物动词,因而不能用于此句。例如,The use of opium still prevails in the so
45.A 该城区长期以来一直因街头暴力而臭名昭著。此题测试学生对形容词词义内涵的掌握。A) notorious,臭名昭著的”,后可接for,相当于famous for,特别是for
something bad。例如,Hitler was notorious for what he did during the Second Wor
ld War,B)responsible 后接for构成固定短语,其意为“负责的,承担责任的”。例如:
All parents are responsible for their children’s education,C)historical“历史的”,后不与for搭配; D)illegal,非法的”,后也不与for搭配。
46.D 学生们在教师的指导下做蒸气推动的船模。本题的测试点是动词近义词的辨析。D) propelled,推进,推动”,相当于drive forward。 例如:As a child,heis
interested in mechanically propelled vehicles,A) towed,拖,牵引”,相当于pu
ll along by a rope or chain。例如,His task is to tow broken-down cars to the
nearest garage,B)pressed意为“压,按”;C)toss“扔,抛”。
47.B 干完了上午的活儿,职员们从桌子后面站起来伸伸懒腰。本题测试学生对动词词义的辨析及固定用法的掌握。B)stretch,伸展,张开,拉长,扩大”,可作及物和不及物动词,相当于make wider,longer or tighter by pulling。 stretch oneself
意为“伸懒腰; 竭尽全力”。例如:His memory stretches back to his early childhoo
d,After sitting in front of the computer for 4 hours,he yawned and stretched h
imself,She stretched herself to provide for the family,其它三个词的用法具体是
:A)expand“扩大,扩张”,相当于make or become larger,可作及物和不及物动词,后不能接反身代词。例如:As we grow older,we expand our interests and knowledge,C
)prolong 意为“延长,拉长”,相当于make longer,因此是单向向上的延伸,而且该词只作及物动词用。 例如:The president is not likely to prolong his visit to Japa
n,D) extend 意为“伸展,扩大,加长”,相当于make longer (in space or time)
garden extends as far as the river,We are extending our premises,Both man and
horse extended themselves.
48.C 英格兰队目前状态极佳,下周将竭尽全力为去年的失败抱仇雪耻。这是一道相似词语辨析题。A)revive:“恢复;复苏”。如:The wounded soldier revived two h
ours later,两小时后受伤的战士才苏醒过来。B)retort:“反驳”。 如:I can retort
you,我能把你驳倒。C) revenge:“为……抱仇”。常用短语:revenge oneself for
“为……抱仇雪耻”。 如:She attempted to revenge herself for her dead father,她想要替她死去的父亲抱仇雪恨。 D)remedy:“纠正;补救”。 例:Nothing could be re
49.A 如果你想进入那条隧道,你就得把里面所有的岩石全搬运出来。这是一道词义辨析题。A)haul,“拖运;搬运”。如:They hauled up the fishing net,他们把鱼网拉了上来。B)transfer:“搬迁;调动”。 如:Charley has been transferred to th
e Sales Department,查理调到了销售部。 C) repel,“击退;排斥”。如:repel the
enemy击退敌人。D)dispose:“丢掉;去掉”。 如:Do dispose these old news paper
50.B 把四周墙上的纸都刮掉。这是一道词义辨析题。 A)shear,“剪(羊毛,
头发)”。例如:She had her long hair sheared,她长长的秀发剪掉了。B)scrape:“刮;擦”。 如,It’s hard to scrape the paint away from the wall,墙上的油漆很难刮掉。C) stroke:“抚摸”。如:Cats enjoy being stroked.猫喜欢被人抚摸。 D)chip:
“削或凿掉(硬东西)”。如:Can you help me chip the plaster covering the tiles?
51.C 这位著名的科学家认为,他的成就是勤奋的结晶。这是一道近义词辨析题。
A)impart:“告知;给予”。 如:Don’t impart the secret to any one,别把这个秘密告诉任何人。B)grant,授予;准予”。 如:We were granted a three-day holiday fo
r National Day,国庆节我们准许休假三天。 C)ascribe:“把……归因;认为……是……”
。如:He ascribed his success in career to his hard working,他把事业的成功归于勤奋的工作。D)acknowledge,“承认;公认为”。 如:They acknowledged that they
were defeated.他们公开承认失败。根据句义,C)是正确答案。
52.B 很难设想出一种消灭贫困的方案。这是一道近义词辨析和搭配的混合题。A
) speculate:“推测,推断”。如:I was speculate that this might be my last cha
nce,我在推测这也许是我最后一次机会。B) conceive 与of,构想;设法”。如:It’s
difficult to conceive of the travel to the moon.去月球旅行的情景很难设想。 C)
ponder:“思考;考虑”。 如:He is pondering how to escape,他在细想如何才能逃出去。D)reckon:“认为”。 如:She’s reckoned (to be) very beautiful,虽然四个选项均含“想”之意,但从语意和搭配两个方面来说,只有B)项合乎逻辑要求。
53.A 当时欢呼声、掌声汇成一片持久的雷鸣声。这是一道词义辨析题。A) ming
le:“相混;混合”。 如:The birds’ singing and the children’s laughing mingled
精力,注意力)于”,可与on连用。 如,If you don’t concentrate on your work you’
ll be dismissed,如果你不集中精力工作,你会被解雇的。C)assemble:“收集;装配”
。 如:The workers are busy assembling the machine.工人们正忙于装配机器。D)perm
eate:“渗入;透过;弥漫”。 如,The heavy smoke permeated through the whole bu
54.A 消费者信心的提高对经济复苏至关重要。本题考点为词义辨认。A)crucial
意为“决定性的,紧要关头的”,其固定搭配为be crucial to sth.,意为“对……至关重要的,决定性的”。例如:The answer to this question is crucial to the future of
the human race,解答这个问题对于人类的未来是极其重要的。His attendance at the me
eting is crucial to the settlement of the matter,他出席会议对解决这个问题非常重要。B)subordinate意为“下级的,次要的,从属的”也可和介词to 连用。例如:The mi
nority is subordinate to the majority,少数服从多数。She is subordinate to her h
usband in every way,她任何事都听从丈夫的。C)cumulative意为“累积的,渐增的”,
可和介词to搭配使用,但其后一般表示“对(谁)来说”之意。例如:The present arrang
ement wasn’t really satisfactory to them,目前的安排并不真正使他们感到满意。综上分析,只有选项A)符合题意。
55.B 虽然身体是由许多不同的组织构成的,但这些组织是按照一种复杂而整齐的方式排列而成的。本题考点为词义辨认。A)incrediable 意为“不可思议的”,B)intric
ate意为“复杂的,精细的”。C)internal 意为“内部的”。D)initial意为“起初的”
。根据句意要求,B)项和orderly 放在一起最为适合,因此选B)。
56.D 如果你在车子下面修车,经常会弄得满身油污。本题考点为形容词的词义辨析。A)waxy的意思是,像蜡的”,B)slippery的意思是,光滑的”,C)sticky的意思是
“粘的”,只有D) greasy“有油脂的,油腻的”符合本句意思。greasy同样的例子还有,I
don’t like greasy food or washing greasy plates.我不喜欢吃油腻的食物和使用洗刷油腻的盘子。He has rather greasy hair,他头发相当油。
57.C 车子损坏不严重,因此他可以自己修理。本题考点为形容词的词义辨析。在此题四项选择中,A)considerable,B)appreciable及D)invisible 意义分别为“相当大
interest on my small savings is negligible,我那笔小存款的利息很少。It is neglig
ible amount of money,这点钱是微不足道的。
58.D 我的妹妹有雄心壮志,打算一年内取得硕士学位。本题考点为形容词的词义辨析。B)enthusiastic意为“满腔热忱的,热心的”。C)considerate意为“考虑周到的
,有抱负”之意,但aggressive是一贬义词,隐含有出于个人私利敢于进取之意并不是真正关心他人利益。例如:His aggressive selling methods made him rich,他那大胆放手的兜售方法使他发了财。ambitious是一中性词,既可表示有雄心壮志,有志向之意,也可表示有野心做什么事。例如:He is ambitious to succeed in politics,他抱负不凡(野心勃勃),希望在政治上有所成就。本题是赞扬妹妹的进取精神,因此应选D)项。
59.B 经理把这些问题看作是无关紧要的细节,想将其搁置一边留待以后再解决。
本题考点为形容词的词义辨析。A) versatile的意思是“多方面适用的”,C) preliminary
的意思是“预备的”,D) alternate的意思是“交替的”,只有B) trivial,琐碎的,不重要的”与原句内容相符。trivial同样的例子还有:Your composition has only a few trivi
al mistakes.你的作文只有几处小错误。This matter is too trivial to worry about.这事太无关紧要了,不值得多虑。
60.A 他的直觉告诉他什么地方出了毛病。本题考点为名词的词义辨析。A)intuitio
n意为“直觉,本能”。例如:I have an intuition that he’ll come tomorrow.我有一种直觉,他明天会来。I refused to listen,only trusting my intuition。 我只相信我的直觉,拒绝听取他人的意见。D) sentiment意为情绪,感情。B) hypothesis意为“假设”。
C) inspiration意为“灵感”。如,Poets and artists often draw their inspiration
from nature.诗人及艺术家往往从大自然中获得灵感。此题中sentiment,hypothesis明显与题意不符。intuition和inspiration比较,前者更符合题意。若说他灵感告诉什么地方出了毛病,显得不太自然,别扭。
61.C 这本书讲述的是这些基本信念和价值观如何影响美国生活的许多重要方面。
本题考点为名词的词义辨析。这是四个以f开头的词,词意相去甚远。C) facet意为“(问题的)一个方面”,它的复数形式符合本题题意。B) frontier意为“前沿”,D) format意为“
安排,设计”,A) fashion意为“样式”,都不符合题意。
62.C 一方面要做那些自认为是对孩子成长有益的事情,一方面又要对孩子的吵闹和破坏性尽可能容忍,父母在这两者之间常陷入进退两难的窘境。本题考点为名词的词义辨析。A) paradox意为“自相矛盾的人或事”;B) junction意为“联结点”;D) premise意为
“前提”,这些都不符合题意。只有C)dilemma“进退两难的窘境”与题意相符。如:The manager is in a dilemma over how to deal with the crisis,经理对如何应付危机陷入进退两难的窘境。
63.D 克拉克认为,能参加有史以来最令人激动的医学实验,所经受的痛苦完全值得。本题为名词词义辨析。A)apprehension 理解,惧怕,逮捕。例如:She felt apprehe
nsion for the safety of her son.她为儿子的安全感到担心。That young man is quick
of apprehension,那个年青人理解力很强。B)appreciation赏识,鉴识,感激,升值;例如:He showed no appreciation of my help,他对我所提供的帮助一点都不感激。 I hav
e great appreciation of Shakespeare.我很欣赏莎士比亚的戏剧。C)presentation:表示
,显示,提出,陈述,表现,赠与;例如:The awards presentation lasted four hours.
颁发奖品持续了四个小时。 The book remains a sound presentation of the history as
it actually occurred.此书完整地展示了这段历史的本来面目。 D)participation参与
,分享;例如:He shrank from any direct participation in politics.他不愿直接参与任何政治活动。 The success of the game depended upon the participation of the wh
ole team.比赛的胜利有赖于整个队伍的参与。The participation of the activity will
do you a lot of good.参加这项活动你可受益匪浅。
64.A 作为学院最为年轻的教授之一,金小姐的辉煌事业刚开始。本题考名词的词义辨别。A)threshold 开端,入口,界限。be on the threshold of 为一固定搭配,意为“
即将开始”。例如,The scientist is on the threshold of a great discovery.这位科学家即将开始做出一项重大的研究。She was on the threshold of a new life.她即将开始新的生活。B)edge 也可和介词on 连用,但其意为“在……边缘”。例如:sit on the
edge of a chair 坐在椅子边;be on the edge of death在死亡的边缘上;on the edge o
f winter初冬之时。C)项porch意为“门廊,阳台”,D)项course意为“过程,经过,进程”
,可与介词in/during搭配,意为“在……(时期)中,在……的过程中”。 
65.C 被告的辩护律师给陪审团留下了深刻的印象。本题考同义词辨义。A)protec
t,to prevent from being harmed or damaged保护,防护,防卫,警戒;例如:An armou
red shield will protect the driver against all but a direct hit.装甲挡板基本上可保护驾驶员不受到直接撞击。B) guard,watch and protect守卫,保卫,警惕,防护;guar
d 的名词有“卫兵,哨兵,警卫员”之意,因此表示保卫,守卫等意义时,可有“像士兵一样保卫着什么”的含义。例如:The army and the people guard the island output toge
ther.军民共守前哨岛屿。C) defend,do something in order to protect防卫,防护,辩护。 例如:He needs a lawyer to defend him.他将需要律师为他辩护。How can you def
end killing someone like that? 那样杀了人你还能如何进行辩护?D)shield,protect fro
m a danger保护,起保护作用,庇护。D) shield的名词意思为“盾”,由此派生出来的动词意义形象生动。例如:These trees will shield off arid winds and protect the fie
66.B 他的讲座没几个人听得懂,因为主题太不清楚了。本题为近义形容词辨义。
A) dim,not bright; not clearly to be seen朦胧的,模糊的,隐含由于光线不足而看不清楚之意。例如,Her eyes were dim with tears,她的双眼因泪而模糊起来。B) obscur
e,dark; hidden; not clearly seen or understood含糊的,难解的;一般指因被藏起来了,遮盖了或是接受者理解慢或迟钝而感到含糊难解。例如,The shapes of the buildin
gs were obscure because of the distance,由于距离远,建筑物的轮廓看不清楚。Is th
e meaning obscure to them? 那意义对他们来说是含糊难懂的吗?C) conspicuous显著的
,显眼的,出众的 ;D) intelligible可理解的,明了的。两词都和句意相反。
67.C 这部电影里有太多暴力和色情的场面,不适合孩子观看。本题为近义形容词辩义。A) profound 深奥的,深刻的,渊博的。B) valid有效的,合法的,有根据的。 C)
decent得体的,有分寸的 。例如:Never tell stories that are not decent.不要讲不文雅的故事。He behaved in a decent manner,他行为举止很有分寸。D) upright诚实的,
68.D 木头腐烂得厉害,我们一拉它就粉碎了。本题考动词词组辨异。A) break o
ff 使折断,突然停止讲话,断绝,暂停,分开,休息。例如:She broke off with her be
st friend,她和最好的朋友断绝了关系。B) break away突然离开,脱离,放弃 。例如:I
should break away from such habits.我应该改掉这些坏习惯。C) break through突围,
突破。D) break up打碎,破碎,分裂,分解,驱散,衰退。例如:They broke up a box f
or firewood.他们捣毁一个盒子当柴烧。Police in plain cloths tried to break up the
69.B 侦探和他的助手已着手调查这宗神秘的谋杀案。本题考动词词组辨别。 A)
come through 脱险,经历,传出,捐助。例如:John was so ill he was lucky to come
through the operation,约翰病得非常厉害,但很幸运手术后活了下来。B) look into浏览,观察,调查。例如:The police resolved to look into the question.警察下决心调查这一问题。We’ll look into this matter together,我们将一起研究这事。C) make ov
er修订,让,转让,移交,改造。例如:Just before his death he made over all his p
roperty to his wife.恰好在他死之前他把他所有的财产赠予了妻子。 D) see to负责,注意。例如:Who is seeing to the dinner?谁负责做饭?
70.A 令人难过的是,大熊猫是大批濒临灭绝的物种之一。本题考名词词意辨别。
A) extinction绝种,消失,消灭,废止。例如:Many species are already in peril of
extinction because of our destruction of their natural habitation,很多物种因我们破坏它们的自然生存环境而濒于灭绝的危险。He pursued research that may lead to t
he extinction of a disease.他致力于可能导致灭绝某一疾病的研究工作。B) migration
移民,移动,移行;C) destruction破坏,毁灭;D) extraction拔出,取出,抽出。〖ZK)
Part Ⅳ Error Correction
71.had→has 表示的时间是现在,一般用于现在时和进行时,故句中的had应该用ha
s。在这一行中有干扰颇大的capability,不少同学熟悉短语be capable of doing somethi
ng,因而认定capability后应接of doing something,但是capability后面也可接动词不定式。
72.directly→indirectly 文章一开始就交代人类在科技不发达的昨天,一直被局限在地球上,不能亲临其它的星球。由此可推知人类对太空的了解只能通过肉眼或仪器,这样所得的知识不可能是直接的,所以本行中的directly应改为indirectly,才能符合句意。

73.into→on 本题所在的意思是:人类有可能在未来的十年内登上别的星球。在……星球上一般用介词on,而不是into。例如:Who do you think is the greatest man on the
earth? Is there life on Mars? 所以into应改为on。
74.too→so 本句的意思是:“我们会不会如此地勇敢,以致于……”,英语中的相应短语则是 to...,例如:Are you so naive as to believe everything in the ne
wspapers? He was so tired as to fall asleep.(他太累了,以致于睡着了。) 因此这一行中的too应改为so。
75.planet→planets 代词other通常与复数名词连用,因而本句中的planet须用复数plane
76.head→mind 英语中表示“记住”有两个常用固定短语keep in mind,和bear in min
77.little→much 根据上下文,本句的意思应该是:我们为什么要在太空探索方面花这么多的钱? 但句中却用了little,这与句意不合,因此必须将句中的little改为much。〖ZK)
78.consider→Considering 本题所在的句子中有两个并列的单句,却明显地没有连接词加以连接,这就需要考虑将其中的一个单句变成短语,根据本句句意和consider的用法特点,最合适的做法就是将动词consider改成considering意为“考虑到...”例如:Considering th
e result it will bring about,I’ll change the plan,Considering his age,he did
a good job.考虑到他的年龄,他从事一份不错的工作。
79.they→they〖KG-6mm〗—— 本题所在的句子是一个定语从句。定语从句中往往用关系代词指代先行词,关系代词可充当定语从句中的主语或宾语,即本句子中的that就是定语从句的主语,故they是多余的,应去掉。
80.arrive→arrive at英文中表示“得...结论”,可在conclusion(s)前用动词reach,arrive at,c
ome to,draw 等。也就是说arrive是不及物动词,后面必需要有介词at。例如,What con
clusion did you finally arrive at? I think he will arrive at a decision by hims
Part Ⅴ Writing
How I Finance My College Education?
Nowadays,tuition and fees for college are much higher than ever before,How to
finance one’s college education has become a matter of concern for many,You can
deal with it in many ways,You can get all the needed money from your parents,
You can apply for a loan specially set up for college students,You can also rai
se the money completely by yourself,by doing a full-time job in summer and wint
er holidays,Or you can ask your parents to provide the greater part and earn th
e rest in your spare time by doing a part-time job.
In my opinion,the last way may prove to be quite beneficial,Having obtained mo
st of the tuition and fees from one’s parents,one needn’t worry too much about
the money and can concentrate on his studies,On the other hand,a part-time job
in one’s spare time will add color to one’s campus life,Through the part-time
job one can make a lot of friends,improve one’s social skills and learn many pr
actical things,Therefore,I choose this way to cover my tuition and fees,
Part Three答案部分

参考答案 详细解答和录音文字材料
Part Ⅰ Listening Comprehension 
Section A
1.W:It is a pity you missed the concert yesterday evening,It was wo
M:I didn’t want to miss the football game,Well,I’m not a classical
music fan anyway.
Q:What do we learn from the conversation?
2.W:Hey! If you can’t enjoy that at a sensible volume,please u
se earphones,I’m trying to study.
M:Oh! I’m sorry,I didn’t realize it was bothering you.
Q:What is the man probably doing?
3.M:Can I help you,miss?
W:Yes,I bought this telephone last week,and it works all right wit
h outgoing calls,but it doesn’t ring for the incoming ones.
Q:What’s the problem with the woman’s telephone?
4.W:I thought Tom said he got A in all his test.
M:Mary,you should know better than to take Tom’s words too seriousl
Q:What does the man imply?
5.W:Can you show me how to use this,John?
M:It is fully automatic.All you have to do is focus on the scene an
d press the button here.
Q:What are they talking about?
6.M:I think we should move on to the next item.
W:OK.But I’d like to take this matter up again at the end of the mee
Q:What does the woman imply?
7.W:You know,the Browns have invested all their money in stock
M:They may think that’s a wise move.But that’s the last thing I’d do
Q:What’s the man’s opinion about the Brows’ investment?
8.M:What’s Mr,Peterson going to do with his old house on Londo
n Road,rent it or sell it?
W:I heard he is thinking of turning it into a restaurant,which isn’
t a bad idea because it’s still
a solid building.
Q:What will Mr,Peterson do with his old house?
9.M:How do you like professor Bokman’s course on the History of
philosophy? He is a
distinguished scholar on that subject.
W:He is a great teacher.But I’m having a hard time with the reading.
I feel like I can never finish it.
Q:What problem does the woman have with the course?
10.W:Robert wants to know if he can go with us to the party.
M:That’s odd,This morning he said he wanted to go by himself.
Q:What do we learn about Robert?
Section B
President Clinton later today joins (S1) [ZZ(Z]former[ZZ)] presidents Ford.C
arter and Bush at,the president’s summit for America’s future” (S2) [ZZ(Z]aim
ed[ZZ)] at recruiting one million volunteer tutors to provide afterschool,week
end and summer reading help for up to three million children,Mr.Clinton will as
k Congress this coming week for nearly three (S3) [ZZ(Z]billion[ZZ)] dollars to
found a fiveyear program called,America Reads”.
The program would fund the (S4) [ZZ(Z]coordination[ZZ)] efforts of 20 thousan
d reading (S5) [ZZ(Z]specialists[ZZ)] and it would also give (S6) [ZZ(Z]grants[Z
Z)] to help parents help children read by the third grade,or about age eight.Du
ing his Saturday radio (S7) [ZZ(Z]address[ZZ)],the president explained why the
program is important.,We need ‘America Reads’ and we need it now,Studies sho
that if the fourthgraders fail to read well,(S8) [ZZ(Z]They are likely to dr
op off school,and less likely to succeed in life[ZZ)],But,40 percent of them
still can’t read at a basic level.”
Volunteer tutors,who provide community service in exchange for college fundi
ng,are being used in literacy and tutoring programs,(S9) [ZZ(Z]The programs,
initiated by President Clinton has come on the criticism by Congress.[ZZ)]
The president says many of the Philadelphia summit’s corporate sponsors will
recruit tutors,(S10) [ZZ(Z]Dozen of colleges and Universities are prepared to s
end thousands of their students in support of the program.[ZZ)]
1.C 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.A 6.D 7.C 8.A 9.B 10.C
S1.former S2.aimed S3.billion S4.coordination
S5.specialists S6.grants S7.address 
S8.They are likely to drop off school,and less likely to succeed in life.
S9.The programs,initiated by President Clinton has come on the criticism by
S10.Dozen of colleges and Universities are prepared to send thousands of th
eir students in support of the program.
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension
Passage One 
11.B 根据第一段倒数第二句可知老鼠未受影响。B)项符合文章内容。
12.C 答题依据为第二段第二句。
13.D 答题依据为第三段第二、三句话。
14.C 从第三段最后一句可知正确答案为C)项。
15.A 第三段指出是田鼠形成条件反射,从而降低了其免疫力。故正确答案为A)项。B
Passage Two
16.B 根据第二段第一句可知B)项正确。A)、D)项文章中未提及;C)项与第二段最后一句相矛盾。
17.B 根据第三、四段,尤其是第四段最后一句可知B)项正确。
18.D 根据构词法可知tunnelvisioned意为一孔之见。因此,D)项“只看到问题的一个方面”为正确答案。A)心胸狭窄;B) 视而不见;C)目光短浅。
19.C 文章第三段第二句:“作为环境与健康方面的专业人员,做得与众不同是我们的责任”,最后一句“我们中的一些人必须承担起带头的责任。由此可见答案为C)。
20.C 根据最后一段的任务三(Third)可知C)项正确。A)、B)、D)项不符合最后两句话的含义。
Passage Three
21.A 本文通篇谈的都是英国高等教育经费问题,这是英国大学关注的问题,也是本文的主题。因此,A)项是正确。
22.C 答题依据为第一段第二句及第五段。
23.D 从第三段得知:三个中学毕业生中有一人能上大学,这个比例是30年前的5倍。
24.D 选题依据为第五段第一句话。
25.A 答题依据为文章最后一句话:时代报抱怨说因为学生人数急剧增加而导致教学质量受到影响,英国大学从原来近乎导师制的教育变成了典型的大规模生产的欧洲式大学。[Z
Passage Four 
26.C 这是一道事实辨认题。根据第四段最后一句可知答案为C)。
27.D 根据第五段最后一句可知这种发明有可能被滥用,以致会导致D)项所涉及的结果。
28.B 这是一道词汇题。四个选项分别为:A)preset 预先装置,预先调整;B)enter进入,参加;登记;C)process加工,处理;起诉;D)simulate 假装;扮演;冒充;模拟;模仿。无论是从句意上还是从词语搭配上,只有B)项合适。
29.A 这是一道事实辨认题。依据文章最后一句话判断,答案为A)确定无疑。
30.B 第五段第一句暗示作者认为该项发明是“revolutionary advance”。A)cautious
Part Ⅲ Vocabulary
31.D 当人们被问及他们想要什么样的住宅时,这个问题引出了各种各样的回答。动词辨析题。A)defy蔑视;B)magnify扩大,夸大;放大;C)mediate调节;传递;D)evoke 引起;唤起。如:evoke great indignation引起强烈的愤慨;evoke memories of the past
32.A 如果你要建立一家公司,你必须遵守政府制定的法律。动词搭配题。A)comply
with是固定搭配,意为:依从,服从,遵守,符合句意。如:comply with safety regulations
遵守安全条例。B)adhere应与to搭配,粘着,附着,坚持;C)confirm 为及物动词,使巩固,使加强;证实;D)accord with (与)相配合;一致。
33.C 尽管偶然还有枪响,但我们可以报告说反叛已基本上被镇压了。动词辨析题。A
)cancel 取消,宣布无效,删除;B)destroy破坏,消灭;使失效;C)suppress镇压;扣留;制止。如:suppress a riot平定暴乱。 All religious activities were suppressed.
一切宗教活动都被禁止了。D)restrain抑制,阻止;约束。如:He could hardly restra
in his anger.他抑制不住怒火。
34.C 由于这两个国家无法调和其分歧,双方决定中止谈判。动词辨析题。A)rectify
纠正,调整,矫正;B)oblige强迫,使负于有义务;赐于;C)reconcile使和解,调解,调停(口角,分歧等)。如:reconcile a dispute(调停争端)。D)obscure使阴暗,使朦胧;遮盖。
35.D 赢得几次预选后,这位总统侯选人巩固了其地位。动词辨析题。A)enforce实施;强调;迫使;B)enrich使丰富,使肥沃;充实;C)intensify使强烈;增强;D)consolida
te统一;巩固;使加强。如:consolidate what has been learned 巩固已经学会的东西
。 
36.A 这种洲际导弹的燃料应该用这个装置点燃。近义词辨析题。A)ignite使着火,
点燃;B)light点燃;使发光,通常指点燃蜡烛,香烟等。如:light a fire with scrapes
of paper用碎纸片点燃炉火。C)fire开火;燃烧;生火(炉子);D)inspire给……启发灵感;鼓舞。
37.B 麦克才发现他的护照在三个月前就已到期。动词辨析题。A)abolish vt.废除,
取消;彻底破坏。B)expire vi.期满;(法律,所有权,专利权等因到期而)成为无效。如:T
heir licenses have expired,他们的执照已过期。 vt, 呼气,排出;C)amend vt. 修改
,改进;vi. 改过自新;D)constrain vt. 强迫,束缚,拘束。
38.C 坦率地说,除了一些微不足道的语法错误外,你的文章很不错。形容词辨析题
。A)obscure阴暗,模糊的;暧昧的,含糊的。如:an obscure sound(模糊的声音);an ob
scure malady(起因不明的疾病)。B)glaring怒目而视;瞪眼的;C)trivial不重要的;琐碎的。如:trivial matters(琐事); a trivial offence (小过失)。D)rare稀有的,珍贵的;难得的。
39.A 曾经有一种荒谬的观点认为地球是平的、静止的。形容词辨析题。A)absurd 荒谬的,不合理的;荒唐的,如:Even sensible men do absurd things.理智的人也会做出荒廖的事。 B)intrinsic内在的,内发的;实质的;固有的。C)eternal永恒的;不变的。
40.B 由于新的、能更好地适应地球变化了的环境的生命的生产形式的产生,一些物种就消失或灭绝了。形容词辨析题。A)feeble脆弱的,衰落的;B)extinct灭绝的;熄灭的;已废的。如:an extinct species 已灭绝的物种。C)massive巨大的;块状的;大规模的。D)extinguish vt. 熄灭(灯、火等)。如:Smoking is forbidden,Please exting
your cigarette.吸烟是禁止的,请你把烟熄掉。
41.A 他模棱两可的指示使我们糊涂了;我军不知道该走这两条路中的哪一条。形容词辨析题。A)ambiguous 暧昧的,含糊的;模棱两可的。如:He gave an ambiguous reply.
42.D Franklin D.Roosevelt认为大萧条的根源在于美国经济潜在的缺陷。形容词辨析题。A)underline vt. 划线于……的下面;(喻)强调,加强;B)vulnerable易受伤的,
。如:an underlying problem基本问题。
43.B 一些研究表明,这种眼病在热带国家很常见。相似词语辨析题。A)prospective
未来的,预期的;有希望的;B)prevalent流行的;普遍的。如:Colds are prevalent in t
he winter.感冒流行于冬季。C)provocative激怒的;引起兴趣的;激起的;永恒的;D)p
erpetual永久的;无期限的。 
44.C 根据刚获得的坏消息,恐怕你得改变你乐观的看法了。形容词辨析题。A)indif
ferent漠不关心的;不注意的;公平的。如:I was so excited to see snow that I was
indifferent to the cold.我看到雪好兴奋,所以冷也不在乎了。B)distressing使人痛苦的,令人苦恼的;悲惨的。如:distressing news令人痛苦的消息。C)optimistic乐观(
45.A 尽管他没有接受过正规教育,但他是这家公司中最精明的人。形容词辨析题。A
)shrewd 精明的,敏锐的;狡猾的。如,a shrewd businessman精明的生意人。B)stern
严格的;严酷的;坚决的;C)nasty令人不快的,讨厌的;不道德的,下流的。如:It’s a
~ book the work of a nasty mind.那是一本淫秽的书,是脑子不干净的人写的。 D)ale
46.C 别嚷了,我听不见球赛评论了。名词辨析题。A)judgement审判,判决;公正;
planation解释;说明。如:His spirited interpretation makes a match very interest
ing even on the radio.他对比赛评说生动,比赛即使从收音机收听也很有趣。)
47.D 中、日两国的文化有许多共同的特点,但各自的文化又都有各自的民族特色。A
)engagement约会;婚约;交战;B)destiny命运;宿命;C)capacity容积;容量;能力;性能;D)temperament气质;性情;性格。如:His silent temperament has kept him apart
from his colleagues.他那沉默的性格使自己与同事们格格不入。
48.A 社会的每个成员都必须发誓为祖国的自由而奋斗。A)pledge抵押(品);信物,
保证物;信约;承诺。如:It was told me under pledge of secrecy.我是发誓保密才获知这件事情的。 B)warranty 权威,根据;担保,保证。如:They will repair this new
car without charging because it’s still under warranty.他们会免费修理这辆新车
,因为它仍在保修期内。 C)resolve决心;坚决;刚毅。D) guarantee 保主;保证书。
49.C 我被主人的热情好客所感动,晚宴上十分尽兴。A)hostility敌对;敌意。如:
They are both in the state of hostility,(他们双方处于敌对状态。)B)indignation
愤慨,愤怒;C)hospitality好客;招待殷勤;D)humanity 人性;人类;人道。
50.A 在这样一个予以强者以显赫声望的社会里,David觉得自己无用,不被社会所需要。A)prestige声望,威望;势力。如:build up one’s prestige建立威信。B)regime
政体;制度;C)superiority 优秀,卓越;优越;D)legislation立法,法规;法令。

51.B 如同你所看到的一样,一个国家货币的价值是其经济的反映。A)reaction 反应;反作用;对抗;B)reflection 反映;映像;反射。如:We looked at our reflection i
n the lake.我们看到湖中自己的倒影。 C)response反应;答复;回答。如:No one mad
e response after the teacher’s question.老师提问后没人回答。 D)revelation泄露;启示。
52.B 在春季出口商品交易会上,这批展示的上好瓷器倍受各国客商的关注。A)succe
ssion 继续,连续;继承;继承权;B)array of是固定搭配:一大批;一系列 。如:an arra
y of facts 大量的事实。C)string 绳,弦;一行;一列;D)procession对伍;行列。[Z
53.D 为便于讨论,我们应该对这两个科学术语进行明确的区分。A)separation分离;分居;缺口;B)discrimination 区别;辨别(指行为);歧视;C)deviation (from) 不符合;偏差;离正道。如:sexual deviation性反常;a deviation of 5°偏差5度。D)d
istinction分别;区别;差异之处;不同之点。如:Can you draw a distinction between
these two ideas?你能说出这两个主意有什么不同吗?
54.A 恐怖分子在雅典时可能在飞机上放置了一颗定时炸弹,定在飞机到达纽约时爆炸。A)go off离去;不再喜欢。如:go off without saying goodbye不辞而别。B)get of
f下车(马);动身;C)come off 动身;奏效。如:Their attempt to shoot the king didn’
t come off.他们谋刺国王未遂。D)carry off夺走;抢走;抓走。
55.B 只要你将所有必要的信息告诉我们,我们就可立即为你办这件事。命题点:关联词。A)in case 以防(万一);如果;要是;B)provided that = providing that:只要;
假如;以……为条件;C)or else 否则;要不然;D)as if = as though 好像;仿佛。

56.C 年青人对立体音响的喜爱不能仅从熟悉技术的角度来解释。A)in quest of 寻找;寻求。如:He went to the library in quest of something to read.他去图书馆找些东西读读。B)by means of 用,以,依靠。如:She succeeded by all means of perse
verance.她靠坚韧不拔的毅力获得成功。 C)in terms of = in light of根据;从……方面
(说来)。如:It was a terrible year in terms of business.就生意来说,这是很糟糕的一年。 D)by virtue of 由于;依靠。如:By virtue of your promise to advance me $5
00,I bought it yesterday.多亏你答应预付我500美元,我昨天把那东西买了下来。[ZK
57.D 当她觉得受到侮辱后,劝她留下的努力是无用的。如:The medicine did litt
le avail against the disease.这药对这病没有什么效果。 A)in no way决不;无论如何不;B)on the contrary 相反地;正好相反;C)at a loss不知所措;D)of no avail 无助的;无效的; 无用的。
58.C 我们签署了这份协议,承诺每周付150美元的租金。A)conception概念;观念;
B)commission 授权;委任状;委托;委员会;C)commitment 委托;所承诺之事;承约。如
:make a commitment作出承诺。D)confinement 限制;监禁;卧病。
59.D 为预防冬天发生水灾,从大坝中流出的水流量通过计算机持续地进行监控。A)g
rade 依序安排;逐渐变化;B)manage管理;处理;经营;支配;C)conduct管理;处理;指挥;D)monitor监控;监视;监测。如:Any movement of prisoners is monitored by a c
60.B 许多人都认为沙漠是不毛之地,但实际上有许多动植物能在那里生存。A)virgi
n处女的;未开垦的。如:virgin wood原始林地。B)barren贫瘠的,不毛的;不妊的;不育。如:a barren hillside光秃秃的山坡。a barren woman 不能生育的妇女。C)void
Part Ⅳ Cloze 
【短文大意】本文谈及的是有关喷气飞行时差反应引起的问题,以及研究人员为克服这一现象而提出的a new antijetlag system。
61.C prone to易于…… 的;有……倾向的,是固定搭配。
62.D rupture破裂,绝交;corruption腐败,腐烂,败坏;eruption火山爆发,发作
63.B action行动,动作,作用; function功能,官能,机能;reflection倒影,反映,反射 behavior行为,举止。
64.A regular定期的,定时规则的;formal正式的,,形式上的;continual不断的
65.B retain保持,保留;encounter遇到,遭遇;possess拥有,占有;experience
66.B disease疾病;symptoms症侯,症状;sign征兆,迹象;标记,符号;defect
67.A while当时; whereas而,却,反之;if如果,假使;although即使,虽然。

68.C adaptable可改编的,可改造的,适应的;approachable易亲近的,可接近的,
69.C broad宽的,坦率的;inclusive包括的,算在内的;tentative尝试的
70.A devise(设计,想出)strategy来克服时差,符合题意和逻辑。recognize认出,
71.B 介词搭配through可表示作用、方法、工具及原因。
72.A most作代词,表示大部分,大多数。
73.C retrieve找回,再获得。根据either…or avoid bright light结构和语境,可知应选择C)合理。attain获得,达到;shed脱落,脱去;流出; seek寻找;寻求;探求。[Z
74.C schedule for 是习惯搭配。〖ZK)]
75.B unique 唯一的,独一无二的;specific明确的,具体的;特定的;complicate
76.C 此处指的是睡眠模式,故答案为C)pattern 模型;模式;图案。norm标准,准则;mode(说话、做事或行为的)方式,方法;式样; style风格,文体;时髦。
77.B directory电话簿,姓名住址录;instruction指令,指示,说明;指导。speci
fication详述;规格,说明书;commentary评注;解说词;注解。instruction on 意为“
78.C call off取消;call on/at访问,拜访;号召,呼唤;call for要求,需要;
call up打电话;使人想起。根据句意C符合逻辑。
79.A 从此句的前一部分可看出这是一个并列句,由两个or 连接的三个平行分句。[Z
80.D agitation议论;骚乱;搅拌;spur踢马刺,靴刺;刺激物;acceleration加速
Part Ⅴ Writing
Reading Selectively or Extensively?
Like some children very picky about their food,some people are very picky ab
out their books they choose to read,They just select books they think suitable
or useful for them,They say that in a knowledgeexploding world,it is impossi
ble for a person to finish reading all those books,Such an ambition will lead t
o nothing but a waste of time,money and energy,Another reason for them so pick
y about their books is that they believe selected reading usually gives one more
time to think and so makes one a better reader,Therefore they hold that people
should read selectively.
But there are other people who prefer reading extensively.,A man having read
all kinds of books,” in their mind,“is a very high praise for a person.”They
lso believe in the old Chinese saying:,Never regret you have read too few when
you need to use what you have learnt from books.” They do not just pick out so
me books to read,but read whatever book at hand,For they think that the more o
ne reads,the more freedom one can get in this fast changing world.
In my opinion,people should read both selectively and extensively,On one han
d,we should read selectively for special knowledge or for careful study,On the
other hand,we should read extensively for learning more about the world or for
entertainment,That is perhaps why even in our English study,we have both inte
nsive reading and extensive reading,So my idea of good reading is reading both
selectively and extensively.